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Nov 28, An environmental company might write an ebook all about water make ebook creation easier, I'm focusing on the right topic for opening up a. Oct 26, If those writers can do that, you can write a 20, word ebook in a month. Right? And I am absolutely not talking about some scrappy. Jan 18, After writing my own ebook, others wanted to know how to write an ebook. This is I wanted people to see that it was different right off the bat.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. An invaluable tool for executives, secretaries, students it download a Kindle Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More Kindle Book Deals Free Reading Apps Kindle Singles Newsstand. My Write to Right: A story-ised autobiography - Kindle edition by Purnima (Mital) Gupta. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. I have seen it typed ebook, Ebook, eBook, e-book, E-book, etc. Which is correct and when do I write it differently such as if it is a title, or at the beginning of a.

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We can lament language drift, but when millions of English speakers mostly agree that one word means some particular thing, or another term is spelled or used in some particular fashion.

It will be easier, then, to adopt whatever emerges than to try to correct the mostly insensitive crowds. I am still not sure whether the initial post on a blog is an entry, an article, a post, a posting, or a message.

I am unsure whether the content of an individual post determines the label, or whether the concept of the blog does — or whether the term is coined individually for each weblog system provider. Then is a comment a comment, a post, an entry, a reply, or does that descriptor, too, depend upon content or system?

The onus is on the speaker or writer to use language that the audience will hear and understand; the listener or reader can do nothing to change the communication so they can understand it, only the author or speaker has that latitude.

I suppose the real answer is: Technically, I agree… it should remain hyphenated. Thanks for looking it up in the different sources, and for pointing out the online search ramifications of the different spellings. All helpful!

The Essential Guide to Writing an eBook & Sharing It

Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog.

Ebook write right

Is it very hard to set up your own blog? Do you have any tips or suggestions? One of the problems with the hyphen is typographical. Such an evolution has many parallels in our rather peculiar language.

Next up: A no-hyphen term such as email is easy to search, whether in search engines or your word processing program. You always get what you expect. Not so good. So for usability reasons, ebook is superior to e-book. And I suspect that as years have past, the results might be considerably different now. As I recall, the first time I ever saw the word used, it was spelled eBook. CamelCase — this is used in computer programming to combine words to make meaningful names, rather than using extra characters to join them: But I personally like eBook to denote the difference between a regular dead tree aka.

Ebook, eBook, ebook or e-book? By Maeve Maddox. Some ebooks are Kindle-ready, others are simply screeds of plain text. Cine Cynic on September 25, 3: Sounds like a question for the Language Log folks. John E on September 25, Now I just need everyone else to see things my way … Jay on September 25, Brendan on September 25, 1: Brad K. I have negative associations with site. Emma on September 25, 7: Peter on September 26, Janice on October 01, Peter on October 04, 1: Karen on June 18, Felipe Desiyatnikov on July 16, 2: Thanks John Parsons on June 28, 4: Joy Livingwell on January 29, 9: Also, I agree that all the e-somethings are going to lose their hyphens just as email has.

Dan on September 11, 6: Ruth on August 02, Dave on July 13, 3: XP on May 19, 8: Maeve Maddox on May 22, Jens-Uwe Jansen on March 30, Leave a comment: Cancel comment Name required: Email address required: I do not have a problem in writing an ebook in 30 days. But I do have a problem marketing me ebooks. Thanks for the information.

This is very helpful as I will be writing an e-book in the near future. I love, love, LOVE this! Half the battle writers face is visualizing HOW to get a book from head to paper, and your step-by-step plan is great.

Earlier this year I ghost-wrote a book for a client in 23 days; each day I posted tips on how I did it:. Day 1: Thanks Diana! Thanks for breaking down the process. You really simplified creating an Ebook on a step by step level. I was trying to figure out the best way to tackle everything and your outline makes perfect sense!! Thanks a million for it! My book will be out next month in both digital formats and print. I cannot wait. Tying up all of the loose ends these past couple of months prior to launch has been pretty miserable.

The only point I would add to this post is to have someone else read your work and give feedback. Someone with fresh eyes who will be brutally honest. In fact, I had several people read and give feedback and a lot of it was very valuable to the end product. Keep up the great work.

How to Write a High-Quality eBook in 30 Days

Congrats on the book, Jennifer! I absolutely agree with you about getting feedback: Great idea. Great minds think alike!

Writing 1, words per days for 2 months 60days produces 90, words: A plan, if not a plot, just a good story as Stephen King might say helps you get those 1, written every day. Once you start, it actually gets easier as you go along. Momentum seems to keeps the Block down. Two tips: Ignore the banging on the cupdoor and pleas to be let loose. You can write all 60 days of them later — unless to have software that writes while you speak.

