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Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School. by Richard Branson. ebook Like a Virgin brings together some of his best advice, distilling the experiences. cover image of Like a Virgin. Like a Virgin. by Gordon Steel. ebook as the play rollercoasters through hope, sex, ambition, despair, and, most of all, love. download the eBook Like A Virgin, Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School by Sir Richard Branson online from Australia's leading online eBook store.

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Read "Like a Virgin Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School" by Richard Branson available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first. Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School by Richard Branson. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sir Richard Branson is an international entrepreneur, Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Business & Money.

Looking for advice on setting up your own company, improving your career prospects, or developing your leadership skills? Why not ask Richard Branson? In Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You in Business School , Richard distils and shares the wisdom and experience that have made him one of the world's most recognised and respected entrepreneurs. From his 'Top 5 secrets of Business Success', to hard hitting discussions about the global financial crisis, this book brings together his best advice on all things business. Sir Richard Branson is a global entrepreneur, adventurer and founder of the Virgin Group, one of the world's most recognised and respected brands.

Bowers raised her eyeballs to the ceiling. However, I advise that you take this free test I am offering you to ensure that you do not have chlamydia. It is still possible—though very rare—to catch it in other ways. However, you can catch it from oral sex or if a penis has been around your vagina, even without penetration.

I stared at her mutely, impressed for the first time by her medical abilities. She pressed the packet into my hands with a knowing look. I stood up, clutching it. I could barely see past the bright green letters flashing in my head so I walked in an undiscerning daze back out through the waiting room.

My throat felt parched and scratchy from mortification so I stopped off at the water cooler. As I poured myself a plastic cup of water, I felt something fall behind me. Oh God. My satchel must have knocked it off the shelf behind me.

I closed my eyes briefly in shame before forcing myself to bend down and pick it up. Crouching on my knees and trying to pull my jumper down to hide my VPL, I started picking up the packets. I was half-finished shoving them carelessly back into the open box when it suddenly hit me.

They were condoms. I ran out into the street and chucked the brown envelope straight into the first bin I saw. Chapter Two Life as an adult virgin is more complicated than you might think. Obviously it is normal, there are thousands of us, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Choosing when to have sex is a completely individual decision, and everyone is different.

Some people choose to wait till marriage, and some just want to wait for the right person. Others are religious, and others are just too busy being successful in every other area of their lives to worry about something as minor as intercourse.

Like a Virgin

I knew Dr. Except me. I hated the word. I hated it just as much as I hated the fact that I was one. I was a very unfortunate-looking teenager. By the time I figured out how to make myself look passable and wear a bra that gave me enough support to show off my 36D assets, it was too late. All the boys from the school next door already had girlfriends, and to them I would always be the slightly unattractive and quiet girl with big boobs hidden behind massive jumpers, and long dark curly hair that was more horizontal than vertical.

By the time I got to uni, I realized I had missed out on learning how to talk to boys. After a few minutes of my blunt humor and self-deprecation, they usually moved on to talk to real girls. Girls with minimal body hair, button noses and socially appropriate senses of humor. My dysfunctional family. I was an only child, which meant most people assumed I had spent a spoiled, lavish upbringing pleading with my parents never to have another child so I could have all their attention.

The reality was that I spent my whole childhood avoiding my mum and dad whenever they were in the same room, which meant most of my formative years were spent on the swing in the back of the garden with my imaginary older brother, or reading books under my duvet.

My latest theory was that it gave me a pathological fear of men. I was a late bloomer.

Like A Virgin

I spent every lunchtime listening to my friends talk about their first kisses and boyfriends but their lives always seemed so far removed from mine. Over the years, they moved on to second base, third base, and when they were all finally losing their virginity, I was still the only girl who had never kissed anyone.

I sat on the socially acceptable side of the senior class common room. He said no. The Bite Job. It happened just before the First Kiss refused to deflower me and it is the reason why I have a fear of penises penii? It is my worst memory.

It was just like any other party, except this time an actual boy came over to speak to me. James Martell. We snogged. I mirrored what he was doing with his tongue and wondered why none of my girlfriends had ever mentioned how much saliva was involved. Then his hands started creeping into my pants. Any self-respecting girl who was having her first kiss would have yanked them back out, but not sexually starved Ellie. I let his fingers venture down into my VJ and let him poke away. I carried on shoving my tongue down his throat at full velocity and after a few minutes of discomfort in my sacred zone, he stopped.

We went back downstairs holding hands and swapped email addresses. We ended up chatting on the computer every night for two weeks, until one Saturday evening when he invited me over. I was so nervous I ended up sitting on the loo excreting my nerves for an hour beforehand. After a second shower, I got the bus to his place. Oren Klaff. The Greatness Guide. Robin Sharma. Great by Choice. Jim Collins. Bobby Orr. Peter H. Lean In. Sheryl Sandberg. Shoe Dog.

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Michael Lewis. The Compound Effect. Darren Hardy.

Like a Virgin - Gordon Steel - Google книги

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Ebook virgin like a

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