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Masque of the Red Death is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role -playing . · http://www.; Downloaded for Fraternity of. Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales (AD&D 2nd Ed Roleplaying, Ravenloft , Expansion, ) [William W. Connors, D. J. Heinrich, Shane Hensley, Colin. E DRAGONS, ADGD, and RAVENLOFT are registered trademarks owned by TSR, Inc. . developed into Masque of the Red Death adventures.

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Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales (2e) - Masque of the Red Death is a new variant of the Ravenloft rules that allows players to explore. Masque ofthe Red Death is warmly dedicated to Anne Brown, who worked long ADVANCED DUNGEONS 6 DRAGONS, ADSD, RAVENLOFT. MONSTROUS. Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Masque of the Red Death is a new variant of the Ra.

Classes[ edit ] In the 3. Athlete - players can choose a specific sport golf, hockey, football, American football, etc. This class has many acrobatic and survival skills. Cowboy - the cowboy receives a d10 for its hit dice. A cowboy also has many good survival and outdoor skills, much like a ranger.

Boccoru: A speciality priest kit to represent the not! Voodoo priests of Souragne. High Strangeness in the Gothic Earth: A listing of the many strange, unearthly phenomena reported by Charles Hoy Fort during the time period in which Gothic Earth is set, in order to provide DMs with a source of inspirational ideas.

[PDF Download] Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales (AD&D 2nd Ed Roleplaying Ravenloft Expansion

British Society for Paranormal Research: Details on one of the benevolent qabals seeking to protect humanity from the machinations of the Red Death. Alfonso Tyves: A fallen hero of humanity from the 14th century, corrupted by the Red Death into a vampire as part of a desperate gamble to save his beloved. Ton Ton Macoute: A legendary Haitian ghoul turned infamous boogeyman.

The ravenloft red death download of masque

Piasa Bird: A legendary monster from North America. Circus Performer: A Tradesman kit. The Magic of Nature: Details the Fetishist, an Adept kit from primeval societies that makes use of fetishes constructed from animals and plants to cast spells without risking the corruption of the Red Death.

The Sensitive: A Supernatural kit that bestows a Gothic Earth character with an instinctive mystical sense for the supernatural Fiction:[ edit ] Two stories are presented as part of the Introduction, Interlude and Conclusion, the first giving way to the second halfway through the interlude.

In the first, George Weathermay learns to his horror that his worst fears are true; his niece Gennifer has become an infected werewolf. Determined to save her, to keep her from a foreseen future in which the Weathermay-Foxgrove Twins ' stint as hunters of horrors ends with the lycanthropic sister being compelled to transform and slaughter her sister, he flees into the night, unaware that he has only compelled his nieces to begin taking the first steps towards the path of the monster hunter.

Their differing views on the fundamental natures of the supernatural leads to an argument, causing each to turn their back on the other forever. Anchors of Faith: A great expansion on the details of the faith of Ezra , covering the history, tenets, beliefs, church structure and how to better construct player characters allied to the church.

On the Road: Assorted random encounters that a party might meet whilst traveling the domains of Ravenloft. Gundar: Details on Gundar, former darklord of Gundarak, after he is revived by accident from the traveling curiosities show of Professor Arcanus.

Masque of the Red Death (Ravenloft)

Zardorus: Details on a traveling Undead Slayer, a necromancer who seeks to use his powers to fight the undead, even as he risks his very soul through the use of such powers in this Demiplane. Ardonk Szerieza: A rabble-rousing Gundarkite whose devotion to his demagoguery outweighs his concern for the lives of his people. Mocellus: A powerful and evil raaig drawn into the Demiplane of Dread when the domain of Kalidnay was formed.

Merilee Markuza: A fluff with crunchy bits piece on the legendary child vampiress who appeared in the Darklords sourcebook. Carnagan Wolfe: A good-hearted werewolf who seeks to protect humanity from the depredations of monsters.

Inesko Krolov: A malevolent psionicist who has preserved his life through the generations by becoming a disembodied psyche and continually stealing new bodies for himself to inhabit. Cyran Devichi: An Ezran priest newly transformed into a vampire. The Knox Family: Two evil nobles from Nosos; the man who became a wererat by unwittingly eating one in its rodent form, and his malignant sister, who fed it to him.

Lights in the Fog: An array of heroic individuals who can be found throughout the Realm of Mists, some alone, some in small groups, all dedicated to fighting the evil that consumes their world. Constable Sturm Androv: Constable of the City Guard of Kantora in Nova Vasa, this steadfast champion of the innocent is determined to put an end to the murderous depredations of Malken. He joined the priesthood in Egertus, only to be shocked to find how different the "orthodox" faith of the Lawgiver was.

Since then, he has become a crusader, championing the reformation of the Lawgiver's faith to something more in line with his familial teachings of the god's creed.

Hobert Mannon: A highly benevolent, humble and gentle guide who offers his help to people throughout the Southern Core, aided by a mysterious Gift of Innocence. The Honorable James Martigan: A Mordentish nobleman who, having lost his daughter to the dread spirit known as the Phantom Lover, has since dedicated his life and his fortune to aiding those who would fight the creatures of evil. Marek Crawford: A former witch hunter who has renounced his violent crusade against magic users when he realised he was simply seeking brutal vengeance rather than trying to fight evil for its own sake.