That is a good thing. A democracy in action. As ever the point made by Ali Luke to write what readers want to read is a good one. I wonder however, if the motto: Depending on your topic area, a paper book could well be a fantastic addition.

Great job on making the writing process more accessible by putting it on a timeline. People often ask me how they can improve their own skills. My favorite trick to help with this is to suggest they actually take a printout of the document away from their normal writing environment and then read it out loud. Not to mention a good reason to stop for a minute, make a great cup of coffee or tea, and spend a few minutes simply enjoying the process of writing and creating!

Amen to that Lauren — back in the early 90s I met an editor from Simon and Schuster. This was the early days of word processors being used — and she said she could read a manuscript and tell immediately if it had been edited on a computer screen or it had been printed out. So can double-spacing the lines — it creates more white space around the words, making it easy to focus on each individual one.

Thanks for the detailed guidance for making an eBook happen in a month! Good luck with the novel, Jennifer! December can be a great month for ebook-writing, as the blogosphere tends to slow down a bit around Christmas time. Boy, do I ever need a motivational schedule to abide by like this one. I have to imagine that your tips here work for general writing projects — not just eBooks.

They absolutely do, Emma! Any big writing project can be broken down in a similar way though some will need a fair bit longer than 30 days…. This post came at just the right time. I have decided on a topic for my free ebook so this will really help me get on and get the job done. Many thanks. Best of luck, Sharon, hope the writing goes well and that the free ebook brings you lots of great traffic.

Love your process and the way you chunk it down. I can do this!

Quality is crucial — and achievable in a realistic time-frame. This post is epic. I love that it breaks down all the tasks from idea to outline to writing to editing. I was expecting a formula for 30 days of writing, but this is even better. Improved my blog writing as well as helping me to write this ebook. I learned that its not so much to just write 10, words but to write that keeps the engagement of the reader as well as teaches or tells that story.

Wow, that sounds really easy, but am sure the days 5 — 25 will be a killer and will easily take a toll on anyone. Hopefully I will get the courage to start thinking about it one of these days. Great post, Ali.

I like the way you break down the process of writing an e-book. Thanks for complicating my life. It will be fun sorting it all out. Thanks Chris! I have learned that one way to promote your site is to write an e-book. Your post gives me the push and tips to come up with my first e-book ever.

More power to you Ali! Thanks Jonan! I happened to read this at just the right time, writing a book is definitely in my bucket list,starting with an e-book seems like a brilliant idea, really grateful for the way in which you have shared yourself so freely, am daring myself to write an ebook in a month, come 1st December, will be talking a different story. Knowing that a bunch of people will also be doing it in November might keep me going. Slay the dragon of Resistance. And, like Rex said, if you really want help.

Absolutely not. And great point about writing less. If this is your first time writing one, a 5, word free ebook could be a fantastic project to spend 30 days on. But yes as you mentioned I think I need an internet blocker. Interesting article. Where would be the best place to look if I wanted to outsource the preparation of an ebook using content I have created over a series of articles?

How much would it likely cost. Good question, Dane! Kelly Kingman comes to mind — her site is http: Simple and concise tips Ali. One of my top NaNo tips is: This is great advice. Having even one whole day to work single-mindedly on a writing project makes a massive difference. Thanks Ali, Your tips were inspiring and also straight to the point. What a powerful post yours was!

I wonder how many new eBooks will be the result of your helpful guidance? Definitely a great piece of article as this is my single biggest problem, procrastination on putting out content because of the overwhelming task of writing a full blown ebook.

But if I break it down like what you advice, it is suddenly manageable and writing a few pages each day seems like a minute task all of a sudden. Thanks Ted! Anyone have any examples of successful ebook site designs? Here are a couple of quite different!

Love all the tips in this post, Ali. This is an excellent post. I wrote an eBook once in fewer than 30 days, and I followed the same course though not on purpose, but what you outline is a really natural and realistic approach.

This is really great formula to write an e-book in 30 days. The best thing is that we can be organized without losing our attention. I have used some of the parts especially mind maps, but never put such a goal to write words daily with such a discipline.

Thanks, Dragan! This is really great information. I envy people who can create such logical plans and plot them out. I have been stuck on moving forward with my e-book.

It starts and stops and I am not really sure what is currently stopping me. Thanks for this post. I often get stuck if I try to write without a clear plan! Even a list of several key points that you want to cover in the next chapter could help. These are the questions which you need to ask yourself to get back into action for your ebook and get writing again.

Answering these questions will help you set out the plan Ali talks about. Remember, your ebook should be a tool; an employee even, with a specific role. I have been thinking on this response from Ali and from Tom. Because this is exactly what the topic of my e-book is about. My e-book is targeted towards artists, writers, seekers and daydreamers in general. Some mistakenly diagnosed with attention deficit.

