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Christensen Director, U. The modern day company develops and produces a wide range of tactical and instrumental X-band Doppler-based radars, utilizing CW, MFCW and FMCW waveforms for small object detection and tracking with high resolution in both the velocity and range domain. Throughout the last 40 years, Weibel has provided more than radars to more than 40 countries. Topics: All spheres of domestic and international aviation - military aviation, industry, transport, general aviation, space, news, reports, tests etc. As a result, Aerospace-technology.

Yefim Gordon archive It also introduced a high-frequency vibration that reverberated through the airframe. Trials showed an overall improvement in performance, with the exception of range, which was km 97 NM shorter because of the reduction in fuel capacity and the thirstier engine. Generally, the results were deemed satisfactory and the fighter was recommended for production. From onwards, however, this version became the MiGbis. Above Mach 0.

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Also, aileron. Based on these findings, the MiG's flight manual was suitably amended. In , to improve rearward vision for the MiG pilot, the canopy received mm 0.

The W-shaped internal upright at the rear of the sliding canopy was deleted and the transverse canopy frame member adjacent to it was replaced with steel strips. The new canopy was tested successfully in September and improved MiGs began to be delivered in Other changes introduced in included the introduction of gsuits, slightly enlarged airbrakes, a new retractable LFSV landing light in the port wing root, and changes to the ejection seat that allowed the pilot to use either hand to eject.

The first Soviet rear-view periscopes for fighters were also introduced in the s. Fifteen aircraft of the rd and th Fighter Divisions fighting in Korea were equipped with it for service trials in October The results were excellent. The new model featured an electromagnetic damper, increasing aiming accuracy and reducing aiming time during sharp maneuvers.

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The new sight made its service debut in Korea. Here is a view of izdeliye SU cjn , the test bed for the VSh-3 experimental elevating weapons system. The aircraft did not enter production because the movable cannon system was too complicated and the elevation angle was too small.

Mikoyan OKB Test flights gave disappointing results. The two aircraft with stiffened wings did better, and a fourth MiG15bis, modified with an even stiffer wing structure, incurred a kg The two Kuybyshev-built aircraft had a stiffened wing structure, a "knife" bendable trim tab 40 mm 1.

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So great was the Soviet Air Force's demand for the new fighter partly because of the war in Korea that the MiG was produced by nine! At most factories, the initial production version was allocated the in-house product code "izdeliye Note that the barrel fairing of the ND cannon has been removed; of course it would be reinstalled before flight.

Yefim Gordon archive aircraft. Hence these three Fagot-Bs were known as izdeliye SYa, the letter Ya referring to the designer izdeliye S s krylom Yatsenko - with Yatsenko In Saratov, the serial was written "back to front" in relation to the cln, since the batch number - or the last digit of the batch number - always came first under the pre serial system.

Yefim Gordon archive wings. This was tested with good results from November 11 to 28, , so the reinforced wings entered production. Even though the wing drop problem was cured, poor roll control and reverse roll reaction to rudder inputs at high speed remained. A production MiG-l5bis cln , Red is shown here during manufacturer's testing at Zhukovskiy. Note that the slipper tanks of the Fagot-B are larger than and have a different shape from those of the Fagot-A, featuring characteristic creases down the sides.

This particular aircraft was later heavily converted to become the prototype of the MiGF; only the forward fuselage and landing gear remaining unchanged.

The style used on Red cln was rarely used; most aircraft had the serial painted on as on Red cln Note that Red has the RV-2 radio altimeter aerial located under the belly. This particular MiGbis, Blue, is of The OKB took delivery of a unknown origin, as the style of the serial digits is not normal for any factory that MiG fitted with huge slipper built the type. The fourth chute, a gal. Because of the greater m2 sq ft PT, worked endurance, oxygen capacity was Between May 20 and July 20, well and was recommended for pro- increased from 6 lit 1.

The parachute was housed 8 lit 1. This aircraft and aimed at shortening the MiG's in a special bay under the jet pipe; the subsequent MiGs were fitted landing roll.

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The UA-ll anti-skid unit dual bay doors and the chute release with expander-tube wheel brakes was tested as were four models of lock were actuated pneumatically.

The tanks shown here turned out to be lemons because they were not strong enough, which led the Mikoyan OKB to develop new tanks of identical capacity as depicted on MiG-l5bis Red shown earlier.

In January , the aircraft was tested and passed satisfactorily, although G loads with full drop tanks were limited to 3. Topics: All spheres of domestic and international aviation - military aviation, industry, transport, general aviation, space, news, reports, tests etc.

As a result, Aerospace-technology. For more information please contact antonio. AirForces Monthly has built up a formidable reputation worldwide by reporting from places not generally covered by other military magazines. View details ArmedForces.

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