Orinda Nahle: A long-retired and once famous adventuress who now reigns as Meistersinger over the small Kartakassan village of Chorn. Tallwich: The Giant of Nartok is a benevolent voadkyn shaman who was spirited from his own world by the Mists, and now resides in the forest southwest of the Darkonian village of Nartok. Although alone and frightened of the smaller people around him, his benevolence compells him to use his magical powers to help those who are suffering.

It is lead in secret by Marshal Oswald Vorbel, one of the original soldiers who fought alongside the mad butcher when he was first swallowed by the Mists and who has become sickened at the vile appetites of his "leader". Wayward on the Bone Sands: A desert settlement domain inhabited by quevari, once-good human men and women damned to an existence of unwitting murders when they fell under the sway of their darklord, the maliciously charismatic cannibal child Caleb Wicks.

Seradan: A domain of near-mindless bleakness and dullness, ruled by the body-stealing spirit Geren, who finds their shallow indifference to everything makes a mockery of his attempts to enjoy their lives. Haemogoblin: A unique strain of blood-drinking undead goblinoids created by vampires to serve as their minions. Bleeding Willow: A cursed willow tree with blood-like sap that can drive those around it berserk, in addition to attempting to crush them to death in its branches.

Topiary Golem: Topiary statues animated to serve as protectors for the dwellings of magic users. Weresnake, Anaconda and King Cobra: Two new variants of weresnake; were-anacondas are immensely strong constrictors but have only human and giant snake forms, whilst were-king cobras have immensely potent venom, three forms human, giant snake, hybrid , and a hypnotic dance. Vampiric Virus: A foul magical virus that turns a victim into a crazed blood-drinking monster, and eventually into a nosferatu vampire.

Masque of the Red Death (Tabletop Game) - TV Tropes

Echo: Dirge-singing ghosts created from elves who died whilst only children. Figurines of Obsession: An expansion of the rules from the Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Volume III, adding new kinds of figurine and expanding on details for those present in the official splatbook. Ring of the Wolf: A cursed ring that seems to offer magical benefits, but slowly transforms the wearer into a maledictive mountain loup-garou. Freak Kit: Something of a precursor to the Caliban race of Ravenloft D20, this kit allows any character to play a distorted, deformed or mutated figure.

Romeo Giacomo Galli: A demented vampire who has confused himself with his Shakespearian namesake. Isaac Bennington: A big game hunter who has succumbed to the werebeast disease; now a weretiger, he has abandoned hunting animals to instead hunt his former human friends.

The Sons of Liberty: A malevolent qabal of wealthy Americans who seek to exploit the supernatural to advance themselves and empower America as a country. Big Game Hunter: A Soldier kit available only to upper-class members, specializing in hunting in wilderness environments. Chimney Sweep: A lower-class Tradesman kit, with some roguish talents and exceptional luck.

Fiction:[ edit ] Two stories are presented as part of the Introduction, Interlude and Conclusion, the first giving way to the second halfway through the interlude.

In the first, the Vallaki cell find their usual brand of incompetence flaring up when they accidentally kill the town Burgomeister, and need to think up a plan to cover up the murder before Strahd comes for their blood. In the second, Harry Houdini is secretly visited on his deathbed by none other than Imhotep, the undead champion of the Red Death itself. Fear and Loathing in Third Edition: Unofficial rules for using Fear, Horror and Madness checks under 3e rules - this article was written when the 3e core rules were released, but before Ravenloft D20 The Tale of the Lady of the Lake: Biography on a demilord in Darkon, a fallen and malicious fae lake spirit who is bound to Castle Island.

Father Guran: A Krynnish heucuva once devoted to Morgion , god of disease and decay, who forsake his former patron after he was uncovered and turned to worship of Chemosh , god of undeath, for salvation from Morgion's wrath. Eduard Duvoir: A Falkovnian tailor who offered would-be refugees a way out of Falkovnia, only to rob and murder them, cursed by one of his victims into a maledictive wererat. Henry Wollcote: A somewhat mad doctor who is determined to master medicine to the point of literally conquering death.

This article is written under third edition rules and includes a mystical disease called "The Rot". Umbran, the Shadow Lich: A former wine merchant turned dark wizard, Marcus Shadowmehr became a unique undead when he sought to save himself from the oblivion of the Shadow Virus by completing the ritual of lichdom. Sir William Canifax: A former adventuring wizard who retired when he accidentally failed a powers check, caused by his desperately animating the corpses of his slain companions to help fight off a werewolf that had killed them.

This article is written under third edition rules. The Interpretation of Dreams: A fluff-heavy article discussing four individuals who have all been victimized by a member of the dread Nightmare Courts, each followed by a sidebar that gives game stats and suggestions on how to include them in your campaign.

