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Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight [Rujuta Diwekar] on * FREE* The auhtor is one of India's top dieticians and fitness trainers. In addition to . However, the book is written in a way that you feel Rujuta is talking herself. Rujuta quickly caught on the pulse and published a book which explains her diet .. Mind you not every one who writes such books or claim to be dietician or. Rujuta Diwekar's 'Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight' is a path Below are some of the weight loss tips from Rujuta's book 'Don't Lose Your . Also, I agree Rujuta is the official dietician of Kareena Kapoor but what is.

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Results 1 - 16 of 34 The PCOD - Thyroid Book - Compiled From Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha. 25 February by Rujuta Diwekar. The only book you need to understand exercise and plan your workout routine. India's highest selling diet book has revolutionized the way we think about food. About Rujuta Diwekar. Rujuta Diwekar, Winner of the 'Nutrition award' from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, is the . The PCOD - Thyroid Book Feb 18,

Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. OK Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations About Rujuta Diwekar Rujuta Diwekar, Winner of the 'Nutrition award' from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, is the most qualified and sought after Nutrition and sports science expert in the country. In the plethora of diet fads and fears, her voice rings loud and clear, urging us to use our common sense and uncomplicate the act of eating. She emphasizes on a blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science for a healthy body and mind, best reflected through the mantra - Eat local, think global. She works out of Mumbai, practises yoga in Rishikesh, ideates in Uttarkashi and treks in rest of the Indian Himalaya.

Take notes or just screenshot them for reference: 1. Start your day with a banana or any fresh fruit or soaked almonds or soaked raisins and not with tea or coffee. Eat ghee. Without fear, without guilt, without doubt.

Book diwekar dietician rujuta

Watch this video for details. Rethink, reform and regulate the use of gadgets in your life. People who want to start a healthy lifestyle can really benefit from it as the author has listed all the different food sources along with the right way, the right time to eat them to get the maximum benefit. This book is not just about explaining when and what to eat but also how to get in touch with your body and mind.


I lost 9kg in less than a year but that achievement pales in comparison to how good and comfortable I feel in my body. What I followed was more or less of what this book suggests. It all comes down to being aware of your health and listening to your body. I did nothing drastic but made a few changes that I can follow my whole life. Before starting my fitness journey, I did a lot of research on my own.

I definitely recommend reading it. Read on blog This book truly transformed my life. As you can read here, how I lost 15kgs I was a skeptic, when I first encountered this book at the Blossom Book House, my favorite book store in Bangalore. After browsing the first couple of pages I got it, and rarely have I been happier that I got a book. For those not wanting to use the link above, I lost nearly 20 kgs 44 lbs over six months and have not starved or felt miserable at a single meal.

Like all good books I didn't have to read it in one sitting and often I go back to read it periodically. The fact that it is written by an Indian, familiar with Indian food of all sorts makes it particularly useful for anyone in India. Run out and get this book! View all 4 comments. Jan 20, Anusha Narasimhan rated it liked it Shelves: Taking Hindi as 3rd language in school and preparing for the Hindi prachar sabha exams have finally paid off! I thought its only use was to help me decipher the daily 'national' newspapers, but it helped me understand the umpteen Hindi words peppered across this book.

Still, its good to be reassured when the whole world tells you otherwise. I particularly liked the section about diet myths. I did learn a few new things from this book. Will I follow the 4 priciples or consult a dietician? However, I will make some lifestyle changes - wake up early in the morning, reduce caffeine and eat traditional Tamil cuisine as much as possible that's my local food.

Rujuta book dietician diwekar

One thing I absolutely loved about this book is that I can now have my cheese guilt-free. Not that I was ever worried about it, but caring health-freak friends insisting that I avoid cheese every time I pick it does make me weary.

Earlier, I used to say, "I don't care how many calories it has. I like it, I eat it. Its also good for health. I'd recommend this book for people interested in nutrition. I have no idea about the weight loss promise. If you don't understand Hindi, the book could get a little annoying. And believe they did. Rujuta quickly caught on the pulse and published a book which explains her diet techniques.

Rujuta Diwekar Gives You the 101 on PCOD and Thyroid

Her thoughts on how our lifestyle and food habits have evolved from the days of our uncivilized days to the modern human beings that we are today. The first few chapters on why and how we eat was an eye-opener. There are so many things which we do wrongly, knowingly or unknowingly, but it hits you like lightning when it is laid out in black and white. Eat your first meal within 30 minutes of waking up. It should be ideally 10 minutes, but 30 minutes it acceptable too. Place your meails 2 hours apart.

Do not eat to the extent that your stomach feels full. Eat slowly without any distractions. Chew slowly, savoring the taste and texture. Sit cross-legged while eating, if you can. Exercise atleast 3 days a week. Eat local, think global. I loved her theory here. If you want to eat sweets, eat it as a meal in itself, preferably in the morning. If you want to eat deep fried food, prepare it at home, instead of downloading.

