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SADDLEBACK STUDY GUIDESaddleback's literature study guidesFOCUS ON READING The Pigman Give your students the backgro. Encouraged by an editor who had seen the play, Zindel wrote the novel The Pigman, a book that became a favorite of generations of teenaged readers and their. BOOK REVIEW OF THE PIGMAN'S LEGACY. BY PAUL ZINDEL. A FINAL PROJECT. In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Sarjana Degree Majoring.

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CHAPTER 1. Now, I don't like school, which you might say is one of the factors that got us involved with this old guy we nicknamed the. Pigman. Actually, I hate. The Pigman Resources. PDF The Pigman Full Text. File Size: kb DO NOW: Watch the video trailer for the novel The Pigman. After you watch the video . Paul Zindel - The Pigman. Home · Paul Zindel - The Pigman Pigman ( Saddleback's Focus on Reading Study Guides) · Read more.

Too tired. Read silently to end of 4, and answer the following questions in your notebook. What's the main reason that they can't use John's phone for their prank calls? What does Lorraine say is the reason Norton is a social pariah? What does Lorrain say her type of lying is? Why does Lorraine say John's parents can't help him stop lying? Pretend you are Lorraine, and write a note to your mom, responding to her quote on p9.

Holds the Telephone Marathon record. Did a book report on only one page of the book. Wants to write for living. Is fond of puns.

John's main scapegoat for things he's done like gluing the phone. The Pigman, Chapter 7. Besides Old Lady, what is John's nickname for his mom? What is John's real reason for going to the graveyard? What is John's father's reaction when John says he wants to be an actor?

Why does John say he doesn't want the job his father is offering? What is scungilli? Answer the "Dear Alice" letter. Counts for words. The Pigman Chapter What makes Lorraine think that the love between a man and a woman must be the strongest thing in the world? What does Lorraine think about to cheer herself up when she is sad? Why does Lorraine say she had to go along on the trip to the department store? Quote What does Lorraine say in the department store that makes Mr.

Pignati sad? Quote How does she make up for it? What are they? What does John think "made" Norton the "tough guy" he is? What does John think "caused" hin to be the drinker he is? Be specific. How does John make Norton apologize for calling Lorraine a "screech owl" 1.

How does Lorraine's mom thank her for the stockings? What foreshadowing does Lorraine give about the end of the chapter?

Lorraine was sorry she had told John they had to tell Mr. Pignati the truth because she knew? How does Lorraine get a laugh out of Mr. Pignati after that? Pignate had anything worth stealing. Pignati sad. What other adults do you know who might be good to talk with? You will meet these words in your reading.

Be sure to jot down in your word journal any other unknown words from the reading. Sigmund Freud — was an Austrian-born physician and pioneer psychoanalyst. Homo sapiens is the scientific name for human beings. Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Jean Harlow — was a glamorous, platinum-blond American movie star. She made a number of movies throughout the s but died at the early age of Prince Albert was a popular brand of pipe tobacco, packaged in a can.

You do not have to write out the answers to these questions. Instead, look at them before you begin reading, and think about them while you are reading. What do you think made the two of them become good friends? Does John believe that he and Lorraine are responsible for Mr. On the line, write your definition of the word in bold type.

Then, on another sheet of paper, use that word in a new sentence of your own. He was so enthusiastic about the old days at the P. I may not be Miss America, but I am not the abominable snowman either. What would John like to be one day? How many bombs did the Bathroom Bomber set off before deciding to stop? Who is the Cricket? Miss Reillen, the school librarian c. Miss King, the English teacher 7. What did Lorraine first notice about John? What nickname does John call his father?

Bore b. Jerk c. Lunatic 4. How did John and Lorraine meet? They sat next to each other in class at school. Their friend Norton introduced them. They sat next to each other and laughed on the bus to school one morning.

The Pigman Series

What does Dennis say to keep the old woman on the phone for over two hours? He is her long lost grandson. He is with the sweepstakes prize patrol. He is about to die from a skin disease. Dennis b. John c. Lorraine 5. What would Lorraine like to be one day? Do you think John cared if he got caught as the Bathroom Bomber or not? How does Lorraine think John gets away with things?