The point of my response is that plans do not pan out for some. It comes down to routines not plans. This e-book has to be part of my daily routine. It is not really the content that has me stuck, but working it into my day. I can take the plans and outlines passed my way and pick parts here and there to use and implement, but for someone like me to work through a 90 day plan or an outline or what-not is almost impossible. There is nothing wrong with this. Our minds are wired differently and it is always good to hook up with others who are more logically wired.

The e-book is about the possibility of this. How we can stay true to our daydreamer tendencies and move forward with our lives and our businesses. How do the unfocused find their focus and get things done. If you say the word plan or rules to a daydreamer they will run the other way. I just happened to be reading the post. But thank-you both for your responses because it got me thinking about how to make this e-book part of my daily routine.

Maybe you could try setting aside a whole day just for writing — I know Catherine Caine awesome gal does that, and her work is amazingly full of energy. Your ebook sounds great and probably much-needed!

This is good advice. I think I will pick a day and actually leave the house. Go to the library or something. I bookmarked this post a few weeks ago while I tested out a few ways to make money. Welcome back, Rose! I am excited about this challenge. But, I am still going to create the E-Book for my future client. I save them for the weekend or when I have time.. Love this, Ali! Small daily habits make huge changes over the long term.

Thanks for such practical guidance and good common sense! Ali, your stuff always makes me smile. I publish independently, so each book had to be proofread and formatted, have a cover designed, and all the other bits of creating a book from scratch. But the single biggest reason I got this done was because I chose to ship instead of worrying about the myriad reasons this was an insane idea.

If you have the chutzpah and smarts to operate your own business, you have what it takes to deliver a solid, worthwhile ebook in 30 days.

Thanks, Joel! Publishing 6 books in 6 months is an amazing achievement — wow! I know just how much work goes into proofreading, formatting, etc — so huge congrats to you and to your wife.

Next month, I will write a word eBook. By , I will have writteny first eBook—on a topic both dear to my heart and poignantly relevant to my community as well as the world at large! My ebook is about working from home. What comes first? The blog or the ebook? Any comments would be appreciated. Focus on writing the ebook first, then worry about marketing and selling after that. In few months of blogging, I found out one of the best strategies to make your blogging business more successful as possible is ebook marketing, in which I was searching now on certain tips on how to make a highly created e-book.

I have a great idea now on how to make my own ebook! I found this post while searching for information on how to create an eBook.

I was feeling a little overwhelmed until I came across your post. I am starting immediately! Kindle and Nook users are used to having access to a table of contents and other built-in tools which are part of those formats. Some ebooks are just. If you do want to create Kindle. But in a hurry one day, I experimented with doing it the easy way.

I was simultaneously dismayed and glad that it works. From what you both seem to saying this conversion can be done quite easily and, the premise that without these offers the end result could be poor formatting that turns readers off, is not a likely one after all. Am I right? As Ali has emphasized, the code can use a little cleanup, and you should always preview on a real Kindle or Nook, not just on the preview tools those formats provide.

And keep asking questions because if you can do this stuff yourself, you take even more control of the process. Either doing it yourself or hiring help is valid; it depends how comfortable you are with things like HTML code and using new software programs. I spent quite a while figuring out how to get things right when I did my first few ebooks into. There are plenty of people offering services to convert documents for you; like Joel says, the best use of that is probably to just get someone else to sort it all out for you, rather than to pay for a half-way service.

Take care! But it seems likely there are people in your life, yes? First sort out why you want to write something, then sort out where your audience might be, then go ask them, in person, what would help them. Hang out at the Chamber of Commerce or a local small biz networking mixer.

Get to know people.

Right ebook write

Ask what they need. Joel, I did not mean to offend. My interest with this blog focuses on topic research and developing content. I have noted your comments and will consider them as I move forward. Thank you. That way, at least you have a website folks can visit, a place they can leave comments, and a way to interact with your intended audience. Really I am. Joel, I have to say you humanized yourself to me with your words of kindness and I sincerely appreciate it.

I can tell you are a nice person by your response. I agree, sometimes emails, text, etc. I made a note of your suggestions and as I move forward in my efforts to learn how to write an ebook I will remember your recommendations.

Hi Jennifer! Feedback from contacts in an area or industry that you want to write about will be invaluable. I appreciate your comments but are you saying an ebook only works if you have an online presence? You could have a blog started five minutes from now, and by the time your ebook is ready in 30 days, you could have a dozen posts on it for your ebook readers to comment on and connect with.

