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There should be plenty of cabs at the hotel, and it is a short drive as you may see. • Subway: does not make much sense, one needs to change trains twice. Offline PDF map of Metro in Saint Petersburg with information about the Петербургский метрополитен full map, including lines, stations and routes. Map of St. Petersburg metro (subway, underground).

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Graphic design · Metro. Искать. Main Poster Pocket map. The Saint Petersburg Metro map in high resolution PDF. Overview Process • Hi Res. 4,6 МБ. St. Petersburg Metro SUE · Passenger information · Metro for children · Services · Press_Service · Contacts · Metro map · Recharge Ticket Balance. На главную. The idea to create an off-street system of railroad transportation in the northern St. Petersburg Metro will be open at night from 31 December to 1 January.

Pulkovo Airport is located about 23 kilometers south of St. In this post I will explain the different ways to get from Pulkovo airport to St Petersburg either the city center or outside, by public transport or taxi. The Pulkovo airport at St. Petersburg is the third busiest in Russia after Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. This is a newly renovated airport where you find it hard to get lost, since once you get to Terminal 1, there is only one way to migration office, then to collect the luggage and the exit. It is possible to go from Pulkovo airport to the center of St. Petersburg by bus by boarding the transshipment subway station called Moskovskaya or by taxi.

Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast. Due to St. Presently, the metro consists of just 5 lines, however, a total of 9 lines have been planned. Along its entire length of km, the lines serves 67 stations. With an annual ridership of more than million , the St.

Petersburg metro is considered to be the 19th busiest metro network in the world. Peterburgsky Metropoliten is the body that is entrusted with the task of running the metro both; smoothly and efficiently. Petersburg Metro Timings and Frequency The metro services start at around 5.

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The frequency of the trains during day time is minutes and the trains are almost always punctual. The time interval between trains is little longer during early mornings and late nights. The trains are a bit over crowded during peak hours 8. There are certain days on which the metro runs throughout the day, as well as the night 24 hours. For example: 31st December to 1st January, 6th to 7th January etc. A single journey ticket irrespective of the distance for travelling anywhere in the city costs 35 rubles.

The tokens can be downloadd from the cash counters and vending machines, at all stations. Magnetic pass and electronic cards are also available that are relatively cheaper.

St. Petersburg Metro Map

Frequent travelers can also download a monthly metro card. Riders can also download cards for a number of rides, like a 10 trips card, which is valid for 7 days and costs rubles. There is also an option for a 20 trips card, which is valid for 15 days and a 40 trips card, which is valid for 30 days which cost rubles and rubles respectively. There is another type of ticket available that allows for anything from trips, and is valid for a period of 90 days.

This ticket costs roubles. The public can choose to download a uniform ticket, for all the modes of public transportation. This ticket is valid for a month and costs roubles for an adult, and just roubles for a single student. The means of transportation that this ticket is valid for are; metro, trams, bus and trolley.

Children below the age of 7, travel for free. For more information on the fares, tickets and cards that the St.

Saint Petersburg Metro

Petersburg Metro Parking: St. Petersburg metro offers parking facilities for bikes. Passengers can park their bikes for free in the parking lots provided. These parking lots are available in some of the stations and not all. Petersburg metro too has certain terms and conditions, with regards to the size of the baggage. There are certain rules which need to be followed while using the escalators.

Some of these include, keeping your child close to you and being careful not to overstep the boundary lines of the escalator. While travelling on the trains, holding the hand railings is always advisable and so is giving up your place for someone who really needs it, such as a pregnant woman or a disabled men.

The ticket costs 30 rubles. City bus number 39 It circulates from to am with a frequency of minutes.

It takes to get to the Moskovskaya subway station about minutes. The ticket also costs 30 rubles. Minivan cab number K39 It is a small minivan that runs every 5 minutes, between and It takes to reach Moskovskaya station about minutes. The ticket costs 40 rubles All these buses will leave you the station Moskovskaya metro, just outside St. Petersburg, which means you have to download a metro ticket to get to the center of St.

Pdf st map petersburg metro

Moskovskaya subway line is No. Metro Schedule: the St. Petersburg Metro begins to open their stations at around am and closes at around in the morning. For about 65 rubles it is possible to reach the city center 30 rubles the bus and 35 rubles the Metro ticket Disadvantages of using the bus and Metro You have to make transhipments, which is inconvenient if you have many suitcases or they are too heavy.

If you arrive at dawn to St. Petersburg is by taxi, a more expensive but more convenient option. The cab ride to downtown St. Petersburg lasts 30 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic volume.

You can book a taxi in two ways: Book taxi at the airport itself.

Metro map (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Upon arrival at the airport you can book a cab by going to the taxi companies counters operating at the airport and that are found in the arrivals area, on the first floor of the taxi terminal. Getting to the center of St.

Pdf metro map st petersburg

Petersburg can cost you about 1, rubles. It is advisable to ignore people who approach you offering you to collect your luggage and offering you a taxi.

Map metro pdf petersburg st

These are illegal taxi drivers and probably more expensive than the official ones.