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Rotex India is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of 2 Way Solenoid Valve and other Orifice Size (mm), Port Connection, Media, Application, Download. Find here Rotex Solenoid Valves dealers, retailers, stores & distributors. Get latest prices, models & wholesale prices for buying Rotex Solenoid Valves. Rotex 5/2 Internal Pilot Operated Double Solenoid Valve. Call Now Pressure Range(Bar), Orifice Size (mm), Port Connection, Media, Application, Download.

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Search in ROTEX AUTOMATION LIMITED catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry 2/2 DIRECT ACTING NORMALLY OPEN SOLENOID VALVE. The Rotex Vision: To achieve excellence at all cost and improve upon it in every Rotex is a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves and air operated valves. O Rings and fasteners supplied loose with the valve ACTING, NORMALLY CLOSED/ OPEN SUBBASE MOUNTED SOLENOID VALVE SPECIFICATION. S.

In , Ayvaz started to produce brass valves for maritime industry. Since its inception, Ayvaz developed product range day by day. Now, Ayvaz have m 2 indoor area for production. Also 4 branch offices are in Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Iraq. Early in our history, we partnered with API accredited valve factories in Asia, allowing us to import high quality valves produced in accordance with strict engineering criteria at a competitive price. Is one of the leading manufacturers for Level gauge glasses and cocks, Flow sight glass, Safety valve for gas and Industrail valve since the original foundation of Korea Metal Company in and it has been in continuous development. Our strengths are among others our extreme flexibility, our contious innovations as well as our high quality standard for a fair price.

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Check internal components wetted parts for its compatibility with fluid passing through the valve. Verify name plate affixed on the Solenoid. Connect the power supply according to the voltage rating of the Solenoid 3.

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Fill in the space between cable and gland entry with a proper sealant. If necessary, you may mount the valve upside down or in any other direction. Ensure that the Solenoid enclosure meets process and local authority requirement. Remove them before final installation.

Check for proper connections for the Solenoid which are polarity sensitive e. Refer separate manual for construction of the Solenoid and for specific instructions related to Solenoid e. Ensure that the solenoid construction is selected properly meeting the environment in which the valve is supposed to be installed e. The valve can also be locked in energized Photo-4 position by pushing the Manual Override and rotating clockwise.

The valve can be brought to normal condition by turning Manual Override anti clockwise. As soon as the same is released, the valve returns back to the normal position.

Plug outlet ports. While keeping the solenoid de-energised, check operation and leakage from exhaust and pilot vent ports of the valve at the rated and minimum working pressure by operating Manual Override.

Rotex 5/2 Internal Pilot Operated Double Solenoid Valve

Check at least once in 3 years or following your routine maintenance schedule. This gives the additional advantage of the individual teeth being able to accept considerably higher loads. Sufficient space for expansion should be ensured see drawing deformation with load. The maximum torsion angle with couplings of any size amounts to 5.

They can be fitted both horizontally and vertically. Deformation with load requested mounting space min.

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The improved polyurethane material T-PUR is resistant to significantly higher temperatures and has a considerably longer service life than the previous polyurethane material. The previous spiders made from polyurethane in yellow, red and natural white with green ends will still be available. Up to size 90 inclusive single spiders are used.

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For couplings from size to the spider consists of DZ tooth segments as a standard. The single spider will still be available in these sizes as an option. Spider standard from Elements DZ double tooth elements standard from Explosion-proof use couplings are suitable for power transmission in drives in hazardous areas.

The coupling has to be dimensioned in a way that the permissible coupling load is not exceeded in any operating condition. For this purpose the actual loads have to be compared to the permissible parameters of the coupling. The shaft-hub-connection has to be investigated by the customer. Knowing the mass distribution, shock direction and shock mode, the peak torque T S can be calculated.

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For drives with A. Drives with periodical torsional vibrations. For drives subject to high torsional vibrations, e. If requested, we perform the torsional vibration calculation and the coupling selection in our company.

The permissible damping power P KW of the coupling depends on the ambient temperature and must not be exceeded by the damping power produced. Rated torque T N Stationary rated torque on the coupling of machine Rated torque of T AN Rated torque of machine, calculated from driving side rated power and rated speed Description Symbol Definition or explanation Peak torque of T LS Peak torque with torque shock on load load side side, e.

Permissible surface pressure according to DIN method C. For temperature factors for PA spiders see page PB is installed at terminals. Total number of valves minimized due to the 3-in-1 design.

Minimized commissioning time due to automatic balancing of the system.

Solenoid valve download rotex catalogue

No minimum straight pipe lengths required before or after the valve. Technical Characteristics and Benefits The presetting function has no impact on the stroke; Full stroke modulation at all times, regardless the preset flow.

Automatic balancing eliminates overflows, regardless of fluctuating pressure conditions in the system.

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Differential pressure operating range up to kpa. High flows with minimal required differential pressure due to advanced design of the valve. Small dimensions due to compact housing.