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Aug 14, | Kindle eBook. by Delia download now with 1-Click Apr 16, | Kindle eBook Feb 20, | Kindle eBook Apr 29, | Kindle eBook. site has hundreds of thousands of e-books available to download and download. If you have the Kindle app for iOS, you can download and. How to download Kindle Books on iPhone or iPad 1. Open the Safari app, and navigate to 2. Log into your site account, if you're.

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After you download a Kindle book, companion audiobook, or periodical, the title is saved to the Cloud. Titles you've downloadd can be accessed from Manage Your . download a Kindle Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More Kindle Book Deals Free Reading Apps Kindle Singles Newsstand Accessories. After entering your information, click Publish Your Kindle eBook. Learn more You can download your own ISBN from Bowker or through your local ISBN agency.

The new Kindle app for iPhone is meant to look cleaner and more like a book essentially, the cover is bigger and you can read with a white background instead of just a dark one. Much of the development seems to have gone into integrating the app with reading community Goodreads. This allows people to find new books recommended by friends or readers they like, and to create lists of books they want to read or have finished. By contrast, an Android user using the Kindle app can simply add books to her cart, then hit a button that takes her directly to the download page. The convoluted interface is due to a stand-off between Apple and site. When Steve Jobs was still alive, the companies competed to control ebook pricing, which led to an antitrust lawsuit between Apple and the US. But site already has to split its ebook sales with authors and book publishers, and the cost appears prohibitive to the e-retailer.

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Please rate your experience using this page Delighted. Thank you! We appreciate your feedback. Click here to take our survey and give us detailed feedback. If you're having a problem and need assistance, please contact us. Help Topics. Contact Us. Have feedback? Can't find your answer in our Help pages? Search Help. Prepare, Publish, Promote Getting Started. Getting Started You've just finished writing the next hit romance novel. Or maybe a memoir destined for the big screen.

Or perhaps the first volume of a gripping fantasy series. How do you want to start? AND Great info and resources you provided in this article. Thank you. Hi Scott, do you work individually with someone who is about ready to launch their book? I'd love to connect. Super good article. I've been doing a lot of research on this lately and you included some tips I have not come across. Says "You can grab an exact template for this email here or at the end of the post.

Cumulative is spelled wrong here "culmlative" unless you intentionally made up a new word. I couldn't find it at the end of your article. This is a great reference. I've read it before and just re-read it. Thank you for compiling the tips and the marketing list!

What I mean by this is that site changed its algorithm in way that number of downloads of your free book is no longer considered a 'number of sales' which means sales and free downloads are two different things now. Not to be pessimistic but it is getting very crowded.. Hi, Scott and Noah!! Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I have to say that I've read some of this on serveral books, but you made an article with wonderful tips at included all of them and a few new ones that are very interesting.

I sure going to apply some on my next launch.


I have a doubt with category ranking, hope you don't mind my asking For my book I had in mind this categories and I looked for the th book in the category and it's rank: It's a bit confusing for me.

I0ve also googled a lot on having a free promotion for the first 5 days as you had, but my question is: Can I set the free promotion as soon as I hit publish? I remember I had an issue with this but I don't know how to resolve it, hope you can help.

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What if you don't have a website? First book. I am trying to promote i. Facebook and Twitter, but how do you gain an audience? Oh, man! This came along at the perfect time. My book of short stories goes on site next week, Book and Kindle. What I've been looking for. I'm excited as hell!!! Quite an awesome article for a beginner like me. Am lagging behind in action but it's a learning process.

This is quite a comprehensive article about ebook marketing that I've read so far. I really appreciate the practical insights.

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Thanks for sharing these generously. I had a terrible book launch for my first novel with so much marketing strategy to sort out so I created an Excel file for the step by step using this guide and other searches.

BTW, just wanna ask, after around a month of doing all your strats, what do you do between this point to publishing your next book? Monitoring sales.. Hope to hear from you. Hi Scott: I recently published two titles on site in the past month. I've been researching ways to promote these titles. Your article is the best one that I've found on the subject. I've pinned your templates to a board in my Pinterest account to share with others.

I'm going to use these strategies to promote my books. Thanks for the help. Great article! Use this site to promote free Kindle books: I'm a romance writer yet your post has really inspired me! I wish I'd known all this information with my first release. Thank you for sharing, Scott!

Thanks Scott for not only providing useful and practical tips, but also for the illustrations!! The World Is In Turmoil. Is There A Safe Harbor? I hope you will download a copy. I am certainly among those who can say "amen" to the fact that self-publishing is easy, promotion certainly is not!

Your information gives me great hope of finding effective way to make people aware of this information. I have started today to get a plan put together for this purpose, making good use of many ideas from your presentation. Many thanks.

