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A Text Book of Philosophy. Class: XI. Lang: English. Sub: Philosophy. book Computer Science. Class: XI. Lang: English. Sub: IT. book. Engineering Graphics. Class: XII. Lang: English. Sub: Engineering. book Fashion Studies - Teacher Resource Manual. Class: XI & XII. Lang: English. Sub: Fashion Studies. book Computer Science with Python. Class: XII. Lang: English. 1. के य व यालय संग ठन. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. STUDY MATERIAL. ( Computer Science). CLASS-XI. KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA SANGATHAN.

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Computer Science - Class XIComputer Science - Class XI . I am happy to release Part-1 of Computer Science Book for Class - XI. I would like to express my. The books can be download in pdf format for Class 11 Computer Science. Science Class 11 based on syllabus and guidelines issued by CBSE and NCERT. Download NCERT Class 11 Computer Science Computer Fundamentals, NCERT Book for Computer Science and other books free in pdf format.

Example of Use: e. They are popularly associated with Desk Top operating system which run on standalone systems where no user accounts are required. Example: DOS. Refers to computer systems that support two or more simultaneous users. Another term for multi-user is time sharing. Ex: All mainframes are multi-user systems.

Fashion Studies - Practical Manual Class: Fashion Studies - Textbook Class: Formative Assessment - Hindi A Class: Teacher's Manual. Food Production-I Class: First Aid Practical Book Class: Knowledge Trading Practises in India Class: General Studies.

Foundry Technology-I Class: Geospatial Technology Class: Human Rights and Gender Studies Class: Informatics Practices Class: Legal Studies Text Book Class: Library Science. National Cadet Crops Class: Performs only basic functions.

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All HLL support is done in software. All operations are register to register. A large and varied instruction set. Performs basic as well as complex functions.

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All HLL support is done in Hardware. Memory to memory addressing mode EPIC Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing : It is a bit microprocessor instruction set, jointly defined and designed by Hewlett Packard and Intel, that provides up to general and floating point unit registers and uses speculative loading, predication, and explicit parallelism to accomplish its computing tasks.

By comparison, current bit CISC and RISC microprocessor architectures depend on bit registers, branch prediction, memory latency, and implicit parallelism, which are considered a less efficient approach in microarchitecture design.

Typically on older PCs, a modem, mouse, or keyboard would be connected via serial ports.

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Serial cables are cheaper to make than parallel cables and easier to shield from interference. Also called communication port. It provides much higher data transfer speed in comparison with serial port. Also called Line Printer Port.

The interface is comparable with USB and often those two technologies are considered together, though USB has more market share. Infrared Port: An IR port is a port which sends and receives infrared signals from other devices.

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It is a wireless type port with a limited range of ft. Bluetooth: Bluetooth uses short-range radio frequencies to transmit information from fixed and mobile devices. These devices must be within the range of 32 feet, or 10 meters for Bluetooth to effectively work. A Bluetooth port enables connections for Bluetooth-enabled devices for synchronizing. Typically there are two types of ports: incoming and outgoing.

The incoming port enables the device to receive connections from Bluetooth devices while the outgoing port makes connections to Bluetooth devices. It is an 8-bit code capable of coding characters. Unicode: It is a universal coding standard which provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, no matter what the program, no matter what the language. Unicode version 3.

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Decimal Number System: Decimal Number system composed of 10 numerals or symbols. These numerals are 0 to 9. Using these symbols as digits we can express any quantity.

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It is also called base system. Education Online Education. Very useful information as many students these days use computers.

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