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RAFFERMINE PDF - Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference Filed to USPTO On Wednesday, October 12,, The RAFFERMINE. ePub File Size: Mb. , ratingsEbook Format: Cd, FB2, RTF, E-book, MOBI, TXT, iBook, ePub. leeway the l connections exceptional debbie actifs:Raffermine, Lumiskin. Epub Jan Liftline ® [INCI: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein], Raffermine ® [ INCI: Hydrolyzed Soy Flour] or Ridulisse C ® [Hydrolyzed Soy.

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RAFFERMINE EPUB - 20 Mar Raffermine Gratuit Telecharger. Image unavailable . protein hydrolyzates, soya. swiss line cell shock face lifting complex ii ​this. Hydrolyzed soy extract (Raffermine®): dermal firming agent, hydrolyzed soy ( Glycine soya) which contains glycoproteins and polysaccharides. EPub [15/10/] II principles: glutapeptide, cafesilane C2, celutrat, elastic fibers1, and an evident decrease in cell turnover. raffermine, sesaflash, lecithin.

Claims: 1. A ferment extract from a strain of Eupenicillium crustaceum species. A ferment extract according to claim 1 , obtainable by fermenting a strain of Eupenicillium crustaceum species in an aqueous culture medium and isolating a ferment product. A ferment extract according to claim 1 or claim 2 which comprises free amino acids, peptides, carbohydrates and lipids. A ferment extract according to any one of the preceding claims, which has a molecular weight less than Da.

Privileged information or ideas obtained through peer re- view must be kept confidential and not used for personal advantage. Involvement and cooperation in investigations An editor should take reasonably responsive measures when ethical complaints have been presented concer- ning a submitted manuscript or published paper, in conjunction with the publisher or society.

Such measures will generally include contacting the author of the manuscript or paper and giving due consideration of the respective complaint or claims made, but may also include further communications to the relevant institutions and research bodies, and if the complaint is upheld, the publication of a correction, retraction, expression of concern, or other note, as may be relevant.

Every reported act of unethical publishing behaviour must be looked into, even if it is discovered years after publication. Duties of Reviewers Contribution to editorial decisions Peer review assists the editor in making editorial decisions and through the editorial communications with the author may also assist the author in improving the paper. Peer review is an essential component of formal scho- larly communication, and lies at the heart of the scientific endeavour.

Aesthetic Medicine shares the view of many that all scholars who wish to contribute to publications have an obligation to do a fair share of reviewing. Confidentiality Any manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents. They must not be shown to or discussed with others except as authorised by the editor.

Standards of objectivity Reviews should be conducted objectively. Personal criticism of the author is inappropriate. Referees should express their views clearly with supporting arguments. Acknowledgement of sources Reviewers should identify relevant published work that has not been cited by the authors. Any statement that an observation, derivation, or argument had been previously reported should be accompanied by the relevant citation.

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Duties of Authors Reporting standards Authors of reports of original research should present an accurate account of the work performed as well as an objective discussion of its significance. Underlying data should be represented accurately in the paper.

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IX Editorial In modern years, aesthetics has become quite important in every aspect of everyday life: following the hundreds of journals, magazines, blogs and websites pointing their attention towards this interesting and fascinating topic, the request for aesthetic medicine has increased manifolds.

Aesthetic Medicine is a new field of medicine, in which different specialists share the aim of constructing and reconstructing the physical equilibrium of the individual. Treatment of physical aesthetic alterations and unaesthetic sequel of illnesses or injuries, together with the prevention of aging, are perhaps two of the most iconic areas of intervention for Aesthetic Medicine. However, in order to prevent frailty in the elderly, a program of education is similarly important.

Cosmeceutical Ingredients: Botanical and Nonbotanical Sources

Furthermore, the line between health and beauty is extremely thin: psychosomatic disorders resulting from low self- esteem due to aesthetic reasons are frequent and can- not be ignored by a clinician. The number of patients requiring medical consultation for esthetic reasons is rapidly increasing: in order to be able to provide adequate feedback, medical and paramedical specialists should be trained and, more importantly, should be taught how to work together.

Existing Societies of Aesthetic Medicine from different countries share the aim of creating such teams and provide constant updates to the literature: the creation of an international network of specialists from all around the world under the flag of Aesthetic Medicine represents a challenge, but at the same time it is the proof of the widespread interest in this topic.

