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[DOWNLOAD] PDF Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam by Murray Bromberg [DOWNLOAD] PDF Words You Need to Know. 40 vocabulary-expanding lessons that will help you score high on standardized tests. Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam pdf by M. Bromberg. A fine preparation tool for standardized, verbal and act college entrance.

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Words You Need to Know - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read book online. Download book " Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam (Barron's Words You Need to Know to Pass. Your Exam)" Julius Liebb. PDF ( Mb). Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The new edition of this popular classro.

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The calendar pictures a man asleep under a tree next to a lawn mower. The FBI arrests a man for selling U. David stands up to Goliath desperado.

A bull-fighting fan shouts. You win the lottery aficionado. A truly courageous person does not have to resort to bravado. The Spanish Armada was too awesome to be described as a flotilla. The spectators applauded the torero for his fearlessness. Because of his lifelong philanthropy. Feminists have contempt for those men who display machismo. As fish prices declined.

A lariat can be the high point of a Spanish meal when it is seasoned properly. General Parker promised amnesty for any renegade who turned himself in. Maria was ready to go to work. On Navy Day. Lesson 9 1. A generation is about 30 years. Diurnal is contrasted with nocturnal Used as an abbreviation.

Biennial should not be confused with biannual. They had been married for two decades eon. A woman wearing a style of dress that is completely out of date epoch.

My family chore is to walk the dog each day biennial. Many inventions were introduced during the industrial Revolution anon.

Emperor Nero looking at his wristwatch tercentenary. Your fortune is told by a gypsy augury. Plantation life was a feature of the South in the early s antebellum.

The painter believed that everyone was entitled to fifteen minutes of fame ephemeral. You meet your old classmates every two years at a reunion antebellum. Our previous biennial reunion was in so we expect the next one in III.

The frightening augury lashed out at the startled travelers. Liza could predict the future. Roger found it difficult to relate to his grandson. In the next decade. To show a modern man driving up in a new car is an anachronism. Related to the same Latin root. A quail is also a partridge-like bird mentioned in the Bible as the sourced of the mead sent to the Israelites in the desert. Others frankly admit the origin is unknown. The chemical symbol for lead is Pb. Law students sharpen their skills in a moot court where hypothetical cases are tried.

But we can offer some interesting synonym: Eke can be traced to the Latin augere and the Greek auxanein. Lesson 10 Short but Challenging Words 1. A lead weight Latin plumbum. The impoverished family barely survived the winner mulct.

To each according to his due thrall. The world may be related to shun. A house of terror for its inhabitants quail. It still refers to people who are generally inferior. In Scotland the word refers to a market. Performers who enthrall their audiences captivate their attention. Some words. Drink was his undoing svelte. It was difficult for the poor farmers to eke out a living.

The town rings a bell at curfew time knell. A detour off the main road plumb. The greedy stockbroker mulcted his firm into bankruptcy. Miller was son angry that she would not deign to read my poem. The best time to appeal to someone for a favor is after he has been roiled up. The knelling of bells has a somber. Every girl is anxious to have a svelte figure. Most models diet strenuously to keep their slender figure svelte.

Judge Medowar has meted out justice in his courtroom for twenty years. One would normally be proud to be counted among the ruck of humanity. Children annoying their nanny roil. Synonyms and Antonyms Indicate whether the following pairs of words are the same. Lesson 11 Medical Science 1. In was originally though that the humors liquids went from the body into the swelling.

It is from the Latin word cardere. Good news can serve as a therapeutic drug for many patients. A disease of old age tumescence. The Hairy Play vasectomy. Walking with a wooden leg prosthesis. Malignant or benign comatose. Breast surgery etiology. Vigorous exercise therapeutic. A great pretender etiology. Visit to the morgue cadaver. Days of anxious waiting for the unconscious patient to awaken abscess.

A wooden leg was a common prosthesis years ago. Most motion picture horror stories have at least one cadaver to boast about. After the doctor drained my abscess. I immediately felt better. Manute was able to resume his basketball career. In a comatose state. Researchers are at work on the etiology of lung cancer. Snakes have a traditional simian characteristic. Speech therapy is prescribed for many people who suffer from aphasia.

While awaiting the results of the biopsy. When the government suspects the presence of a carcinogen in a food. Eleanor fainted. Like Felix the cat and Bossie the cow. Leo the lion takes his name from the original Latin. He is often represented as frightening the nymphs in the forest.

Vixen can be used as an ajective. The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus the bull. The cartoon character Porky the Pig derives his name from the Latin porcus.