After learning firsthand that the stories of her blind cruelty and malice were true, he dedicated himself to leading "the Pack", a rebellion against the fallen paladin. The Society of Huntsmen: Details on a secret society of bounty hunters, trackers and avengers who roam the core, seeking the destruction of the creatures of darkness. The Order of Twilight: Details on a secret order founded by the Nightmare Man, Darklord of the Nightmare Lands, to gather information on dreams and nightmares, and to seek a possible way that the Nightmare Man might escape his imprisonment.

The New Guys in Vallaki: Profiles under the third edition ruleset for two more new members of the failed Kargatane of the Vallaki cell; Wyan Twitchell, a foul-tempered, disdainful pathological liar of a human conjurer, and Marcel Vendark, a Tepesti-born wizard of incredibly violent temperament who typically wears an iron mask to make himself look more frightful.

Tsuu-Y-Teke: A Central American themed domain, a parched wasteland that suffers under a month-long day that protects it from the wrath of the giant vulture mummy who serves as its darklord. Vultharesk: A domain of fearful puritans seeking to avoid the disapproval of the ever-watching, impossible to satisfy moral guardian known as the Mirror Man, who dwells in the lifeless reflection of the domain.

Mictlan: A South American themed domain, where a waning army of cursed immortal conquistadors struggles in vain against the blood-soaked brutality of the theocratic natives.

Owlmay: A Ravenloftian analogue to the Swanmay , warrior-women who dedicate themselves to protecting nature and use magical tokens to assume the form of owls.

These creatures are in third edition ruleset, despite the residents of the domain being statted under 2nd edition ruleset. Skeleton, Hive: A unique form of undead that hosts a hive of symbiotically-linked vermin inside itself.

This article is written under Ravenloft D20 rules. Wereglutton: A wolverine-based lycanthrope strain. Patchwork Folk: A new species of intelligent golems roaming the demiplane, in the guise of man-sized animated patchwork dolls. Elemental Corruption: Details on what happens when the elemental corruption aspect of the land of mists, the same force that turns ordinary elementals into Grave, Mist, Blood and Pyre elementals, is applied to elemental-kin.

Red of ravenloft death download masque the

Spitting Cobra: A variant of the were-king cobra that has the ability to spit venom. Infestation: Details on two deadly swarming invertebrates; the parasitic devouring spiders and the disease-spreading plague moths.

Witch Ritual Tools: Mechanical details on the assorted paraphernalia used by the witches of Hala in their magical rituals.

Quoth the Raven - Issue #18

The Mask of Sorrowful Beauty: A cursed mask that grants great beauty, but slowly drives the wearer into paranoid insanity. Written for Ravenloft D Sir Andrew Sinclair: An English nobleman whose sudden change in disposition, from snarling foul-tempered cur to gentle, generous and polite has a truly dark origin: he has sundered himself into two halves, his inner evil now manifest as a terrible beast, in hopes of finding a way to re-merge them with his good side in control.

Dame Alice Kyteler: A malevolent Irish sea hag, currently developing a secret society of women in hopes of changing Gothic Great Britain into a land where it is men who are oppressed and controlled, rather than women. The Locolico: Foul, disease-spreading fae gypsie-like creatures who bear a great vendetta against the Vistani, perhaps the only race that the Vistani fear in the multiverse.

Caracas: Details on one region of the Gothic Caribbean. Minnesota: A brief description of the mystical horrors that lurk in Gothic Minnesota. Manila: Details on a colony in the Gothic Philippines. Erebus: Details on a powerful ghost ship haunting the oceans of the Gothic Earth. Salaries are dependent on a salary chart. Each class gains anywhere from d6 dice for salary. Then, by taking the combined score of the players Wisdom and Charisma and dividing that total by 2, and taking the amount of d6s their class earns, they apply these to the chart and find their characters salary.

Spells[ edit ] Spells of the Masque of Red Death are much more difficult for players to use and learn. All spell casting classes can only gain spells normally their first level. Any further spells must be learned through scrolls or tomes found or given by the DM as reward.

Download red ravenloft of the masque death

A spellcraft or spiritcraft check must be made to see if the spell is successfully learned. In addition, a majority of spells have a vast increase in casting time to further weaken player spell casting.

Players must also roll a d every time a spell is cast to check if they gain any corruption. The chance of corruption gain varies from spell level and power. If a player gains corruption, they can suffer ill effects like paranoia, madness, lesions, bad eyesight, etc. Spells pertaining to undead and necromancy are far more potent in Masque of the Red Death.

This makes it far more difficult for players to maintain control over these spells and much easier for players to gain corruption from them.

Its very origins are unknown to anyone, but many theories are abound. Some say it is very much like a physical red mist, while others claim it to be a universal force like gravity.

What is known is the effects that the Red Death has. It is capable of raising undead, transforming people into monsters, driving people insane, moving whole areas and locations, and affecting the very fabric of reality.

The Red Death is an extremely powerful force that comes and goes at its own whim, and is the source of all evil in the Masque of The Red Death world. The plot concerns a golem a Frankenstein's Monster like creation named Udo who wants to marry Victoria Von Lendstein, his creator. She is engaged to another man, and he would rather see her dead. The players must protect Victoria from her creation.

The players must discover who is behind a series of murders in old New Orleans, while avoiding their own deaths.