The first issue of this Journal represents the results of the efforts of the many national Societies and of the Union Internationale de Medecine Esthetique, now together as one; it is our hope that in years to come this Journal might improve our knowledge in this field, and provide adequate scientific advancement in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Starts were rather difficult as aesthetic procedures in those early years were only surgical.

At that time aesthetic doctors and cosmetic dermatologists had very few real medical procedures to offer to their patients for treating aesthetic problems on face and body.

Mostly, at that time, they were imported from the United States: those included collagen injections for wrinkles Zyderm by Dr. Stegman , and chemical peels phenol by Dr. Baker, TCA by Dr. Oba- gi. But, subsequently, European research on Aesthetic Medicine gained momentum.

Hyaluronic acid appeared on the market, as it was discovered that it could be used as a dermal filler for wrinkles. Today, CO2 resurfacing is not used as much anymore, because of the long and difficult postop. Today, Botox injections are the most popular treatment for facial expressive wrinkles. Botox injections are now so common everywhere that many cosmetic surgeons have given up their bistouries for syringes.

Last but not least, development in Aesthetic Medicine is shown by mesotherapy and adipolipolysis. About lipolysis, new data and recent publications have explained that radiofrequency, ultrasounds and cryolyse could have positive action to dissolve fat and to improve some unaesthetic disorders like cellulite.

These non invasive procedures intend to replace the surgical liposculpture with success. Nowadays, Aesthetic Medicine has the necessary tools to address all major disorders within the aesthetic field.

What is the future of Aesthetic Medicine? As life-span have increased, patients today are not only asking about aesthetic procedures, they are also asking for a way to stay in good physical conditions in the last decades of their lives. As a direct result, Anti-Aging Medicine, which covers skin aging and general aging, has recently emerged and expanded very quickly.

Anti-Aging Medicine can offer senior patients better nutrition, dietary supplementation with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and eventually hormone replacement therapy, but only when needed. Today, and in the near future, both Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine will offer to our patients, who now live longer, better wellness with aesthetic treatments for skin aging and anti-aging treatments for general aging.

Aesthetic Medicine is booming, but all medical practitioners should be correctly trained, so its future will be bright. Today from that Editorial Board arise an International Journal, which wants to be indexed, in order to give to the doctors practicing Aestehetic Medicine all around the world a solid basis of shared knowledge.

Ana Aslan. For this reason,there is the bioethical imperative that the Discipline should be first prevention, then return to physiology and finally correction. Faithful to the teaching of my Master had almost 50 years ago, this new journal will have the task of elevating the human resources, aligning and validating methodologies, but above all affirming the humanitas of the medical art in its purest sense to pursue the good and the graceful for the person who relies on it.

All over the world All Aesthetic Doctors know that science is the basis for safety. Safety is the most important issue in our discipline. Unfortunately, Aesthetic Medicine is more often surrounded by marketing than by science, despite the hard work done by Scientific Societies all over the World. And, too often doctors working in this field are dealing with sellers that promote products with insufficient scientific studies. However, they sell it anyway. I think that doctors must learn that the first thing to ask about a medical device is the scientific background regarding that product: patients treated, follow up period, adverse events and, most of all, publications.

Another important goal of the Journal is to catalyze the proposal of new protocols and guidelines in Aesthetic Medicine, with the consensus of the entire Aesthetic Medicine Scientific Community. What this Journal should achieve in the near future is to improve the number and quality of scientific production in Aesthetic Medicine, in order to allow this discipline to grow in the field of evidence based medicine, not only in the rationale field.

I hope this can be the start of a new era for Aesthetic Medicine, with the commitment of all Scientific Societies all over the world. Noche Buena - Mexico D. Jose Pardo , Miraflores Lima - Peru info asocime. OGATA danielhht hotmail. Sarmiento, - Montevideo - Uruguay Irakli Abashidze str. Sixtino 2, Of. Many treatments and procedures have been developed to improve it, but the results obtained so far have not been truly satisfactory, thus, the development of new minimally invasive products that can recover the mechanical properties of the skin and offer natural results continues.

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Each session consisted in the administration of two injectable vials one at superficial subcutaneous level and another one intradermal and a cream that was applied topically, in the last place. All treatments were performed by the same researcher. Results: 39 patients with a mean age of The differences between pre- and post-treatment measurements were statistically significant for all the variables, achieving an improvement of skin flaccidity at 30 days after the third session of It showed an improvement of the mechanical properties of the skin, with a significant increase in the firmness as well as the elasticity of the treated area.

