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Indian Railway Time Table pdf. Indian Railway Time Table ( Release on August ). Zonal Railway Timetable & Trains. Southern Railway,. South Western Railway,. South Central Railway,. Konkan Railway. Source: Ministry of Railways have announced that that the New Train Time Table - will come into effect from Details are here.

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About Indian Railways · Corporate Overview · Directorates Railway Electrification · Railway Sports Promotion Board · Safety · Secretary Table Index. Editor review - Indian Railway Offline Timetable is a helpful app which allows you the opportunity to view the Indian railway timetable anytime you want on your. We are providing you unofficial release of Time Table from Indian Railways. Just save it and it'll be handy when on tour and travels. We've kept.

After October, ICF will make one train every alternate month till March and one rake every month from April Recently, ICF announced the next rake will be rolled out in the first week of May with the following 2 being ready by October and December of It will complete the journey 4 hrs faster than the Mumbai Rajdhani. Recent videos has shown that the second rake is completed and is ready for testing. Indian Railways and ICF are also planning the development of Train 20 , another semi-high speed train that will replace the Rajdhani Express.

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If the desire is to find out a specific schedule or time table, then it can be done by visiting the IRCTC portal or other reputed private portals. These are dedicated online platforms, where the list of station codes can be derived with the click of the button.

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Users can effortlessly check out the trains that run between the stations, about trains which run in a specific route and the final junctions.

Total zones in Indian Railways Presently, there are about 17 railway zones. Indian railways, for administrative purpose has managed to divide the regional railways into numerous zones. Earlier, only 9 zones were present and 7 newly created, thus making the total to In Indian Railways Language each station is denoted by some specific station code.

By this station code number it is easy for everyone to know the name of the station or the place in short form. So Do you want to check out Top Indian Railway station codealong with their respective station names? Regarding the same, here you can grab an idea about the same for sure.

So these are as follows:- Cleanest Indian Railways station out of top As per the Indian Railways inspection team in the last year Jodhpur and Marwar Railway station of Rajasthan state has been adjudged one of the most cleanest Railway station on the Indian Railways network.

After this Jaipur which comes under North-Western railway and Tirupati of South-Central Railway zone is on the second and third slot in the A1 category of stations. New Releases.

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Add to Wishlist. Rail Guru is one of its kind of app having indian railway timetable, pnr status, fare calculator, train live status, seat availability, seat map, passing trains and many more. Got slow or no Internet. It's Free.

Train between two railway stations 2. PNR status for your ticket Just Enter the 10 digit pnr number and get your live booking status online or by sms.

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Fare including all classes 4. Live Station - Trains Arriving at a Station within specified hours 5. Share your train running status, pnr status, seat availability, fare and many more.

Train detailed info like: Choosing the Week option will display a trains list, showing trains that will be running from your chosen station throughout the week. Indian Railway Offline Timetable offers you the chance to search for the timetable of a particular train by using its train number.

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Simply insert the train number of the train whose timetable you want to view and then click either the Day or the Week option. This app also provides you the chance to change the date for which you want to search the Indian railway timetable.

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You can change the date easily by tapping on the calendar icon and picking the date from the calendar tool that appears or manually entering your chosen date in the field using your phone's keyboard. Indian Railway Offline Timetable also lets you search for trains by their names as well. You can access this option by clicking the search tool that is located on the top-right corner of the main screen of this app.

Features: Complete list of trains running between source and destination stations Complete list of trains passing by a particular station Train listings available for a day or a week Numerous search options for finding the right train Offline availability Conclusion: Indian Railway Offline Timetable is an app aimed towards Indians who travel by train a lot.