Lesson 12 Animal World 1. The names of the prehistoric animals. The constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Sure-footed mountain climber ursine. Meow hircine. The Adam and Eve story vixen. Little Bo Peep vixen. The sour-grapes fable equine. The famous play Volpone. Carmen signs to her lover before he enters the arena bovine.

The Kentucky Derby feline. A lady-killer lupine. An aquarium would house many ursine creatures. A bovine and taurine animal make a natural pair. The actor who starred as a vampire was given a lupine appearance. Both lions and tigers can be described as leonine.

Hircine milk is taken from brown cows only. We rely on our ovine animals for warm woolen garments. Because Lou loved dogs. Overeaters are often described as porcine. Horse racing would be impossible without equines.

Find the Imposter Find and circle the one world one each line that is not related to the other three. In modern usage the word has special significance in logic a division into mutually exclusive groups and in botany a branching into two equal subdivisions 6.

Decalogue-the Ten Commandments. Lesson 13 Countdown Numbers 1. Sinai are the basis of Mosaic Law. The nihilist adopts the extreme position that nothing exists or can be communicated. It is important to differentiate between primeval and its synonyms. It is easy to identify the prefix bi. The word is traceable to the cruel punishment for mutiny—selecting by lot and killing one in every ten people.

The Greek root means something cut in two. The Greek roots refer to the first leaf glued to the front of the manuscript and containing the notes of the contents. The precepts spoke by God to Israel on Mt. Taking the proper action to correct an injury or repaid a relationship.

The same Latin root. The second part. The fishermen of the Middle Ages made a three-layered net tres macula of varying degrees of coarseness so that the fish would be entangled in one of more the meshes Exercises I.

Decalogue 6. The radicals weapons were terrorism. A chemical company has to make payments to victims of pollution protocol. Negotiations to settle a strike are broken off atonement. A Golden Age is just around the corner quintessence. A young lady practices curtsying for hours in preparation for meeting royalty quatrain. In ancient philosophy. Our complete agreement pointed up the remaining dichotomy between us. A meeting of Senate and House leaders untrammeled.

Many cities planned celebrations for the millennium. Locusts will destroy most of the crop decimate. Decalogue 9. The model was described by many as being a symbol of pure beauty quintessence.

Dichotomy and bicameral have prefixes with the same meaning. A prisoner being released from jail feels untrammeled. God and Moses bicameral. A tessellated floor and a quatrain of poetry are both related to the same number.

Fill in the Blank. Which of the new words is most nearly opposite in meaning to the one provided. Berman curtsied before the monarch. A person who will sue at the drop of a hat. Shyster comes form the American lawyer Scheuster.

As an intransitive verb. In ordinary usage. A transitive verb. An appellee is one against whom an appeal is taken. An appellant is the one who appeals from a judicial decision or decree. Though the word has a serious connotation today.

A collusion often implies an attempt to defraud a person of his rights by the forms of law. Lesson 14 Legal Language 1. Lie low till the furor subsides incommunicado. The witness has told only half the story in court adjudicate. No evidence of a will was found equity. If we do not get satisfaction here.

The tribune was the Roman official chosen by the plebeians commoners to protect their rights against the patricians wealthy class Exercises Which word comes to Mind? The basketball players all agreed to lose the game equity. Any statement made now can be held against you deposition. An adjudicated settlement is one made out of court. Ipso facto refers to facts. Torts involve an injury or damage done without breach of contract.

Debts had to be paid before we could acquire the house lien. In and out of court regularly collusion. Different American Indian families belong ot special tribunals. A pettifogger is overly concerned with trifles. A deposition is related to a proposition.

A collusion is an intellectual c lash between two strong lawyers. We turned to the appellate division to get justice. He conspire to get me fired exhume. Because he died intestate. When both stores offered the exact sale prices. Lesson 15 Appearances and Attitudes II 1. It is easy to see the relationship of this word to emperor. Exercises Which Word Comes to Mind?

A married man takes his secretary to a dark restaurant. Intransigent people are definitely intractable. Our pit bull is hard to handle feisty. Not much hair for the barber to cut flaccid. An argument is in progress. She cried at the sad organ music effete. My father is the absolute boss in our house dispassionate.

The inventor devised a gadget that can work miracles glabrous. The night club comedian upset his conservation audience flippant. After strenuous gym workouts. Fill in the blank Insert one of the new words in the proper space in each sentence below. When the private detective was hired. The English actor impressed us with his circumspect behavior and reserved manners. Shut away from sunlight for two years. Dolorous music tends to liven up any party. As we approached the funeral parlor. From the Anglo-Saxon word for traitor or liar.

