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download Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword New edition by D.S. Macnutt (ISBN: I believe, curiously enough, otherwise: though the crossword puzzle there is over. cross/cross-word/crossword puzzle well enough, but it did not become the .. Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword, written in collaboration with the third of our . Derrick Somerset Macnutt (–) was a British crossword compiler who provided crosswords for The Observer newspaper under the pseudonym Ximenes. Macnutt died in , and puzzle , his final crossword to be published, appeared In his book, Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword ( reissued ).

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lucky enough to own a copy - I have generated HTML and PDF versions of " Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword", D. S. Macnutt's seminal work. Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword [D.S. Macnutt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alchemiland - cryptic crosswords by Alchemi, Chalmie and Hemical. "Ximenes and the Art of the Crossword" was indeed a revolutionary work. possible to produce a great piece of music or a great crossword puzzle by following the rules .

Bits and Pieces A brief guide to Ximenean standards of clueing, along with my thoughts on the subject. Anyone who is interested in crosswords will know of Ximenes He wrote crosswords for the Observer from until his death, when the present incumbent, Azed, took over. He wrote clues which showed an ingenuity second to none; witty, taxing and above all, fair. What exactly does this mean? And are they still relevant now? Macnutt Swallowtail Books.

To my astonishment my straw poll earlier this month of fellow crossword editors, who I had regarded as people of principle, showed that they were all ready to accept LOL as a building block in a clue, though they would still draw the line at having it as a solution. Not since we at the Guardian changed from e-mail to email 5 has the prospect of having to make a major decision caused me so much anxiety.

Newer users of our online crosswords may like to know about some of the features of the system: 1. All the cryptic and quick puzzles are published in three basic formats: the interactive one, which you can do online with its 'cheat' and other gadgets ; the 'print' version that you can print off; and the PDF version, which shows you the puzzle as it appears that day in the paper itself, together with the solution grid for the previous puzzle in the series.

If, as will still sometimes happen, any part of the first two versions contains a clue where the text has garbled or which seems in any other way to be defective, it is always possible to cross-check with the PDF version. For each Saturday cryptic and each monthly Genius puzzle, after the deadline for submission has passed, we publish not only its solution but also notes indicating how the clues are intended to work.

To get these, click where indicated above the grid. In addition, there is an extremely useful site run by crossword fanatics, where more Guardian puzzles are analysed and commented on as well as those from other publications. It can be found at fifteensquared. For Azed addicts a similar function is performed at andlit. There are at present limitations on the 'Save' option if you want to leave a puzzle in mid-solving and to return to it later.

We have only included here what is based on reliable evidence. As it happened, the first puzzle chosen for publication contained a word with an American spelling, and in order to eliminate it, Mr Shepherd was forced to make a drastic reconstruction of the diagof the crossword, but also as its introducer to this country. Macnutt, crossword setter for the 'Observer' - , was XIMENES, the father of crosswords, and wrote this book to make crosswords more enjoyable and rewarding to solvers.

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In his new foreword Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse, says, "I can but trust that every cruciverbalist will welcome the reprint of this seminal treatise. Read more Read less. Representative Credit offered by NewDay Ltd, over 18s only, subject to status. Terms apply.

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Jonathan Crowther. The Chambers Dictionary 13th Edition: The English dictionary of choice for writers, crossword setters and word lovers. Learn How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords: A Course for Beginners.

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Henry Howarth. See all free Kindle reading apps.

Derrick Somerset Macnutt

Tell the Publisher! Product details Paperback: Swallowtail Books; New edition edition 1 Aug.

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English ISBN All rights reserved. What other items do customers download after viewing this item? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified download. Oxford Companion to English Literature More help for those of us not as well-read as we might be. Another sort of anthology, the Bible, is also needed for puzzles occasionally.

Whitaker's Almanac Lots of information on the British and world scene.

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Pears Cyclopedia would do just as well. Chambers Biographical Dictionary Contains all the information you normally need about some famous person. Crossword cheating books Nearly all of us have to use these sometimes!

Chambers Words, Backwords, etc. Chambers put a computer to work to produce these. They do not include every word in the most recent edition of Chambers. If you have a computer, then programs like Ross Beresford's TEA do everything these books do and more. Words sorts words alphabetically in groups of the same length. Crossword Completer lets you look up alternating letters, e. Official Scrabble Lists contains lists like all the five letter words containing an X.

The next two add category information not so easy to find elsewhere. As they're not mentioned in December on the Chambers web-site, I assume they're out of print. Fiction File lists works of fiction by Author, Title, and major characters.

Word Lists has lists of words in particular categories, sorted by length, so that you can find seven-letter Bolivian cities or 6-letter constellations. Collins Crossword Dictionary out of print This has many lists of words in categories often used in puzzles, including the odd spelling habits of Shakespeare and Spenser, words often pinched from foreign languages, minerals listed by colour, etc.

There are similar books by Jeremy Howard-Williams and Anne Bradford which are more easily available at the moment. Bradford's Crossword Solver's Dictionary I have a copy of the 6th edition, published in This is an excellent book. For full details, see this review.

Ximenes on the Art of the Crossword

The Chambers Crossword Dictionary This is another book of categorised word-lists. Although it contains many lists and many words, it seems to have been produced by letting the computer do its stuff, rather than by exploiting experience of solving British crosswords of the kind it's supposed to help with, despite claims about getting advice from famous British setters. It contains information about advanced as well as standard cryptics, a good selection of sample puzzles, and advice about writing puzzles too.

All the normal types of cryptic clue are covered, with plenty of examples, and practice puzzles. ISBN How to do the Times Crossword This is the best "how to solve" book to appear since Chambers Crossword Manual was first published.

It appeared in , and is written by Brian Greer, who edited the Times Crossword from to Brian is a psychologist, currently working on mathematics education, and he uses these skills to explain cryptic clues well.

There's some historical information about how the current style of Times clue-writing evolved, with sample puzzles showing how different things used to be, and many examples of wonderful clues. Those with ambitions to write puzzles should also read this book - it identifies many common faults with clues and says why they are faults. ISBN: Both may be suitable if your current ambition is to be able to finish daily newspaper cryptics. Puzzle books UK newspaper puzzles - Penguin and other publishers Penguin have published books of puzzles from the Times, Guardian and Independent.

These usually contain at least 60 puzzles. Of these, the Times series has not been added to since about , and isn't easy to find in bookshops. Times Books part of Harper Collins subsequently published an "Omnibus" book of puzzles in about , and now publishes books of Times puzzles fairly frequently. At the end of there were 5 Times Crossword books, and a couple of books of Jumbo puzzles. One notable book of theirs: The Times Crossword Masterclass contains puzzles, selected for difficulty.