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Growth and. Inner Peace in Your Life With blessings of inner peace and love, Your Soul has come to the Earth's Plane to inhabit your body with the spe -. Inner. Peace. A yya. Khema wisdom. Ayya Khema author of Being Nobody, Going Nowhere . In the great adventure of Buddhism's coming to the West, one of. Also imagine that the inside of your body is hollow and . can come to meditate together for individual happiness and world peace.

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things like health and happiness and inner peace. the steps toward inner peace, you will recognize them as problem ever comes to you that does not have a. peace, like happiness, and even love, must come from inside out and not outside in. It's over thirty years now since I stepped into a meditation. Cultivating Inner Peace was written to animate in readers a myth of possibility, to inspire through captivating biographical images, to evoke.

Sudama S. Bhandari, Ph. The soul is the supreme commander of peace which is known inner peace and the final destination of the life. The selfish world is in search of inner peace but to reach up to the inner peace there is need of Tapasya. Rishis and Maha rishis, pursuit inner peace. People wear different mask at different times.

A simple head cleaning involves saying an oriki while 46 moving the fingers of your left hand from the middle of your forehead across the top of the head down the neck the flicking the negativity away from your body. The word oriki literally means to praise the spirit or praise the head. It is the Yoruba word used to described prayers used in Ifa to invoke spirit. I recommend this oriki be used as a part of the Morning Prayer cycle. I recommend memorization so it can be used during the day whenever unresolved internal issues threaten to cause disruption.

Inner Spirit guide me. Inner Spirit support me. Inner Spirit support my abundance. Inner Spirit support my future children. Inner Spirit support my relationship. Inner Spirit protect my house. Protector of Children, my inner character is thankful. May it be so.

Make a commitment to your self in front of either your Ogun shrine or a railroad crossing. Promise Ogun you will not engage in Instead decide to deal directly with any person who causes you upset. Make the commitment for one month then objective consider whether or not the direct approach is more effective.

According to Ifa scripture, shaping the physical body is a joint effort between the Spiritual Forces known as Obatala, Ajalamopin and Ogun. Obatala is usually translated to mean King of the White Cloth.

The symbol of White Cloth represents the power of light to transform itself into matter. Light is a Primal Force in Nature. Everything that exists is described by both Ifa and Western science as an expression of the unlimited potential of light to alter itself into the fundamental building blocks of the visible world. Most elements are created by second-generation stars that form complex atoms and send them hurling out into space. Science calls this phenomenon a super nova.

Ifa refers to it as Irunmole meaning the beard of the house of light. Ifa cosmology science of the structure of Creation is based on the belief in a teleological universe. Teleology is the metaphysical theory that evolution is guided by conscious design.

Ifa teaches that everything in existence has its own unique form of consciousness or Spirit. In its primal form, consciousness is described as the spark ase 48 This means light is the primal manifestation of consciousness in the Nature. To describe something as conscious suggests the ability to make decisions.

The current study of light particles, forming the basis of quantum physics, indicates light particles do not conform to cause and effect models of behavior. Physics describes the reaction of light particles in terms of a range of probabilities.

Anything capable of generating a range of reactions to stimuli is capable of choice, and the ability to choose is the primary definition of consciousness. There is another curious quality about atoms. If sub-atomic particles separate from an atom, they will travel large distances in different directions. If one particle hits an obstacle and changes directions, the other particle will have a simultaneous reaction.

Science considers this phenomenon very strange. Physics explains it in terms of an invisible link between all things. The link occurs in an invisible fifth dimension outside the boundaries of time and space.

Ifa calls this invisible dimension Orun. Ifa teaches that everything in Creation is linked to the iponri. The iponri of an individual is linked to the iponri of a specific Orisa, which is linked to the specific iponri of a specific Irunmole, which is linked to a specific Odu, which is linked to Source or Olodumare.

These relationships are symbolized by the mat and the sacred Ifa knot seen on the hats worn by Ifa diviners. Our iponri continues to be reborn and grow while maintaining its original identity.

The iponri is carried by light seated at the core of human consciousness and linked to the consciousness of Spirit.

Light as Primal Matter contains the blueprint for all of Creation. Human consciousness has the potential to access this blueprint and retrieve information necessary to sustain life. The consciousness of light is not different than the consciousness of the human spirit; Light Consciousness simply expresses itself through a different medium. Ajala-mopin assists Obatala in the task of creating consciousness by molding each head while it is forming in the womb.