Lesson 16 Mystery and the Occult 1. A warlock was supposed to be able to cast a magic spell because of a compact he made with the Devil. In the Middle Ages. The caretaker of a synagogue is also called a shamus The last page of the murder mystery. We recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning exorcise.

Luz can solve any mathematical puzzle conundrum. A warlock has military responsibilities. A cattle rustler is on who would purloin a sirloin. With the IQ of a genius. To wear your heart on your sleeve is to have an inscrutable expression.

At the museum we needed an expert to explain the meaning of the strange painting arcane. An alien warship was reported to have flown over Seattle phenomenology.

Abracadabra is the start of a familiar ritual. Andre shined his shows. Harry Houdini. Awaiting the announcement of the Academy Awards.

Accused of theft. After months of exorcise. Tonio was in great shape. When we say. In folklore.

You need to know pdf 601 words

This larger than a metropolis since it includes an inner city. Lilliputian — very small. Lesson 17 Size and Shape 1. The word is not restricted in meaning to unimportant details since a seemingly minor point can prove to be of major significance.

Jupiter Zeus. A closely related word derived from the same Latin root palatine palace. In classical mythology the Titans were a race of giants who ruled the world before gods and goddesses. We admire the person who dresses impeccably. You should feel complimented if your mental powers are called Lilliputian. Most of their points were scored when out best man was in the penalty box amplitude.

The myriad molecules on the head of a pin infinitesimal. The two cities have grown so quickly you can hardly tell where on ends and the other begins. This is the biggest rocket in our arsenal. The defense kept objecting to every minor point that was raised in court picayune. The seven dwarfs of Disney Lilliputian. Mac stumbled once over his lines but otherwise his performance was perfect minutiae. I was bogged down in petty details. After climbing to the top of the mountain.

We took a guided tour of Buckingham Palace teeming. A teeming street is dilapidated and deserted. Vista galleries are so called because they attract many visitors. Synonyms and Antonyms Find and circle two words on each line which are either synonyms or antonyms. The amplitude of the harvest gratified the farmers. In summers. It took a titanic effort to open the car door under water.

My parents are willing to overlook an occasional peccadillo. The Stoic today is one who endures the hardships of life without complaint. Lexicographers theorize that this word.

The followers of Epicurus are associated with the pursuit of pleasure. From Latin.. Devotees are sometimes crushed under the wheels of the. Juggernaut is the Hindu god whose idol is dragged in a religious procession on an enormous car.

You can recognize the same root in clef. Ground grain or meal Latin mole was sprinkled by the Roman priest on the head of an animal before it was sacrificed. Lesson 18 Words with Tales attached 1.

When a pope is to be elected. Dirge is a contraction of the first word of a Latin funeral service that begins. No one is permitted to leave until a new pope has been chosen. Later a gentle stroke with the flat of the sword on the side of the neck became the accepted method. When French generals kiss the cheeks of the man being honored. Draco was an Athenian lawgiver whose code or laws.

Pdf 601 know words need to you

William the Conqueror used his fist to confer knighthood. The early Epicureans were contrasted with the Stoics. After moving into the political sphere. Socrates is now remembered as a seeker after truth and a man who taught his disciples how to think. One is that the gesture of a fig was used to denounce a criminal.

Thus rubric came to mean not only the initial ornamental letters but also the directive or rule of conduct that was often part of the heading. In ancient Athens.

The modern blackballing of members from organizations closely follows this method. Rigmarole is an alternation of ragman roll. Condemned to death for irreverence to the gods and corrupting the youth. For headings. Pertaining to Socrates or his philosophical method of repeated questioning to elicit truths implicit in all rational beings.

In the monasteries. Soon the word was applied to delicacies. The word today is applied to any large. The political slant to junket probably stems from the clambakes or beef- and pretzel-feasts once offered by political clubs to their followers. A potsherd or oyster shell from the Greek ostra on which was written the name of the person to be ostracized was dropped into an urn.

The other is more literal. They are the backbone of our industrial power rubric. The president and his cabinet deliberated for three hours. Belonging to the library board allowed me to take many expense-free trips to conventions. In some underdeveloped countries. The silent treatment conclave. Screen stars are often surrounded by flatterers sycophant. Detective Brady went through the lengthy process of reading the prisoner his rights juggernaut.

A dirge would be inappropriate at a wedding. His alibi. A model sailing ship in a bottle is a good example of a juggernaut.

The warden resorted to draconian measures to get the truth out of the felon. With accolades still ringing in his ears. The wailing of the widow could be heard over the sound of the organ at the funeral. In order to get a loan. Vincenzo found it easy to mingle with the sybarites. The opposite is a biblioclast. One who has a fear of open spaces suffers from agoraphobia. The derivation. Lesson 19 Of Loves and Fears and Hates 1. Russo phobia: Paranoia is usually a chronic condition characterized by delusions of persecution or of grandeur that the afflicted strenuously defends with apparent logic and reason.