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God bless you!! Walt Scott Your. Really excellent information about kindle book promotion. It will be very helpful for me. Few days ago one of my friend told me about this briefly but I have gotten details information from you. Another good news I would like to share with you. Recently I have gotten an excellent kindle book cover from this designer: This article was a really well thought out article for beginners and those that have some experience!

I'm going to be implementing many of these strategies across my range of books ASAP! Thanks, Bob Bray. That's amazing how quickly you turned out this book and with savvy marketing chops you sold so many books. Killed it! I could really use your help to promote my eBooks on site I do have an account with my eBooks already published but not many downloads have taken place.

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Thank you so much Scott I have a concern My question A reply would be appreciated. Thank you Jean Jacques. Thanks for this article, Scott. It must have taken some time to write! This sounds really good, but my new book "Devil's Coattail" is a western novel. Western genre has a small reader base these days, so promoting is difficult. If I do a book give away, most of my readers would take advantage of it and there would be nobody to download the book left. Hi Scott.

This is great information and I will be follow every step for my first book launch on Kindle Sore. Is it any other way to send people book for free before free promotions? You download like a gift. Is it any other way to send like you send, like a gift, but that I don't need to pay for my own books?

And you can expect email from me in week or two where I will be gently ask you to promote my first book: Again Scott, really thanks for this awesome article. I love your article. I will be using some of your techniques, as I will be publishing my first book next month. Just using the redditt, facebook and twitter techniques from this post got me to 1 across three categories after 24 hours!

I will try using some of your tips on publishing my two children's books and audio books. Probably one of the longest posts I've ever read Lots of good stuff though. I've done several non fiction kindle books with moderate success and have recently re-released my debut romance novel, which took forever to finish.

I'm always looking for new ways to promote. Some great ideas here. Scott, This is epic stuff! Your hack on how to find categories and keywords on site is something I've read before, but you break it down really well and easily digestible.

I can't wait to play around and see what I find! This post was written in May , and I know that site has changed the way they view free downloads toward title rankings, so my question is, do you have a follow up or new post regarding this algorithm change to increase your rankings? Wow, an awesome article mate. This is really helpful and totally worth the time spent for reading every word. Again thanks for injecting some ideas as I'm planning to do a marketing campaign to my very first fiction.

Thanks Scott, great article, keep like that and move amazing with writing business! Kind regards Jacklyn. You've posted a treasure of information. Your open, welcoming, and warm personality earns you the title 'social magnet'. I just finished my first book and this free information is priceless.

Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to returning the favor. So so so much better than any other book I've wasted my money on. Bloody legend! That is one incredibly pacted article on marketing. With regards to the promotion aspect, Facebook and Twitter are great, but dont' forget about Ebook Promotion Sites. They'll send your book out to their email list and this can be really powerful.

Here is a complete list of Ebook promotion sites and their requirements.

Thanks Scott! This is incredibly valuable information. I just published a short story ebook on Kindle, and can see some areas that this strategy would work. In short time I plan on releasing a few more stand-alone short stories, as well as one that's a little more comprehensive, so I'll definitely plan on implementing some of these strategies.

One question, what is your thoughts about using paid ads such as Facebook or Twitter? Can they be effective? Great post, so much so I'm digging out some content and this minute looking for someone to edit it into something readable. I'm sure it's not as easy as you make out but you've convinced me to give it a go anyway.

Thanks for sharing. I have to say that you selflessly gave so much away here and it's awesome. I've been thinking of writing an ebook for years but was too intimidated - not anymore. You rock! Thanks for all the great content. Fantastic article! I agree with Bozidar that a book based on this article has real potential. Since my books are with a publisher, and the free download is not an option Offering an ebook for free for five days is a great way to launch a book.

So much valuable information , I am going to read it all again, then get a virtual assistant to implement it all! This is probably one of the most detailed article about eBooks I have written. I love the fact that there are so many screen prints to make what you are saying easy to follow.

The information you are presenting is top notch stuff that has really impressed me. I will most definitely be adding some of these strategies when I release my book later in the year.

I can't believe it's possible to get more than 40k downloads of the book even without a website or a blog. This is awesome! Hi, I am writing a novel, and I wasn't big on the idea of giving it away for free, but you have a great point there for getting a lot of downloads from freeloaders, just to improve the rating.

So, thanks man! I loved your detailed writeup and I am going to implement the same strategies as told for my book launch.

Thank you so much for the awesome writing! It's an inspiration for new authors like us. Thank you once again. Great tips! I am just re starting the process of emailing my contacts so this is fantastically helpful. Thanks so much to both Scott and Noah for this gem of an article. It very directly helped me in the successful launch of my own kindle book, which didn't get quite this many downloads but ended at around 3, after my 5-day free promotion.

