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Challenge your procedural way of thinking with this article and learn the basic concepts of functional programming in PHP. It's not about OO against functional programming (FP), or to define which one is better. Due to the fact that PHP is a quite “classical” OO. The new hype in programming is all about functional programming paradigms. programming, be prepared to have great fun with this tutorial.

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“Functional programming refers to the declarative evaluation of pure functions to create immutable. Learn to use PHP in ways you never knew you could. Functional Programming offers a fundamental shift in the way you design your. For more information, reference our Print and eBook Bulk Sales web page at . Why Not to Use PHP for Functional Programming .

Free shipping for individuals worldwide Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 business days. About this book Bring the power of functional programming to your PHP applications. From performance optimizations to concurrency, improved testability to code brevity, functional programming has a host of benefits when compared to traditional imperative programming. Part one of Pro Functional PHP Programming takes you through the basics of functional programming, outlining the key concepts and how they translate into standard PHP functions and code. Part two takes this theory and shows you the strategies for implementing it to solve real problems in your new or existing PHP applications.

After version 5. But few times we think PHP in the functional paradigm. Of course, PHP is not a functional language, but we should be able to use the best of each paradigm.

Our approach goes in the direction of what we use in multiparadigm languages such as Scala , Kotlin , but also Typescript: We still create classes and objects but using a functional mindset.

Without temporary variables in our code, we avoid having a local state which can produce unwanted results.

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This is called referential transparency: This may be quite difficult when we are used to writing in an imperative way. In this example, it calculates the product of all the values in an array.

To do so, we use some aggregators and a loop to iterate over it.

Pro Functional PHP Programming

In cases like this, when there is some repetitive action, the state can be removed with recursion:. Our PHP applications quite often need some input from external resources and produce some output. That means it may be difficult to have pure functions. In these cases, we should split our impure code from the pure one. For example, using the code from php.

It reads the content from an external site external input and shows the results to the console external output. Can we do some functional change here? We receive a list of users from the database and need to return the model that our application expects.

This version is much more readable than the previous one. Filter Iterating over an array but returning only those results that pass some conditions. Now that we have the list of users, we want to show only those who live in Barcelona.

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Higher order functions are functions that can take functions as arguments and can return a function as their result. Two important features were added relatively recently which enabled us to write higher order functions in PHP: lambdas and closures. Lambda Functions A lambda function also known as anonymous function is nothing but a function that has no name. When we define an anonymous function, a reference to the function is returned which is stored in a variable for later use.

This concept has been adopted in many different languages.

PHP Master | Functional Programming in PHP

PHP introduced this awesome feature in version 5. JavaScript, for example, allows you to access a variable from an outer scope inside the lambda, whereas PHP does not. Inside the lambda is its own scope, just as with regular PHP functions.

Closures are similar to lambda functions with the minor difference that you can access variables from an outer scope.

Functional Programming In Php Ebook SOLVED!

Partial Functions and Currying A partial function, simply put, is a function created from an existing function by partially applying its arguments.

You only need to pass the remaining arguments when you call the created function. We can create partial functions in PHP with the use of closures. First a check is made to determine whether the caller passed all arguments. In that case, we can directly return the volume by multiplying length, width and height. In this book, you will learn various function techniques to write maintainable and readable code.

Book Site. Functional PHP: The Art of Functional Composition.

Title Functional PHP: English ASIN: He has a B. Luis is very involved in the community and has presented frequently at local meetups and conferences. He blogs about software engineering at luisatencio.

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