The philologist is known by other related labels. The misanthropist has his opposite in the philanthropist. One of the symptoms of the disease caused by the bite of a rabid animal is an inability to swallow. It may also be used as an adjective.

Philistine 5. Jack the Ripper must have been one misogynist. Bats and beavers are prone to this claustrophobia. Many U. The Flying Valencias. In an elevator. Beware of Friday the 13th bibliophile. Our neighbors trust nobody. Franklin D. Though the word is long. Which Word Comes to Mind In each of the following. Roosevelt was a noted stamp collector. My uncle spends every vacation in Paris Francophile.

No member of the famous trapeze artist. At the start of A Christmas Carol. A bibliophile is a file clerk in a library. Some men dream of having a harem. His xenophobia led him to retire from the world. Scrooge hates everybody. In linguistics.

Emphasis on prevention and treatment of heart disease has made most people familiar with cardiographs. This field is also called bionomics. We were stunned when the young basketball player succumbed to a heart attack ecology. With permission from the Egyptian government. A special panel on diseases of the aged endocrinology. The Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden for centuries in the Qumran cave cardiology.

The monster left an impression of his footprint in the rock paleontology. The honored list of soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice necrology gynecology. Fears that the Alaskan pipeline will destroy the delicate balance of animal life in the region neurology. Modern-day seismologists can predict rainy weather with great accuracy. Every cardiologist must have a repertoire to demonstrate his dexterity with a deck of cards. When visiting Grandma in her health-related facility.

Barron's 601 words you need to know to pass your exam

With an interest in speleology. I discussed her case with the gerontologist on duty. Pathologists work closely with engineers to construct sale. Morphology is concerned with finding pain killers. Some California cities have endured dozens of serious earthquakes necrology. Appearances and Attitudes 1. In psychoanalytic theory, the libido is the driving force behind all human action. These adjectives are characteristic of the heavy, silver-white metallic element mercury.

In Roman mythology the swift messenger of the gods, Mercury was volatile, quick-witted, eloquent, and manually skillful. In biology, a mutation is a change in some inheritable characteristic. An officious bank manager can make his tellers uneasy. Anxious to achieve a quick success. One of our most coveted military awards. Becoming omniscient is unattainable even for the greatest among us. Being of a mercurial temperament. Tom could not restrain his delight.

Only after Bob had spent an exciting. Lesson 22 Legal Language 1. A barrister practices at the bar. Grand larceny involves theft in excess of a fixed sum.

The Latin word for kidnaper is plagiarus This refers to a suspension of sentence on the condition that the convicted person demonstrates good behavior in order to stay out of jail. The bank officer suddenly acquired unexplainable wealth litigious. Sal was sentenced to five to ten years in jail probation. Detectives fly across the border to bring back a suspect indeterminate.

A prominent psychiatrist offers to help out in a court case perpetrator. The crooked bank manager fears the day when his books will be audited litigious. Enid made a proposal that had no connection to the problem immaterial. A scholar suggests that Shakespeare was not especially original plagiarism.

The fire marshal suspects foul play probation. The jury found the defendant guilty as charged barrister. That which is immaterial is usually critical in any court case. When you embezzle funds you misuse money that has been entrusted to you.

A person guilty of arson could sometimes be charged with murder. An alert lawyer can use a write of habeas corpus to keep his client out of jail before charges are brought against him.

Burning down a building is an act of larceny. If something is your bete noire. In French. Avante-garde people are generally regarded as some reformers. Lesson 23 Foreign Terms 1. There was a mid-eighteenth century school of French economists whose. Alban Berg was a composer who experimented with atonalities avant-garde. You ask for her age and she says. The discussion centered around how history would characterize the last years of the twentieth century. A murderer who pleads temporary insanity laissez-faire.

An ailing horse is being put out of his misery coup de grace. Several schemers plan a take-over fait accompli. Loss of trust in a do-nothing leadership fait accompli. The fleeing criminal was lucky to find a cul-de-sac. A weak spot bete noir. Someone who always seems to get the better of you is your bete noire. The right word at the right time bot mot. If you are in the avant-garde.

The French meaning is The quick return of a thrust or blow. The surprise ending was a stroke of genius demarche. Two rival hostesses emerge abashed after some sharp word play repartee. An idea worth trying demarche. You get together with your brother for a serious conversation.