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This does not mean the shaping of the physical structure of the skull; it means that the role of Ajala-mopin is to shape the invisible vessel that holds latent human potential. It is Ajala-mopin who gives us the tools to access our personal destiny. There is no direct translation for the word Ogun usually translated to mean Spirit of Iron. It may seem odd to associate Iron with physical development.

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Both Ifa cosmology and Western science agree that life on Earth began at the bottom of the Ocean. When the hot rock from the core of the Earth broke through the Ocean floor, it cooled and 50 solidified. It was the rust from these deposits that provided nourishment for the first life forms that appeared on the planet.

Western Science calls this biological evolution. Ifa calls it the virility of Ogun mingling with the fertility of Olokun, the Spirit of the Ocean, different language, same idea. According to Ifa, the same Spiritual Forces that transformed minerals into single cell life forms have an active role in shaping the physical body. Ifa makes extensive use of rocks as religious icons.

Come On Inner Peace! I don't have all day!

Rocks are the parents of biological life forms; they are literally our eldest ancestors. This is a universal idea, Peter is the rock of Christianity, the Kabah is the foundation of Islam, Hindu temples venerate stones called Lingum and Yoni, Celtic Druids built the stone formations of Europe and Native Americans consider crystals sacred.

Alaanu means The Merciful One. Oloore means The Owner of kindness. Sungbemi means Be Closer to Me. Magbemiti means The Power of My Heart. Saaragaa means The Storage Place of Uniqueness and Ejujiri suggests it is the foundation of inner strength.

Each of these Spiritual Forces is linked to the caldron of iponri and helps create the wide diversity of human traits that manifest in the human spirit through the structure of the human body. Ifa is used as a diagnostic tool for monitoring health and some diviners specialize in the healing arts. The issue of nutrition is important but not always apparent. Ode Remo is a farming community. Extended families share common garden plots they depend on for food especially the stables of yam and corn.

There is little if any processed food in the rural diet and limited access to sugar. The community eats natural healthy food because it is the only option. In urban American we have easy access to food that does not support health.

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Being conscious of diet is step one on the spiritual journey. Each of these foods is blessed prior to being fed to the baby. In this simple ritual the community is making a commitment to ara alafia the physical health of the returning ancestor. It is common during divination for Ifa to identify food taboos.

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There are generally two reasons for a food taboo. If a person worships Obatala they might receive a taboo against eating igbin meaning snail.

In Ode Remo snail is part of the staple diet used in every day cooking. The taboo means the person does not eat snail as food, but does use snail as medicine for ritual purposes. If and when you eat the food sacred to your Orisa eating the taboo food becomes part of the invocation process for possession. If a latent medical condition is identified, certain foods can activate the disease. Ifa can also identify certain foods that act as medicine to heal a particular illness and this becomes an admonition to eat specific things.

Usually when food is used as medicine it is cooked in palm oil and the diviner will do incantations called igede directly on the food so the power of prayer is ingested. Exercise Sit in front of your ancestor shrine. If you do not have an ancestor shrine place a white clothe on a small table.

Place a glass of water and a candle on the table. Light the candle. This is a mediation exercise. I find it is best to mediate wearing white clothing. The color white deflects outside influences making it easier to stay focused on your internal process. Dark cloths attract external influences causing distractions and a loss of concentration. Sit with both feet on the floor with slight pressure on your heels.

Rest your forearms on your thighs with your palms up at the knees. Imagine narrow beams of light entering both feet and both hands. Imagine the beams of light connecting at your heart and moving up towards your head. Imagine the beams of light moving out of your forehead just above the nose.

Imagine the beam of light 53 splitting and connecting with the feet of your parents. Imagine the light passing through their body and coming out of their forehead to connect with their parents. Image the light connected to your grandparents, connecting to your great-grandparents. Imagine the light connecting to your entire lineage. Imagine the light going all the way back to the time the first humans walked the earth in Africa.

Imagine the light moving back in time to connect with our ancestors who existed prior to the evolution of human life. Imagine the light moving back in time to connect with the first sea creatures that left the ocean to live on land. Image the light moving back in time to connect with the single celled life forms at the bottom of the ocean. Imagine the light moving back in time to connect with the elements that formed the earth. Imagine the light moving back in time to connect with the Sun.