A follow-up visit was made 30 Flaccidity is closely related to age. Currently, the fight days after the third treatment. Assets of aging. Cutaneous flaccidity is a complex problem specially designed to act in depth, nourish and that involves intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The loss protect the tissues that offer trophic support and of volume, excess of skin pigmentation and the low or provide structural basis for the upper layers. Active irregular reflectance of light are among the intrinsic principles: glycine, proline, lysine, leucine, alanin, factors1.

On the other hand, the most relevant extrinsic hialuronic acid, decapeptide-4, oligopeptide, lipoic factor is sun exposure, also known as photo-aging. For designed to act where proteins such as collagen, fibrin example in the face, a descent of the middle and lower or elastin are synthesized. Improves skin mechanical thirds occur. Flaccidity can also be seen in other areas of properties. Active principles: centroxifenoxine, the body, such as the abdomen or brachial area.

In this ascorbic acid, sodium lactate, copper gluconate, zinc dynamic process, aging, as well as soft tissue and bone gluconate, condroitin sulphate, tripeptide This cream on collagen, skin thinning and fat loss lead to flaccidity2,3. The resistance of the skin to the negative pressure the mitigation of the damage and the restoration of the is related to the firmness and its ability to return to the original structure of the tissues, in order to recover initial position.

All parameters are shown as curves in their mechanical properties. Procedures should be as real time during the measurement. This device allows minimally invasive, safe and effective as possible, and the obtainment of information about the elastic and deliver natural and more lasting, focusing on the needs mechanical properties of the skin and to quantify of each patient individually4.

Measurements were taken The objective of this study was to evaluate the safety at a pressure of mbar, through a 2 mm probe hole. Each session lasted approximately 20 Study design minutes and was performed by the same physician Prospective, non-randomized, single-center study, and in the same facilities.

The patient was given the Inclusion criteria: Women from 29 to 62 years old, with tube of cream for a home-based application during the signs of abdominal flaccidity. Post treatment evaluation After each treatment, pain was assessed with a visual Study protocol analog scale VAS , classifying it from 0 to 10 0: no Patients were consecutively recruited.

R2: represents the gross to the complete curve. R5: represents the net elasticity: elastic portion of the Side effects were recorded at every visit.

Epub raffermine

R7: Assesses the portion of the elastic curve compared to the complete curve. Unless otherwise indicated, quantitative variables are described as the mean followed by the standard Subjective evaluation deviation SD between brackets, while categorical The subjective evaluation of the treatment by the variables are described as a percentage. Microsoft Excel. Figure 1 - Mean result of cutometry parameters obtained before treatment and 30 days after the third session. R parameters recorded an important increment Pain assessment in skin firmness compared to the basal values.

Other techniques such were not statistically significant Table 1 as non-invasive treatment with ultrasound, have also reported the amelioration of the mechanical properties Safety data of the skin. A study assessed the improvement of normal The only adverse effects observed were the usual mild skin after the application of ultrasound, obtaining an inflammatory signs after a puncture.

Both the patients and the researcher evaluated mechanical characteristics of the skin in a natural way. The treatment was well tolerated However, more studies would be needed with a greater by the patients, without observing adverse effects. Likewise, the duration of the product to act at the proper level and help replenish the treatment effect should be evaluated and assessed to see original structure of the tissue that has deteriorated if it is possible to improve the result by administering over time.

Each product contains different actives and a greater number of sessions and analyze whether it its action targets a specific depth of the skin. This approach is based on the multi-factorial physiopathology of flaccidity. This treatment is indicated when the first symptoms of Conflict of interests skin aging appear, so that it could delay the onset of None.

Beer K, Beer J. Overview of Facial Aging. Facial Plast Surg. Kahn D, Shaw RB. Overview of current thoughts on facial volume and aging. Structural characteristics of the aging skin: a review. Cutan Ocul Toxicol. Goldman A, Wollina U. Facial rejuvenation for middle-aged women: a combined approach with minimally invasive procedures. Clin Interv Aging. Kalra R. Use of barbed threads in facial rejuvenation. Indian J Plast Surg. Dobrev H. Application of Cutometer area parameters for the study of human skin fatigue.