Eat it as a meal in itself. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Eat fruits rather than drinking juice. Eat vegetables and fruits as whole, when possible.

Book diwekar dietician rujuta

I have been trying to follow this diet since two weeks. I already see a visible difference, in terms of inches and kilos. There is no surprise there. Early to bed and early to rise. Stop eating after the sun sets.

Rujuta Diwekar Gives You the on PCOD and Thyroid

Rujuta harps on about her connection with the elite world, be it Kareena or Ambani. The rates, oh my god, the rates are exorbitant. It is very clear she is least interested in working with the middle class people. I am sure she is looking forward to adding a few more big names to her clientele list. Nothing wrong with it, by the way. I know Rujuta has another book out for us women and I am looking forward to read it to see what is new in that book which Rujuta has not already covered in this one.

Apr 16, Chicky Kadambari rated it liked it. Just basic common sense information, put together in one place. An over-hyped book.

The language was too 'Mumbaiya' for my taste. Perhaps, this kind of over-casual tone appeals to some readers. It was a turn-off for me. Just a good compilation of basic common sense. My Rating: Mar 24, Ashish Iyer rated it really liked it Shelves: The Author has clearly explained how we eat our foods in an odd way and get fat.

I think this is a game changer and every person should read it to lead a better and healthy life. View 2 comments.

Diwekar book rujuta dietician

Feb 07, Ritu Mantri rated it it was amazing. Let me first tell you few mantras discussed by the author in the book 1 No food with nutrients is bad or fattening and this includes ghee, butter, oil, cheese, fruits rich in calories etc. You just need to eat it at the right time and the right amount. They can eat their sweets or desserts but as a meal and not with the meal or first thing in the morning.

Only once in a week. Same thing goes for deep-fried food. Relish your food with all your five senses in a cross legged position. The food will digest well.

Kareena Kapoor attends book launch of Rujuta Diwekar's book Pregnancy Notes

Don't blindly follow the extreme diet plans which will only bring long term harm to your body. Your body needs fat, carbs and protein to function properly. Your body will be prepared for the onslaught. Last but not the least, do take a protein rich food after exercise or workout.

Protein helps in repairing wear and tear of muscle tissues.

Rujuta Diwekar Gives You the 101 on PCOD and Thyroid

Absence of which you will not feel like exercising next day. I will highly recommend you to read this book once before plunging yourself in any weight loss program. May 26, Swapnil Bombarde rated it really liked it.

We know more about our cars mobiles in my case than our body- this is the line which caught my attention in this book. So ghee tackles both those problems, and its good for the skin too. Coconut has something known as Folic acid and it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which makes it very good.

It's really healthy, and has a great electrolyte balance. It also ensures that you don't break out because bananas contain magnesium that's really good for the skin.

Water is very important, but that doesn't mean just the consumption of water, but also making sure that you don't consume excess cola, tea, coffee because these are all dehydrating. It's not enough to just drink water, it's also important to prevent eating any foods that will dehydrate the body.

In your book, you talk about how we need to go back to the eating habits that our grandparents had inculcated. What do you think then about the growing popularity of super foods that everyone is obsessing about? It's unfortunately a reflection of our state of mind.

And it's common to see that people from lower-income countries like India, Asia, constantly aspire to be like the west.

And we are always keen to give up our native, indigenous foods to eat something that is exotic, unknown to us, while the rest of the world is adopting our foods as their primary foods like turmeric, ghee etc. So we really need to start eating and patronizing our local foods. If your grandmother doesn't recognize the food you're about to eat, you shouldn't even be touching it.

And above everything else, just because you've eaten something exotic or unpronounceable, it's not going to make you healthy. So we shouldn't be eating these exotic foods because they're not grown here and our culture isn't used to these foods? Yes that's one factor. The other factor is that if we keep eating food that is coming from the outside, we are going to have to deal with climate change.

And we'll die because of climate change before we start worrying about our breakouts. Eat homegrown food. Bring back ghee , curd, rice. Basically everything your grandmother endorses. Always fix what you're going to eat between four and six in the evening a week before.

Because that's the time that we tend to mess up the most and we land up eating everything that we never wanted to eat.

Get rid of your gadgets at least an hour before you hit the bed. Don't take your phone, your iPhone, your Kindle to bed. Repair hormones like the growth hormone and hormones that help in insulin sensitivity are all secreted at night, so if you're watching something on your laptop, your brain sends signal to your body that it is daytime. And in turn, your body starts secreting daytime hormones as opposed to nighttime hormones. That's why many people can't sleep properly at night, feel too tired in the day.

It's become an urban norm now. So go gadget-free at night!