This was still much more than I expected and I'm very satisfied with the result. Thank you! I am struggling to sell my eBook on site that I had published one year back.

The information given here is really quite helpful in getting sales. Awesome post! Thanks for the info. Using Reddit and Twitter to try to market my debut eBook novel!

Thanks for the insights. Mazel Tov! Hi Scott, I tried using the link below for the free giveaway sites, but the link didn't work for me. It gives me an error message.

I write romance novels and I am looking into doing a giveaway. Can you please repost the link or point me in the right direction to locating these sites? Scott, I really enjoyed this article. Thank you for laying out these good tips. With the right effort these tips are a perfect complement to what you offer. Nice job I don't think I could have asked for more help and insight for my upcoming ebook launch.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I'm dropping my first Kindle book next month a collection of rescrubbed blog posts for the senior care industry. I had planned on going the LAZY route for promoting it since I'm intending to use it only as "proof" for potential clients. Now, though, I see how shortsighted that is. Thanks for all the great info Scott. I'm incorporating most of what you've said into my marketing.

I've run into a problem though. When I launched my book on KDP Direct, their rules state that I cannot run a "free" promotion until after it has been published for 1 month. Any ideas? Hey Scott, thanks for the great tips. Very well written and thus easy to assimilate. When someone downloads your free ebook or pays for it on site If not, how do you get the downloader on your email list?

For people that are interested, here is a link to download the free giveaway sites: Scott, I have been successfully publishing for 4 years, and we are beginning to dip our feet into eBooks. This post here is basically an MBA on eBook marketing.

Without really doing everything that you did, we punched to 1 in our category Southern Cookbooks. Thanks so much! Hi Scott! Thanks for the link to list of facebook and twitter groups, but after playing with the link, eliminating spaces etc. I can't seem to get it to work. If you could double check it or have it on a different site that would be amazing thanks.

This has really help a lot. I am struggling to get my my eBook noticed. I will apply these strategies and try to duplicate things. Thanks a lot. Superbly clear and info packed piece!

Have been 'playing' with this epublishing thing for a while but this has lit the fire. Next book will get full monty marketing treatment. Am pretty well starting from zero - no lists of any nature to speak of, no social media, no blog followers, about 10 sales on Kindle to date so will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for superb info. Fascinating, thanks for this guide.

I'm a little alarmed that you gave away 41, free books and netted income on only This is like selling the book for 2c across all downloads. It's hard for me to give up the value of the free book but I understand the reason - marketing. I guess I just couldn't fathom how many more copies you would possibly sell.

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So I'm guessing there's a very long term view here and a potential to sell 6 digits worth of copies. On the other hand, I'm also guessing the attrition rate would be logarithmic, not linear. So the free promo every 90 days would bump that falling curve a little higher each time.

Too much speculation, congrats, thanks, and I look forward to a quarter of this success with my ebook. Great advice here Scott. I have published around KDP books but this techinique is new to me. I plan to try out merchant words and this technique in the near future with new books.

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But reading your Post today helped me see the value of producing an eBook first. I look forward to going back through and studying the specifics of what you did to create a No. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nice work Scott-lots of ninja tweets here I would never have thought about. Especially like all the tips on getting reviews. We're working on that this week - so great timing. Thanks for the effort. Great advice, I'm still working on my first ebook but I will remember these tips when it comes to publishing it on site.

Thanks for sharing! Great article, thank you! I am planning to release my ebook on site in the next few days but on the french market. Is there any equivalent of Merchant Words for French site? I will, thank you. One more question. Similar strategies to what you described above but with more data at your fingertips for better choices. Cool idea. Similar to what you've described above, choosing a relevant category that you can rank in is a great way to get additional impressions to your book.

Being able to say that your book is a "bestseller" and that you are a "bestselling author" is also valuable. Once you have built up your BSR you can start climbing the ladder into more competitive categories higher traffic to further increase your impressions. Looking at the BSR of the th ranking book for a category is good to see what it takes to rank in that category but you should also do a sampling of at least the 1 and 50 ranking books to get an idea of the range for that category.

If there's not a big difference between the 1 and then moving up that category's ranking likely won't increase your sales. All this info I got in a couple minutes as appose to scrolling site's categories, loading up book listings and writing down BSR rankings.

Not to mention the potential of missing relevant, high traffic categories you would not have thought of initially. As you start to launch more books, which many Kindle publishers do once they start to crack selling on site, having this data becomes a lot more valuable and time saving.

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IDK if you'll see this, but I'm sharing anyway.