A feeling that things are going wrong sangfroid. A cold-blooded killer vignette. There is a loud applause for the star of Hamlet tour de force. Repartee may be compared to a duel without swords.

With her wide blue eyes and diffident smile. The bargainers reached an impasse. In order for success in most projects.

This word is often used in compounds of such as addlebrained 3. Lesson 25 Crossword Puzzle Words 1. The Anglo-Saxon word blithia was used to describe a bright sky. This word may be a corruption of balk. A nabob was a native distinct ruler or a European who became very wealthy in India. Completely nonplussed addled.

A beggar on the streets of Calcutta alms. A bauble fit for a king bevy. Peering into the camera lens onus. Walking through the cemetery at night amulet. A man abandons his family bilk. Mutual recriminations chary. An angry crowd gathers to protest ado. An arm covered with costume jewelry addle. A person of means nabob. Collecting aims for the rich is hard to justify. Antaeus was an African giant. It is named after Calliope. The name is derived form the Harpies. The Myrmidons were the legendary Greek warriors of ancient Thessaly who followed their king Achilles on the expedition against Troy.

In classical mythology a Paean was a god serving as a physician to the Olympian gods. Lesson 26 Mythology 1. Priests or priestesses in the shrines of ancient Greece would give ambiguous answers in response of a god to an inquiry.

One famous shrine was the oracle of Apollo and Delphi. One of the most exciting tales in the Odyssey recounts the blinding of the one-eyed Polyphemus. Music like a hundred steam whistles harpy. Beneficial to mankind cyclopean. Terpsichore was the Muse of dancing and choral and singing. The river Styx was one of the rivers of Hades across which Charon ferried the souls of the dead.

He is an outstanding dramatic actor terpsichorean. I would do anything you ask myrmidon.

Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam by Murray Bromberg | Scholastic

Not recommended to give exact directions gorgon. Prometheus was a Titan who taught mankind various arts and confined all its troubles in the box that Zeus treacherously gave to Epimetheus as the dowry of Pandora. The Greek god of the subterranean world of the dead was Pluto. Prometheus was chained to a rock where an eagle daily tore at his liver. For having stolen fire from Olympus and given to mankind in defiance of Zeus.

Know 601 pdf to you need words

Thespis was the Greek poet of the sixth century B. A song of victory paean. A terpsichorean would be ideal for a comic role. Both stygian and promethean are related to the Titans.

A sweeping. A fighter is knocked down but raises himself with renewed strength stygian. Dancing feet cyclopean. A trip to the underworld harpy. Both stygian and plutonian have some association with gloom.

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Synonyms and Antonyms Find and circle the two words in each line that are either synonyms or antonyms. Pretentious people put on airs. Lesson 27 Appearances and Attitudes 1. This word can be traced back to cloth made in Silesia. A pedant is a narrow-minded teacher who insists on rigid adherence to a set of arbitrary rules. Someone who uses a dozen words when one would do prolix. The natives were nervous before the battle pontifical. Someone follows the rules but misses the spirit pontifical.

Once Barry forms an opinion. A trait that makes a person a success pedantic. Second-rate fabric that wears poorly quiescent. A child who refuses to obey his parents and teachers puerile. Professor Dobbins claimed he had written the book for scholars like himself.

601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

Being puerile. Martin vowed to stop being showy. The voluptuous figures in the museum attracted the attention of the crowd III. A restive person would appreciate frequent periods of silence. Gary Cooper. Although we strive to be young. Which of the new words is most nearly opposite in meaning to the one provide? There is a time for fun and revelry. This technique was first used by the German composer. Richard Wagner. The most frequent use of this Latin term is to describe a committee that is organized to deal with a specific issue and will be disbanded later.

Lesson 28 Foreign Terms 1. In Italian. The law may require one thing de jure. This German word is often used to describe a sense of well being.

Usually used to describe choral singing. As expected. A person who enjoys good food and one wine bon vivant.

In Lain. Though the general was not voted in he was. In court. Charles knew just what to say to cover up his slip of the lip qui vive. You are asked to repay a favor savoir faire. A group of citizens form a committee to beautify their town.

Every time the camera switches to the cavalry. Being in a gemutlich mood. Publication of a sub rosa agreement can prove embarrassing. An opportunist may be described as one who is on the qui vive. Minority groups are likely to protest about de facto segregation. Coping with his status as a parvenu was more difficult for Scoot than the poverty he endured before striking it rich.

The amateur boxer was quite cheerful after scoring a first round KO gemutlich. In her a cappella performance. The piece de resistance of the program. Saddam Hussein claimed he had destroyed all his biological and nuclear weapons. During the long illness of the leader. Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page. Need help? New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website!

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