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These terms and conditions apply when you choose to receive statements statements will be available to view as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. 'Statements' tab from the summary page. A full demonstration is available at Barclays. BANK OF SCOTLAND. Once you have logged in, select the account you. Bank of Scotland Corporate Online provides real time statement information. pop-up box; If Open is clicked, a PDF is produced which can then be printed.

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To do this, select 'view statement' on the relevant account from your . and print a copy of your statement from January onwards in PDF format from your. Find out how to search your statement and learn more about your transactions. When you log into Internet Banking you can select eligible accounts to go paperless. You can view, download and print a copy of your paper statement in PDF.

So we are developing alternative ways for customers to bank with us. Our new Video Banking service lets customers chat face-to-face with a senior personal banker — at a time and location to suit them, whether they are at home, at work or on the move. Appointments are available from 9am- 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-3pm on Saturday. A new mortgage without touching a piece of paper The paperless process involves customers uploading documents via a safe temporary portal and providing a digital signature. Enabling individuals and businesses to make payments effectively and efficiently, including more than doubling the number of products sold through our mobile channel compared with Supporting entrepreneurs to start up in business, including 1, businesses 5 helped through Entrepreneurial Spark powered by NatWest.

How do I download a PDF statement?

You should receive your paper statement within days of ordering it. Great news!

If you use Digital Banking with paperless statements, and you need paper copies as evidence of your identity or income, we can arrange to send some to you free of charge. You can ask for up to 3 months of paper statements twice in a 12 month period.

How can I get a copy of my statement? - Royal Bank of Scotland

To order, please chat to our Digital Banking team. Digital banking helpdesk Chat online with one of our advisors. The easiest way to get a paper copy is to download and print it yourself, from the statement section within the Credit Card Online Services. It's the same one we send by post.

Viewing your transactions online

You can do this for any statement within the last 18 months. If you don't have a printer or the statement you want is more than 18 months old, please call Credit Card Services. The British government received the request favourably as the "Old Bank", the Bank of Scotland , was suspected of having Jacobite sympathies.

On 31 May , the Royal Bank of Scotland invented the overdraft , which was later considered an innovation in modern banking. Competition with the Bank of Scotland[ edit ] Competition between the Old and New Banks was fierce and centred on the issue of banknotes.

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The policy of the Royal Bank was to either drive the Bank of Scotland out of business, or take it over on favourable terms. The Royal Bank built up large holdings of the Bank of Scotland's notes, which it acquired in exchange for its own notes, then suddenly presented to the Bank of Scotland for payment. To pay these notes, the Bank of Scotland was forced to call in its loans and, in March , to suspend payments. The suspension relieved the immediate pressure on the Bank of Scotland at the cost of substantial damage to its reputation, and gave the Royal Bank a clear space to expand its own business—although the Royal Bank's increased note issue also made it more vulnerable to the same tactics.

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Despite talk of a merger with the Bank of Scotland, the Royal Bank did not possess the wherewithal to complete the deal. By September , the Bank of Scotland was able to start redeeming its notes again, with interest, and in March , it resumed lending.

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To prevent similar attacks in the future, the Bank of Scotland put an "option clause" on its notes, giving it the right to make the notes interest-bearing while delaying payment for six months; the Royal Bank followed suit.

Both banks eventually decided that the policy they had followed was mutually self-destructive and a truce was arranged, but it still took until before the two banks agreed to accept each other's notes.

Scottish expansion[ edit ] The bank opened its first branch office outside Edinburgh in when it opened one in Glasgow , in part of a draper's shop in the High Street.

Andrew Square in the New Town. The building as seen along George Street forms the eastern end of the central vista in New Town. An axial banking hall Telling Room behind the building, designed by John Dick Peddie , was added in ; it features a domed roof, painted blue internally, with gold star-shaped coffers.

The rest of the nineteenth century saw the bank pursue mergers with other Scottish banks, chiefly as a response to failing institutions. The assets and liabilities of the Western Bank were acquired following its collapse in ; the Dundee Banking Company was acquired in By , the Royal Bank of Scotland had branches and around staff.

In , the bank merged with the National Commercial Bank of Scotland to become the largest clearing bank in Scotland. The expansion of the British Empire in the latter half of the nineteenth century saw the emergence of London as the largest financial centre in the world, attracting Scottish banks to expand southward into England.

The first London branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland opened in