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Project Setup & Sculpting Brushes - Part 1 Learn how to quickly setup a basic project for ZBrush sculpting, basic navigation skills, and how to use basic brushes. 52 pages long tutorial gives you an excellent starting point to get you into the world of Zbrushing. From basic Format: DOWNLOAD ONLY PDF Size: MB. I have created a detailed 25 page Step-By-Step PDF tutorial with lots of the basic process for modelling to texturing in Zbrush from scratch.

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Getting Started with ZBrush 4R3 will walk you through the creative world of ZBrush from the basics to sculpting, painting and on to finishing off your art with. the basics to sculpting, painting and on to finishing off your art with ZBrush's powerful render engine. The Getting Started with ZBrush guide is a live interactive.” located in the ZBrush documentation folder. It is also If your computer cannot be connected to the internet, you will need to use Manual.

That means if you download something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you learn more World renowned game studios rely on ZBrush every day for rendering and modeling. Note: If you prefer video tutorials the Maya ZBrush series might work better. It has over a dozen video courses on ZBrush fundamentals which is perfect for beginners who wanna learn fast, not to mention Pluralsight offers a free trial for new members. This is the absolute compendium of ZBrush totaling over pages of intro tips, techniques, guides, and workflows for beginners. Introducing ZBrush is currently in its 3rd edition updated to the most recent version of ZBrush. Once you understand how ZBrush works Eric dives right into the fundamentals of modeling. And you get a bonus DVD with the book that gives you minor assets and extra features to help you along the way.

There is also another awesome feature, that I personally find really useful, which is that now you can store multiple alphas in the same brush! I personally prefer it on the left so that I can keep more of the vertical space.

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Chisel brushes A great new addition to the ZBrush brush system. These brushes are probably the best starting point to create new brushes using VDMs. You can easily delete stuff from the brush or copy them between other brushes.

This new brush feature fixes that issue. To achieve this effect, you need to store a morph target.

Pdf zbrush tutorial

This will ensure that the depth is maintained even when you overlap two or more strokes. You can easily change between languages and the UI will update immediately.

You can even create your own language which is cool. Invert Masking Not necessarily a new feature but now you can cut down the steps of inverting a mask. The 3D text plugin simplifies the whole process of creating text in 3D and you can even load SVG files.

Character Modeling with Maya and ZBrush

Straight to Dynamesh from ZBspheres ZSpheres adaptive skin now defaults to Dynamesh, which speeds up the workflow a bit. ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques teaches you how to think about sculpting everything from people to vehicles and props. The authors also interview professional ZBrush artists to get their secrets and tips for aspiring professionals. I cannot say enough good things about this book. This book starts with the basics of human anatomy: the skeleton.

You learn by studying live examples and diagrams to see how the bones connect and move with joints. Then you learn about muscles, fat, and skin layering over the whole package. If you do get this book consider grabbing the print version over the digital version. It is possible for a newbie to pick up this book and still follow along. I think these two books pair together nicely because they combine knowledge of human anatomy with detailed character creation. You go far beyond basic sculpting to look at consuming and building realistic fabrics for clothing.

Except this is a lot cheaper and much more focused on specific exercises. I would only recommend this to ZBrush users who already know how to start and complete a project from scratch. Every ZBrush book in this list can be useful to the right person.

Pdf zbrush tutorial

Most 3D modelers either want to break into animation or concept art —both very competitive industries. Complete beginners should start with a very simple book like Introducing ZBrush and move from there. If you put in the practice you can quickly move to the more advanced books in this list.

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Extrude the faces down to the second knuckle and straighten the vertices. With the faces still selected, extrude the faces again down to the tip of the thumb. Pull down the indicated vertices and edge to help form the shape of the thumb. The vertices pulled down on the outside help define the first knuckle. The edge pulled down on the inside forms the large muscle at the base of the thumb that extends onto the palm.

You also want to round out the shape of the thumb. The final part needed to block out your character is the head.

Select and extrude the faces at the top of the torso and shape them as indicated in Figure These polygons form the trapezius muscle. Now select the faces of the top of the trapezius and extrude them up twice to form the neck and the start of the head. Select the faces on the front of the head and extrude them forward to create the face.

Remember to adjust the vertices to round out the face. Insert an edge loop through the eye and round out the polygons to finish blocking the head. ZBrush is Pixologic, Inc. ZBrush uses brush-based sculpting to allow the artist to quickly add detail to models. Highly detailed models with millions of polygons can quickly be created. ZBrush uses technology known as Pixols.

Pixols are pixels that retain the depth and orientation information after they are created.

That means you can change the lighting and it will affect the shading of the Pixols. Pixologic also has one of the best online communities for artists called Pixolator.


On this site, artists will post work for critique or even a how to. Why is ZBrush in a character modeling book? Well, simply put, amazingly detailed characters can be created so easily in ZBrush that many artists and companies have incorporated the program into their modeling pipelines. As an artist, you have a tool at your disposal in ZBrush that allows you to create levels of detail in your characters that, until the program came out, was virtually unattainable.

And because models are created in an intuitive way using brushes, most artists can quickly create incredibly detailed characters. The first thing you will notice upon opening ZBrush is that it has a single viewport. Just like in Maya, hotkeys will also help speed up your work in ZBrush. Click and draw directly on the mesh to paint a custom mask.

By clicking on a blank section of the viewport it will inverse the masks. By dragging on a blank section of the viewport it will clear the masks. For instance, if you are currently inflating your model, this hotkey combo will instead deflate. Drag on a blank section of the viewport to invert the polygons that are hidden. Press the hotkey and click no dragging in a blank section of the canvas to unhide everything. Keep close tabs on this as you work.

If you begin dividing your model too much the memory usage can become too high for your computer.

Tutorial Snapshot

Below the memory usage are the menus. This is where you create new scenes, change the lighting, adjust tool settings, etc. Below the menus are the tool options. Here you can enter the Projection Master to add fine detail to your model.

You can also enter edit mode for your models and change your brush preferences as you work. Below the tool options is the viewport window. All of your painting and modeling takes place in this window. You can spin and scale the mesh and zoom in on the canvas but the camera does not actually rotate.