For me, blogging, email lists, and Twitter have been hugely useful marketing tools. Thanks, I get your point. Using online connections for researching topics for an ebook and using those connections to market the ebook seems plausible to me. I appreciate your insightful feedback. Great article! I just finished two eBooks recently. My suggestion is that you start to write short eBooks about 30 pages. It is a lot easier to accomplish.

Once you have done it, you will be motivated to write more. Having an outline will definitely make your writing task easy to manage.

All it takes is discipline, commitment, structure, and organization. You may have to disappoint people. Great posting — and very timely. I came across NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago. I am already getting ideas together for this November — which is coming round all too quickly! My experience is that, with determination, a 50, novel can be roughly knocked out in the month but then begins the longer task of editing and refining — but a great spur to getting something concrete out at least once a year.

Thanks Geoff — and congratulations on the fruits of your last two NaNos! With a non-fiction ebook, you can go for a much shorter word count and fit in a bit of editing during the month. site, presumably?

Ebook write right

Or is there? You can certainly look on site, or you could turn to blogs that offer free ebooks as. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to put our ideas into concrete form. I have several books that I am currently working on. I will choose one to complete in the 30 days. It takes discipline and determination.

Thank you Ali for the insights, tips and information you share. If you can afford it, have a proofreader review it.

Great addition! Ali, As a veteran book coach, I applaud this blog how to and agree with your points. Write chapters faster with a structure—begtin, middle and end and instead of waiting to edit at the end, the structure will allow you to write well enough for only one edit. Remember to add the selling points before you finish your book— the cover, the title page, the About the Aurhor, the TOC and the Resources page. Market While you Write. Make your chapters titles for short eBook include a key word similar to your book title to make it searchable and distribute more copies..

Keep a marketing mindset as your book. What are questions your audience wants answered? Waht are 5 benefits of your book to them? Judy, thanks so much for your kind words, and also your excellent tips.

I like the idea of starting at the end, with a clear idea of what you want the book to achieve — I can see the logic in that. Apart from helping structure the book, I suspect it might also boost your motivation, by having the finishing line in sight right from the start of the race. Just a thought. I have been actually struggling with getting an eBook written this year on content and blog marketing so this may just be the motivation I need to finally get it done.

Thanks for putting some fire under my behind and those of my fellow eBook writers! Thanks Tess! OMG I am sooo doing this!!

Time is certainly going to be an issue, BUT if I can earn a smart phone during November agreement with my hubs, lol — lost some points by getting stitches in my thumb last night, oops!! Thank you!!!!!

I absolutely agree with this. Anyone can create a fully-functional and high quality e-book in a month. Everything you need is time and will. I especially like the part with a timer — absolutely one of the best tools for writers. Thanks Nadia! I highly recommend using this time and the momentum of the writing buzz to write an ebook. A group of us are going to be posting each week and coordinating our efforts on the 30days hashtag.

See details and feel free to follow along at http: I still have a few days to select my topic. Good luck, Cathy!

Ebook, eBook, ebook or e-book?

Look at all these comments! I only have 12 recipes so far, but maybe I can pad it out. Or something. All I know is I love making them, and showing people how to make them, and I figure that will somehow shine through in anything I write about them. Thanks again for the motivation!

Thanks Paul! You could also go for a shortish ebook that way 2 weeks of recipes sounds perfect and then write a more detailed ebook once you see how that one goes down. The parts of your post that I like the most are the ones related to being productive and also being accountable to both yourself and your target audience in terms of really committing yourself to achieving your goals. Personally, I can very passionately speak in favor of being productive as well as maintaining your focus on achieving your most important goals because one of the main reasons why I have wasted my last 7 and more years not being able to make money online and also not being able to live my life to the fullest is simply because I was paying my attention to the wrong things.

Having said that, I am glad to tell you that I have recently started my first blog ever in order to connect with my audience and write on topics that they are truly interested in based on some of the tips you have generously shared with us here. Finally, any of your comments on my first ever post displayed on my first ever personal blog that I have recently created after a very painful, shocking and agonizing 7 year struggle of trying to make money online in order to reach and fully enjoy my ever desired dream lifestyle would be more than welcome and well appreciated.

Thanks Bruno … and very best of luck with your blog and with your goal. Hope it goes well! Notice the high confidence level there, yes? My one practical not motivational concern is that some sections will necessitate research that will bog me down during the writing phase. Karen, that is tough — and when I made the outline, I decided to work on the probably slightly unfair! I always try to choose ebook topics that I already know a lot about, because I get bored quickly with research…. Best of luck!

Nice Strategy Ali, I write about blogging from last one and half year.

How to Write an Ebook

Now I wanna publish my free ebook on wordpress customization and globalization. Now I am very motivated after reading this article.

It need so much concentration and freshness also. Hope your strategy will also work for me. I was invited by a friend to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, and accepted.