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From publisher blurb: Adventure module for Castles & Crusades based in the Castle Zagyg setting created by Gary Gygax (and based on Greyhawk). For Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau – Download as PDF, Text or read online. Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau by Rob Kuntz. Castle Zagyg - Class Options & Skills for, , MB. Castle Zagyg - Dark, , MB.

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Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau. Castles & Crusades - CZA1 - Castle Zagyg - Dark - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Dark Chateau is a page PDF adventure with a color cover and black & white interior. The module has no bookmarks or table of contents.

As the Castle Keeper you might wish to enhance this entering by minutes upon arrival- re-roll until by having some magical fire prevention device appear if arson an entry point is ascertained. This effect might be a small cloud appearing and Kitchen entry M8 pouring down rain, a stream of water coming from a nozzle without a hose, etc. Approaching the mansion from the south towards M1 automatically warns the goblins and orcs there and they will Encounter Type attack with ranged weapons and thereafter charge to melee. The windows are both shuttered and boarded shut to earn honor and prestige by daring the manse and in some cases on the lower levels have had their boards pried alone; it flees if confronted with force. This could be the work of looters.

This burdening the creature. He never named easy handling of material destined for storage. Read A8 for more it, as it is a personal item. Castle Keepers should feel free to name information on this approach. This item could be sold for gp to an interested person in Yggsburgh. Conditions of the Mansion Additionally, the stable storage and tool shed have three sacks of Upon entering the manse proper, the characters note that it oats worth 15sp each and a fairly well made wood choppers axe must have been abandoned and has become the target for looters worth 35sp.

The axe is only found by checking the rafters in the thereafter. Dust and rubbish are everywhere. Things once in place tool shed as it is placed on a board there and out of sight.

The foot prints about sheds have otherwise already been looted. The goblins and orcs the place are mostly of goblin kind if this is checked for, though are poor, thus their need to ambush passers-by.

Zagyg pdf castle dark chateau

They have no there are rat prints and some others which are not decipherable. All windows on the bottom floor are boarded and shuttered Orc Leader This chaotic evil humanoids vital stats are HD 3d8, except for the veranda doors off the dining room M6. His primary attributes are physical.

Their primary attributes shutters opened, then it becomes dim light. Removing the boards are physical. They carry short spears and leather armor. Their primary attributes are physical.

Before it and hitting its target. Bonus sort. If the characters carefully view the stables front, six small slits M2. The wood chips from when these portals were made banded with iron. There is a yellow sigil of a stylized Z centered are still apparent on the ground before the stable.

A large keyhole is also noted below the to ambush and rob. Anyone approaching the chateau directly iron-wrought handle. The orcs 5 Dark Chateau Anyone attempting to open the door by using the handle hears to negate the darkness on the second floor at M There are the following words as issued by a permanent magic mouth spell.

When touched they emit a faint light. This warning is heard and understood in all known languages. They are magical contrivances meant to control the darkness on the second floor and have no alternate purpose. They do not Fools! Beggars at my door are not welcome! Begone or face otherwise function to emit major light in any other circumstance. The stairs are circular and terminate on the Second Floor at The door is solidly and magically locked such that no one present M Although it appears to be ordinary oak, this portal has a spell upon it so as to make it as hard M4.

Two Pictures as iron, so it can not be broken down without a battering ram. An alternate entry point into the manse must be sought!

Dark pdf chateau zagyg castle

If the Set to either side of a door is what appears to be two large, framed PCs acquire the key to the front door from Zs ghostly brother, pictures covered with white sheets and tied tight with cords. It looks Nestor M7 , then they can use that to enter here. If either of the pictures are touched, a permanent magic mouth attached to these says Death to the thief!! This ruse has worked well enough to scare the already skittish goblins into avoiding these. Its all bark, however, as the characters can touch these without harm.

Such repeated loud noise could have negative results, such as alerting monsters to the partys presence, etc. The characters must untie the cords and remove the sheets to stop the noise of the magic mouth and reveal each picture. Picture 1. A bronze plate at the bottom of the picture reads: Nestor. You note a bald, smallish man with wide, green eyes wearing light blue robes. Behind him is a sumptuous library filled with splendid books.

The painting is signed Z.

Picture 2. A bronze plate at the bottom of the picture reads: Hugh. You note a spectacled, curly brown-haired, heavily mustachioed man of jovial features in a green shirt. He is surrounded by tables and shelves filled with various pieces of musical instruments, such as pipes and bellows for organs, and sundry other pieces and tools of a musicians profession.

Den and Living Room This is a typical den, with desk, high-back upholstered velvet chair, several bookcases and a chaise lounge.

The bookcases are empty but the desk appears to have clutter on it. There is a large windowed door to the northwest which offers a view of a veranda immediately outside it on the mansions west-northwest side.

Castles & Crusades Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau

Beyond that is a cobbled path leading to the garden and gazebo you noted earlier. The desk has papers and a dusty, black tray atop it. The papers are You see a circular flight of stairs up to the north and west. Set in a old sheaves with no writing upon them.


The tray is actually part small box next to the stairs are several wooden wands and there is one of the Magic Mail system see B5. It appears to be crafted from on the floor near the box itself. It is 10 inches long by 4 inches wide M3. Stairs to the Second Floor with a raised divider in its middle. On its bottom are inscriptions which relate to either side. A scrap of paper directly to use as they are afraid of the faint light these emit and drop beneath it has the following note with the following on it.

Four wands must be held aloft in order 6 Robert J Kuntz The chandelier hangs at a precarious angle of 20 degrees off of Have G find that stamp before the move. It in fact is relates to the weight has since drawn it downward. This causes 1d3 hit points damage to all within a 10 foot radius of the impact due to flying glass fragments.

The desk also has a secret compartment in the middle drawer. It falls on the x mark. There are three drawers; and all must be pulled open which then allows the middle one to be removed in full. Otherwise it can be found by searching the chandelier remains.

Old Dining Room You see what appears to be a disused dining room. An old crystal The wand is made of bone with a small, faceted sapphire as a tip.

Uttering system that terminates at a wooden post near the entry door and to its name discharges a pencil-thin frost beam up to 60 feet and a roll to which the remaining rope is wound about and tied.

Castles & Crusades - CZA1 - Castle Zagyg - Dark Chateau.pdf

The room has hit must be made. The wand may be recharged at normal costs. This room appears to have been used as a discard area by the former occupants, or the refuse has since been gathered here, you If the characters defeat the centipedes and fully investigate the cannot tell which.

The potion bottles are filled with cloudy liquid and are weak become aware of the party as they enters the room. They do healing potions curing only hit points of damage each. They not immediately attack, but will do so if the garbage heap is have lost a lot of their efficacy due to age.

The knife is magical and investigated. Depending on how thorough they are, there should be enough to keep them occupied for at least a couple of play sessions. There is also plenty of setting flavor in the form of notes and other clues that should be interesting for players in a continuing Castle Zagyg campaign.

The author of Dark Chateau is Rob Kuntz. For the uninitiated, he is one of the grandfather? He was actually co-DM of the original Greyhawk campaign. The adventure? There are meticulous lists of room contents, some inside jokes and plenty of entertaining set pieces. Like many old modules, many of these set pieces are designed more to test the cleverness and skill of the players, rather than their characters.

This is not a bad thing in my opinion, but it might be a little strange for those not familiar with this style. My only beef with the old-school nature of the adventure is that I do find Mr. My biggest complaint about Dark Chateau is the maps.


They are ugly. It is my understanding that Troll Lord will be using a different cartographer for future products, but the maps in Chateau are muddy, dark and messy. My other minor complaint is that there is not much variation in the monsters.