What is the one big difference Lorraine believes exists between John and her? How do you think this affects Lorraine? Why does Lorraine believe that John started drinking? As a reader, what are some of the benefits of having the story told by two different characters?

What are the possible disadvantages of having multiple narrators? What other formats might the author have used to tell this same story? The more the customer bought, the more stamps he or she received. People would save the stamps over a period of time and then use their catalog or visit a redemption center to trade the stamps for merchandise. The popularity of Green Stamps faded in the s. Why do Norton and John hang out together if, as Lorraine says, they hate each other?

How does John manipulate Lorraine into going to Mr. How important are laughter and fun in life? What does Mr. Pignati offer John and Lorraine when they first arrive at his house?

What is the name of the fake charity John and Lorraine make up? The Howard Avenue Civic League b. Save the Children c. How much of a donation does Mr. Pignati agree to give? About how long does Mr. Pignati say his wife has been out of town? John wants the money to download beer. How much does a six-pack of beer cost? How many items does Mr. Pignati teach John and Lorraine to memorize?

He wants John to get a job. He is angry that John put glue in the phone lock. Where does Mr. Pignati ask John and Lorraine to go with him? What kind of collection does Mr. Pignati have? What is the most striking thing about Mr. Who is the only one who laughed at Mr. Pignati say his wife is? According to Lorraine, why does John lie easily?

Who is Kenneth? Why does John get a Pepsi to drink when his mother tells him to get a glass of milk? Who is Aunt Ahra? How does John use the phone, even though it is locked? What did Mr. Pignati do for a living before he retired? How did the pig collection get started? Pignati and get the money. How did you react? Did you go along with it or choose not to? What were the results of your actions? How did you feel about your choice afterwards? Ben Franklin sunglasses refers to Ben Franklin — , the famous American statesman, diplomat, author, scientist and printer.

He wore small, round, wire-rimmed eyeglasses. The ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is a nonprofit organization, founded in , that works to educate and inform the public on animal welfare issues. Their mission is to promote humane principles, prevent cruelty, and alleviate fear, pain, and suffering in animals.

It carries over 19 million passengers a year on the 5. While the ferry costs a few dollars for cars, it is free for people on foot or with bicycles.

LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide, is a hallucinogenic drug that intensifies sensory perceptions and produces hallucinations, mood changes, and changes in the sense of time. It also can cause restlessness, acute anxiety, and, occasionally, depression. Giants in the Earth is a novel by Ole Rolvaag about a Norwegian pioneer family struggling to make a new life in America in the Dakota Territory.

How does the relationship between the young people and Mr. Pignati change after they go to the zoo? Why does Mr. Pignati not tell the truth about his wife? How will John and Lorraine react to knowing that Mr. Pignati lied?

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Why do you think Mr. Pignati wants to download John and Lorraine so many things? How are they like the monkeys they see in the pet department? How are they like the monkeys they visit in the zoo? A real devoted antagonist. You could tell she hated kids—just hated them.

The whole room is pretty dark so you can see these animals that only come out at night, like owls and pottos and cute little vampire bats. She could end up just plain fat. Which of the following snake facts is true?

Some snakes have stingers in their tails. Snakes can hypnotize their prey. Snakes cannot close their eyes. Why does Lorraine pretend to be Mr. Who is Mr. Bobo c. John 4. What is scungilli? She likes them baggy. She wants to give them to her mother. Who is Conchetta? What do John and Mr. What does John find upstairs at Mr. What else does she do that is dishonest? How does John discover that Mr. What is the next bad omen Lorraine experiences? How does John react when the floorwalker tells them not to feed the monkeys?

Lorraine feels torn over getting the roller skates.

Pdf the pigman

What are the two opposing ideas that are pulling at her? Rewrite the scene from Mr. Cro-Magnon man is an early form of modern human beings whose skeletal remains were found in the Cro-Magnon cave in southern France. Transylvania is a region of western Romania. It is infamous as the home of Count Dracula. Malaria is a disease transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. Pignati differ in their attitudes toward and interactions with John?

Are there some lies that you should never admit to having told? How does Mr. They really were rather tasty. I mean, the furnishings were enough to make anybody think a pack of wild gypsies lived there, but they were probably anxious to get along on the rounds of the local bars and collect their graft for the week.

