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File; File history; File usage on Commons; File usage on other wikis; Metadata. File:Tabriz Map jpg. Size of this preview: × pixels. 4 Hydrogeological map of Tabriz region. Urban geology of Tabriz City: Envir onmental and geological constraints. of Tabriz is from the. Khyov. AZARBAYJAN-E. CASPIAN. Van. TURKMENISTAN. Marand KHAVARI. Astara SEA. Tabriz. Daryachen-ye Orumiyeh. Ashkabad. Ardabil. (Lake Urmia).

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TABRIZ. ISHĪRĪNJEM PAGHI. Nazarlü. Shabestar. Sharafkhan. MAGNETIC VARIATION FOR IS APPROXIMATELY 4°30'. OVER THE ENTIRE AREA. (Map No. IV). In the bazaar of Tabriz, Blue Mosque and Jāme Masque, which are two of the most important mosques of the city in addition to 17 Mosques. International Names: Tabriz, Täbris. Country / Area: East Azarbaijan Province, Iran. Population: Map Set Type: SVG scalable vector city map. Map Set .

For decades buses were the only means of public transportation in Iran. People of Iran remember with a tinge of nostalgia the time when they had to memorize the bus schedules and download tiny bus tickets. The youth and especially the children of 50s in Iran used to run after a red double-decked bus to take them to school. These lovely colorful buses later gave way to modern speed buses. Tehran as the only megacity in Iran, boasts one of the most efficient BRT systems in the world.

Close to Bazar. It is state palace and main office of East Azerbaijan Province governorship. This used to be the site for the residence palace and office building of the governor or crown prince of Iran and his office since s. The palace and complex were destroyed in a major flood during s when the current state palace built. The cite also include the Azerbaijan Governorship Museum.

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This used to be part of fire fighting services for the city of Tabriz, for monitoring of any sign of fire around the city. In case of fire, the watchman would inform the fire fighters with the directions of fire.

Nowadays only the tower is kept in its original construction while a modern fire fighting station was built next to the tower. It used to be the main mosque for the city of Tabriz and it still used for prays and some other religious ceremonies. It has a Shabistan with nice colorful windows. The edifice was built during the later part of the Zand dynasty — and the early part of the Qajar dynasty — , as a residential house. During the reign of Nasereddin Shah Qajar — this building was substantially renovated and embellished with ornamental paintings.

The house consists of a main building, referred to as the Winter Building, and a smaller structure, referred to as the Summer Building. The Winter Building is a two-story symmetrical construction standing on a basement.

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In the course of a renovation project, some hitherto unknown miniature frescoes were discovered in this house which were restored by specialists. Abbasi St. It is ruins and remnants of an educational and scientific complex was built 13th century when Tabriz was the capital of Ilkhanid dynasty.

Scientists, physicians, writers, and poets from all around the Ilkhanid territories brought here to built a big dominant scientific complex. In order to determine the chemical composition of groundwater, many sampling were conducted. Sampling locations are shown in Fig. The results of the hydrogeochemical analysis and their Spatial distributions are presented in Fig.

Conclusions Based on the obtained results, Tabriz city in terms of environmental status is very sensitive. The contamination of air, soil and water in the city is very high and is in dangerous situation.

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The environmental pollution is higher than the average health recommendation by international standards. Geologically, Tabriz city has a high potential of seismicity and landslide risk. The reason is that Azerbaijan region is tectonically very active. References Agha-Nabati, A. Aigle, D. Alfors, J. California Div.

Mines Geol. Ansary, T. Assari, A.

Map pdf tabriz

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Retrieved: IMO , Tabriz meteorological conditions and climatological data, Iranian meteorological organization, Site: www.

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Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex - Documents - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Mohammadi, S. Mirzaei, N. Ojuri, O. Panahi, H. Parveen, Sh. Peel, M. Earth Syst. HESS , 11 5 , Quadri, S. Showalter, P. Sigov, Y. Smith, H. Statistical Center of Iran , Report of tabriz city census, Results of national census. Site: amar. Dadashpoor, H. Investigation and analysis of distribution of the urban space from the perspective of the impartiality of the public service; case study city of yasooj.

Pdf tabriz map

Journal of geography and regional development, 16, Gargiulo, C. Smartness and urban resilience. A model of energy saving.

Juliani, F. State of research on public service management: Identifying scientific gaps from a bibliometric study. International Journal of Information Management, 36 6 , Harvey, D. Social equality and the city. Translator: farokh hesamiyan, Publication processing enterprises and urban planning.

Pdf tabriz map

Kaphle, I. Liao, C.

Map pdf tabriz

Explore the spatial equity of urban public facility allocation based on sustainable development viewpoint. Lotfi, S. Measuring objective accessibility to neighborhood facilities in the city A case study: Zone 6 in Tehran, Iran. Cities, 26 3 ,