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SCERT 10th Class Social Telangana E-Book Downloadable pdf is This 10th Class E-Book, Text Book Is very Helpful and useful For all exam. Govt has changed the old SSC Text Books (10th Class) and released the New Text Books based on CCE. i want 10th social subject telugu medium text book. ReplyDelete releaved batch telugu books pdf. The 10th class new text books for Telugu and English medium is available in Ssc 10th class social textbook pdf SSC 10th class SCERT new text books for.

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Social Studies. Andhra Pradesh. 1. India: Relief Features. Study Material · Text Book · Bit Bank Social Movements in Our Times. Study Material · Text Book. English Medium. 9th Class. Environment. 10th Class. English · Telugu (SL) · Biology · Environment · Maths · Physics · Social. I to X Class all subject eTextBooks in PDF format · Welcome to APSCERT · Andhra Pradesh APSCERT AP English Medium Textbooks Free Download – How can I download old social Telugu medium textbooks? Views.

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Class X Social Science Notes & Key Points

She always worked hard in school; she was always friendly and polite. Her face was dirty and her hair was untidy, but anyone could see that she was pretty under the dirt. Please do that, just for me. Before the little girl went home that afternoon, the teacher said, 'Now, dear, please ask your mother to wash your dress.

Gujarat SSC Syllabus 2019

So she bought a bright blue dress and gave it to the little girl. The child took the gift eagerly and rushed home. Government The next morning she came to school in the new blue dress, and she was very clean and tidy. She was full of excitement.

When her father saw her in her new blue dress, he was amazed to find that he had a very pretty little girl. When the family ate supper, he was even more amazed to see a cloth on the kitchen table, The family had never used a table cloth before.

After supper, the mother began to wash the kitchen floor. Her husband watched silently for several moments. Then he went outside and began to repair the fence. During the following week, the man in the next house watched what his neighbour was doing. And by the end of the week, the man began to paint his house for the first time in ten years. A few days later, the young minister of a church near Gates Avenue passed these two houses and saw two men working.

For the first time he noticed that there was no pavement on Gates Avenue, and no streetlight, and no running water.

Ssc 10th class social textbook pdf download

He asked some important citizens in the city to help them. A few months later, because of the young minister, there was a pavement on Gates Avenue. There was a streetlight on the corner, and the houses had running water. Six months after the little girl got her new blue dress, Gates Avenue had become a tidy street where respectable citizens lived. Since , more than seven thousand towns and cities have organised campaigns for painting and repairing homes and making better lives for the people who live in them.

Class pdf 10th textbook ssc social

Who knows what will happen when a teacher gives a little girl a new blue dress? Government How well did I read?

Class social 10th textbook pdf ssc

I enjoyed reading the passage. I got the idea of the passage on my own.

Pdf ssc social 10th class textbook

I got the idea with the help of my friends in the group. The teacher helped me to understand the passage. I used the glossary given at the end of the passage.

Class textbook 10th ssc pdf social

Answer the following questions: 1. What kind of street was Gates Avenue at the beginning of the story?

What happened to it by the end of the story? Why do you think the teacher gave the blue dress to the little girl? Breakfast Is important Breakfast is an important meal, particularly for children, as it breaks the fast of the sleep hours and prepares them for school and increases their attention span. Recent research provides compelling evidence that malnutrition even in its milder forms can have a detrimental effect on the cognitive development of children.

Among the children who had breakfast, the type of breakfast they had, again made a big difference. Children who had curd rice, dhal rice with a side dish for breakfast scored the maximum in concentration and memory. Children who drank coffee or energy drink or porridge alone for breakfast scored less than the children who had both breakfast and an energy drink.

Children who had idli or dosai with sambar performed better than children who had it with sugar or chutney as the former had both protein and carbohydrate and is a well-balanced meal. The best breakfast is one which has a combination of carbohydrate, protein and fat like idli and sambar; rice and dhal or curd; chapatti with dhallegg curry; egg sandwiches; poori and potato, and a glass of milk.

E- Text Books,SCERT Telangana 1st Class to 10th Class text Books

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