Where did John and Lorraine get the gladiolas they give Mr. Where does Norton invite John to have a beer? Who is D. How many flowers do they give him? Who is known as the screech owl? Norton b. Lorraine c.

Pigman pdf the

What favor does Mr. Pignati ask John and Lorraine to do for him while he is in the hospital? Which character from Mr. What does Lorraine cook for dinner?

Pignati get hurt? Who do John and Lorraine toast at dinner? Pignati c. How does John get Norton to stop saying screech owl? How did the Bore influence John to start drinking?

What lie does Lorraine tell her mother about where she got the money to download the stockings? Why is Mr. Pignati feeling sad when John and Lorraine arrive? What secrets do John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati admit to each other? Why do John and Lorraine decide finally to tell the Pigman the truth?

Who are John and Lorraine pretending to be when they dress up and eat dinner? What happens between John and Lorraine that may change their relationship? Pignati tells the story about the unfaithful wife and the assassin, he explains that each character represents a specific value.

Lorraine comments that her list of importance is accurate: How would you rank these values in terms of importance in Mr. How would you rank them for your own life? The U. It is a document explaining how the federal government will be organized and run and includes the Bill of Rights, a list of freedoms guaranteed to all citizens.

Doris Day — is an American singer and movie actress who was popular in the s and early s. She has recently been active in animal causes and spoke out about AIDS when her longtime friend, actor Rock Hudson, died of the disease. How does the party get out of control? Do John and Lorraine take advantage of Mr.

How do you think John and Lorraine feel when they see Mr. Pignati at the front door? In fact she started eating every other one she made. Who is first to arrive at the party? Norton c. Jane Appling 1. How does the Bore decide to handle John not doing his homework? He grounds him. He calls his teachers for a conference.

He checks his homework every night. Why does Jack Brahn decide not to come to the party? He is nervous about getting in trouble with his parents. Janice Dickery is going to be there.

They have to go to the library. John and Lorraine are tired of getting into arguments. Why does the party get significantly louder after 8: The dance at St.

The Pigman PDF - Paul Zindel

The band arrives. John starts roller-skating in the house. What does John complain about at breakfast? Why is Norton angry when he arrives at the party? They are out of beer. He got lost looking for the right address.

Pigman pdf the

What does John refuse to do after breakfast that he later agrees to do? Pignati at the hospital What does John find Norton stealing from the house? He starts ignoring her. He combs his hair, wears shaving lotion, and fights with her. He keeps trying to kiss her again. Why did Mr. Pignati have to stay in the hospital for at least seventy-two hours? Why is John in such a crabby mood? What is the omen of death that Lorraine experiences?

How does Lorraine convince her mother to let her stay at the party? Why does Lorraine get jealous during the party? Why does John get in a fight? What happens to John after he sees Mr.

Pignati in the doorway? C h a p t e r s 1 2 — 1 3 After Reading Deepen Your Understanding Symbolism in literature is the idea that a person, an object, an image, or an event represents not only its actual meaning but also an abstract idea or concept.

For example, a red rose often symbolizes the idea of romantic love. What do the broken pigs at the party symbolize in the story? In other words, what larger idea do they represent? What are some other important objects in the story?

What may they symbolize? Limburger cheese is a variety of cheese known for its strong flavor and odor. Tibet, located in Central Asia, was once a nonviolent independent country ruled by the Dalai Lama, the head of the Buddhist religion. The region is now occupied by China. How might Mr. Pignati feel when he first walks in the house?

Do you agree? How does John feel about Mr. There was quite a wind even though it had warmed up enough to start the snow melting, and it made the frilly canopy on the cars snap loudly.

He is busy cleaning up the house. He is upstairs crying. He is so angry at her for what happened. Where do John and Lorraine ask Mr. Pignati to meet them? What makes the police officer look sorry that he brought Lorraine home? Who pays for the train ride to the monkey house? Lorraine b. Pignati 8. He has been moved to a warmer cage for the winter.

He is inside being bathed. He died of pneumonia the week before. Whose forgiveness does Lorraine want? How do the monkeys react to Mr. They begin to cry. They become silent. They start making noise and pulling against the bars of their cages. What would wake Lorraine up at night when she was younger?

They kick him out of the house. They send him to a psychiatrist.