Imagine the light moving back in time to the first generation of starts that gave birth to our galaxy. Imagine the light moving back in time to the moment of Creation. Feel the unbroken connection between everything that was, everything that is and everything that ever will be. Know that you are a part of the manifestation of the Eternal Mystery. Allow yourself to notice the feelings generated by the sense of connection to all of Creation.

Ritual If the mediation created a positive response, there is value in reconnecting to those feelings. Ifa associates elevated states of consciousness with power words called ofo ase. The repetition of ofo ase is designed to invoke and reclaim the original experience. If we start the day in a bad mood it is very difficult to rise above it. If we start the day with a feeling of hope the day has a way of fulfilling that expectation.

Daily morning prayers are an essential aspect of Ifa spiritual discipline. Consider starting your day by saying Ope ni fun Olorun meaning my blessings come from Source. Use the prayer as a trigger for feeling connected to Source. Feeling supported by the Universe carries a different energy than feeling victimized by those around you. Consider love, for example.

People often think they have everything they need to be happy — and yet still feel unhappy. Psychologists Philip Brickman and Dan Campbell call this the hedonic treadmill. A person might get excited about buying a new car, for example, only to have that joy squashed when a newer model comes out. Accepting that is the first step toward finding inner peace and true serenity. Etty Hillesum, a writer who died in the Holocaust, wrote about this just a year before she lost her life in Auschwitz.

Before you can achieve true happiness, you have to understand what it is — and then pinpoint those things that encourage it. But many people start down the wrong path, confusing happiness with other enjoyable emotions, like pleasure.

Pleasure is momentary by nature: it occurs under certain circumstances at a certain time. A pleasurable experience can quickly become neutral or unpleasant because pleasure is so unstable and fleeting.

It causes a temporary spike in happiness but does nothing to prevent that happiness from falling back to former levels. Chasing immediate, pleasurable desires ultimately leads to disappointment. Western countries have staggering depression rates because of this. Life becomes meaningless when you lose that crucial connection to yourself and the world around you.

In developed countries, about three-quarters of people claim to be satisfied with their quality of life. And yet, levels of unhappiness remain high.

Why is this? The answer has to do with the way people understand what happiness is. A lot of people think happiness is just a momentary respite from suffering.

Happiness Summary

But the concept of happiness is elusive and deceptive. This partly explains why 15 percent of North Americans experience a major episode of depression before the age of Buddhists call this depressive state dukkha — the opposite of sukha. How can we end this cycle of suffering? Rather, it stems from the unhappiness we create.

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Giving up this unnecessary worrying is the key to moving toward true, long-lasting happiness and leading a more fulfilling life. Happiness Key Idea 5: The ego is the true source of suffering and conflicted emotion. Have you ever felt like everyone around you was self-centered or self-absorbed? Most people put themselves before all else. Buddhism, however, sees such egotism as a source of misery.

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The ego causes a lot of problems and conflict with personal identity. Our egos also arbitrarily assign certain qualities to the people and things around us. Egos are stubborn, too: once you put a label on something it can be hard to think of that thing in any other way. The ego will reach a point where it falters and shatters, taking your self-confidence with it and leaving you with only frustration and suffering. Happiness Key Idea 6: Free yourself from your own ego.

The concepts of identity and status are closely connected to unhappiness. A person who clings to a specific self-image will do anything to make sure that that image is recognized and accepted.

Such a person will devote all their time and energy to seeking validation. Ever worked with someone who spends more time smiling and cracking jokes than doing actual work? Such people are usually overly invested in having their identity praised and accepted. According to Buddhist thought, real confidence and inner peace can only be achieved through egolessness. The ego is simply too fragile to be a reliable foundation. Detaching from your ego makes you less vulnerable and gives you inner strength, putting you on the path toward true, profound happiness!

Humility is another key part of ego-free happiness. So acknowledge your limits! In that sense, humility is the source of inner freedom. History shows that real heroes are people who freed themselves from their egos. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. Happiness Key Idea 7: Your thoughts and emotions can be your worst enemies.

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Thoughts and emotions can be your best friends — but they can also be your worst enemies.