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Doctor in Geography by the Federal University of Goiás. Geographer in the Board teóricos se basan en lecturas sobre cartografías y mapas participativos, sociales y / o culturales. Las .. pdf > Acesso em 20 de mai de FERREIRA. Mapa de Usinas de Goiás. Uploaded by Diogo G Freire. mapas usinas goias. Copyright: © All Download as DOCX, PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for. In case of the Serra de Caldas Dome the complex structure and the overthrusting as well /ig/sigep/sitio/sitiopdf. CPRM, SMET, Metano, UnB () Geologia e Recursos Minerais do Estado de Goiás e Distrito Federal. Texto Explicativo dos Mapas Geológico e de Recursos Minerais, Escala , Ministério.

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SEDETEC | Prefeitura Municipal de Goiânia |. Zoom to All; Divisas de Bairro; Cadastro Imobiliário (IPTU); Logradouro; Equipamento de Educação Municipal. Estão disponíveis mapas em formato PDF e JPG para consulta, download e impressão. Os mapas em formato PDF são, em sua maioria, mapas de tamanho . Cumbuco. Có rr. G a lh e iro. Rio das Mortes. Córr. ChicoNunes. R io. Pe ixo to de. Azevedo. Rio. Manissauá - Miçu. Rio. Arraias. Rib. Tapaiúna. R ib. R e n a to.

Population density: 1, There were , eligible voters in December and the city council had 17 members. In October Maguito Vilela was elected mayor, who took office in January In followers of Our Lady of Aparecida donated land so that their neighbors could build a church for the Virgin. Economy[ edit ] Its proximity to the capital has attracted important industries like Mabel cookies , Vepeza and others, concentrated in the four different industrial zones on the edge of BR In recent years the number of companies has doubled. In there were industries.

It was done in order to replace petroleum as fuel; thus, Brazil subsidized the development of alcohol-powered cars. The effects of this program extended up to the first half of the following decade when the government subsidies ceased to occur.

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Consequently, the sector fell into crisis and underwent a relative stagnation process that continued into the s. Since the end of thes, sugarcane became again the center of attention as the ethanol production basis in Brazil due to the environmental crisis that induced a growing market for bioenergy, since ethanol was said to be a source cleaner than oil derivatives [2].

According to the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels [7] , biofuels are renewable biomass-derived fuels that may partially or fully replace oil and natural gas derivatives in combustion engines or in other power generation type processes and ethanol is an example of them.

However, it is possible to see an exponential growth since Nowadays, the technological research and development in the industry allow stating that, in addition to sugar and ethanol, which are still the two main products in the sugar-alcohol industry, there is a variety of products generated in the sugarcane production chain.

Figure 2 illustrates this productive diversity in the sugarcane agro-industrial system.

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According to the Agricultural Production Systematic Survey prepared by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics [10] , the sector is currently the 3rd largest producer in the Brazilian agribusiness, just losing to soybeans and corn production. The institute estimated the production of over million tons of sugarcane in the season, which repeated the production after a small decline in Figure 3. According to the production trend, productivity has also increased due to improvements done in farming and logistics techniques.

Ethanol Ethanol is one of the sugarcane derivatives that show increased demand and production, and it is one of the pil- Figure 1. Sugarcane production in Brazil.

Figure 2. Sugarcane derivatives. Source: IBGE [10]. Figure 3. Ethanol production in Brazil. Brazil is the largest biofuel producer and one of the major exporters in the world. Therefore, the Brazilian automobile industry production directly affects ethanol production and distribution.

Ethanol production is also directly related to the production of dual-fuel vehicles that use both gasoline and alcohol, at any ratio, in the same tank and influence the biofuel market Figure 4. The product has higher specificity than the other sugarcane derivatives in terms of transport, i. Sugar Sugar is one of the most important and old products in the sugarcane agro-industrial chain.

The country leads sugar production and export, thus it dominates the world market. It has increased its production in recent years and its participation in the international market is increasingly important Figure 5.

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Figure 4. Participation in sales of dual-fuel vehicles. Source: MDIC [12]. Figure 5. Sugar production in Brazil. Since both sugar and ethanol are produced out of the same raw material, their production is dictated by their respective markets. The Sugarcane Logistics As in any agro-industrial system, the storage and transportation logistics of the sugar-energy industry production is a factor of great specificity and it presents features inherent to each product type.

None of these rivers is navigable except for short distances by small craft.

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This cerrado has been seriously diminished in recent years due to cattle raising and soybean farming with great loss of animal life and forest cover. The climate of the plateau is tropical. The year is divided into a rainy season October—March and a dry season April—September. Some parts of the state, however, have small remnants of tropical Atlantic forest , that mostly appears around rivers and valleys.

Gold was discovered in the gravel of a tributary of the Araguaia River by the bandeirante Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva the Anhanguera in In the large inland area, much of it still unexplored by Europeans, was made a Captaincy General , and in it became a province of the empire of Brazil.

It became a state in In the state government moved there, and in the official inauguration was held.

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The northern part of the state began to feel abandoned by the southern government and began a movement for separation. Local political leaders, many of whom were large landowners and were eager to gain important positions such as governor or senator and financial gain with the construction of a new capital, also encouraged the movement. According to the IBGE of , there were 6,, people residing in the state.

The population density was The service sector is the largest component of GDP at Agriculture represents The number of cows was estimated in to be around 18 million, four for every inhabitant. Minerals are also important with the state being a major producer of nickel, iron, gold, niobium , phosphate and silver.

The strongest growing area in the state has been in industry and commerce. Portuguese is the official national language, and thus the primary language taught in schools. But English and Spanish are part of the official high school curriculum. With nominal yearly capacity of , passengers, in it received , With its new terminal, it will be able to handle up to 2 million users a year. At the same time that it has the third largest cattle herd of the country and occupies first place in grain production, the state faces serious environmental damage.

The expansion of cattle raising especially has caused damage to the cerrado. The native forest has been for the most part destroyed and the permanent reserves gradually cut down to give way to cattle and farming.

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Note the published alpha legend are the map unit symbols used in the published survey, the State-wide numeric legend are the map units used for the digital soil maps.