Ski Res Technol. Use of Cutometer area parameters in evaluating age-related changes in the skin elasticity of the cheek.

Pinto H, Garrido-Gorgojo L. Jour Drugs Dermatol. Influence of therapeutic ultrasound on the biomechanical characteristics of the skin. J Ther Ultrasound. An open, prospective, non-randomized study Anna Tsepkolenko1, Aleksandr Litus2, Vladimir Tsepkolenko3 1Dermatologist at Institute Virtus, postgraduate student of the dermatovenerology department at P.

Epub raffermine

Shupik National Academy of Postgraduate Education Abstract Growth factors and inflammatory cytokines of platelet origin effectively stimulate proliferative and synthetic ability of fibroblasts thus justifying their use for increasing the efficiency of cell therapy in correcting aging skin involutionary changes.

Objective: present the results of practical application of neofibrolifting method based on the ability of growth factors and cytokines to stimulate the functional activity of connective tissue and immune cells with the following autologous dermal fibroblasts transplantation.

The material for achieving and culturing dermal fibroblasts was harvested using punch-bioptate from the postauricular area. Petersburg, Russia. Results: involutionary skin changes development with ageing is defined by progressively decreased epidermal, dermal thickness, acoustic skin density, its hydration, increased transepidermal loss of water and slow blood flow rate.

As a result of the application of the developed neofibrolifting approach with transplantation of dermal autofibroblasts into skin, conditioned by administration of platelet-rich plasma in all age groups of female patients we observed obvious correction of involutionary facial skin changes in the course of the twelve months of the conducted research.

Conclusion: anti-ageing neofibrolifting is based on the administration of selectively chosen young fibroblasts taken from the culture and implanted into the area enriched with growth factors and inflammatory PRP-cytokines. This method represents an effective way of correcting aging skin involutionary changes. Institute Virtus: Sudostroitelnaya 1, Odessa, Ukraine.

An open, prospective, non-randomized study Introduction transplanted following the platelets, and therefore, As it is known the leading and prompting role of we can expect an increased number of young skin involutionary skin changes genesis is caused by fibroblasts because of their high remodeling activity. Based on the information regarding tissue and immune cells As a result we influence fibroblasts and Nowadays, autofibroblasts have proven their efficiency inflammatory immune system cells with the following in correcting facial contour, various folds, wrinkles, transplantation of autofibroblasts in the initially and atrophic scarring.

Satisfactory clinical effect prepared area. It is convenient that the biopsy can be repeated many times, cells can be obtained at early passages with the possibility of Objective cryobanking until the next time application.

Safety and Throughout this article we would like to present the efficiency of dermal fibroblasts autotransplantation results of practical use of neofibroblifting method, have been proven by the results of many multi-central which is based on stimulation of connective tissue and randomized placebo-controlled double-blind clinical immune cells by means of growth factors and cytokines studies7.

Until now, the most well-known and officially followed by administration of autologous dermal recognized technology of dermal autofibroblasts fibroblasts.

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Characteristics of the study: open, prospective, non- However, despite the quite convincing results of randomized study fibroblasts autotransplantation, the obtained effect is not always satisfactory neither regarding the clinical Study population manifestations nor the duration of action.

They were divided into 4 A new way of using platelets properties in the course age groups: y. Nowadays platelet Prior to participation in the research program all functions have demonstrated a fundamentally new, patients were examined by a dermatologist, physician, unexpected side. As it turned out, the platelets actively surgeon, endocrinologist and clinical immunologist. They produce lots of growth factors as well as were excluded from the program of involutionary skin other biologically active substances.

According to the changes correction. The material for obtaining and culturing dermal It has been shown that fibroblasts stimulated by fibroblasts was obtained from the postauricular area cytokines respond with the synthesis of collagen and punch-bioptate using the 3.

Administration of platelets Following the mechanical morcellization, the achieved or their products prior to dermal fibroblasts leads to tissue fragments were transferred to the Petri dish into the limited, moderate inflammation.

An open, prospective, non-randomized study Bovine Serum, Gibco and 0. Then the dishes with the material as a result of neofibrolifting. In two young groups this were placed into CO2-incubator. The culture medium result took place after six and twelve months following was changed every days. Back raffermine home page. Let us know your complete requirement and enable us to serve you better, and surely we would be rffermine good supplier and long-term partner. Apply twice daily, morning and night.

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