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Read Super Memory - Super Student PDF - How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days by Harry Lorayne Little | Memory is the stepping-stone to. To ask other readers questions about Super Memory - Super Student, please . Super Memory by Harry Lorayne is a book that contains various methods on. Download Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days E-Book; 2. Book Details Author: Harry Lorayne Pages:

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Some chapters are about memorizing numbers, vocabulary words, definitions, foreign language vocabulary, SAT words, names, dates, history, spelling, maps, music, formulas in math, tables, and listening and reading. In my opinion, the techniques offered in this book are too confusing. They might work for some people, but not for others. For example, assigning a letter to each word seems like twice the work.

You then have to memorize each number and its letter instead of just memorizing the number. For some people however, letters are easier to remember than numbers, and these people would benefit from this strategy. Another problem I encountered while reading this book, is that the memorization techniques used are repetitive.

The different chapters of the book are dedicated to how to memorize different things in different school subjects. However, the same few techniques are used throughout. While this book on improving memorization might be useful for some, it is far too confusing to be useful for others.

The techniques used are repetitive, and the manner in which the book is written is rather monotonous. Oct 18, Ben rated it it was amazing. Harry Lorayne wrote this book to help people better memorize what they have learned.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I think this book really helped in terms of learning new strategies to understand things. In the book, Harry Lorayne presents various strategies for memorizing things that you learn in school.

Student lorayne memory super download harry super

The chapters are all based on different memorization strategies, such as associating numbers with letters to help memorize different things. The book is very organized in terms of the layout of the information. The first example of a memorization strategy that Harry Lorayne talks about in his book is using words and numbers to associate with each other.

The first example of this is he uses numbers such as 1 to associate with the letter T. The second example I will use is when the author used the letter m m to represent 3. The second example of a memorization strategy is to memorize names, numbers, and dates. An example of this is William Harrison bee to hairy or hurry son.

How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days by Harry Lorayne is a book that helps people memorize things they learned in school. Some things that are worth mentioning in this book is that he mentions the use of abbreviations as well as associating words with numbers and vice-versa.

Overall, I think that this was a really good book that I got a lot out of. Oct 19, Tomas Wolber rated it it was ok. Super Memory-Super Student by Harry Lorayne can be very helpful, but you need to have the right mindset, you need to be mature enough, and interested enough. The book is simply to help people be able to memorize things easier.

Memory download student lorayne super harry super

When you think about school, a huge part of it is being able to memorize things. The book has a great intention because students need to be able to memorize things for almost every class if not every class. This book can be really helpful to people. However, if you are go Super Memory-Super Student by Harry Lorayne can be very helpful, but you need to have the right mindset, you need to be mature enough, and interested enough.

However, if you are going to read this book, I suggest that you take it very seriously. If you were to look through the book and not really care too much about it, than you probably should not read it because it may be a waste of your time.

The goal of the book is to help you be able to memorize and be a better student. It requires time and focus… if you do not give those things, you will not get much out of it. If you want to be able to memorize, this book is perfect.

It gives tactics to help you be able to memorize things. Another thing about it is that a lot of the tactics it gives you, I noticed I do some of them sub-consciously.

Super memory super student pdf

It is like getting your sub-conscious tactics on paper and making them clear to yourself. For the most part, It is very helpful and it can make you into a better student. In conclusion, this book requires a large attention span but if you can focus it can really be a great tool. It is essentially a book full of tools for memorizing. Are you going to take this book very serious and use it to your advantage?

If yes, I suggest to get this book and utilize it. In all, I recommend this book to certain people. Oct 19, Ares rated it it was amazing. Super Memory- Super Student is a good book for any student that has had trouble studying and memorizing for tests or quizzes. We read this book to try and better in our memory and help us do better on tests and quizzes. This method would really help you m Super Memory- Super Student is a good book for any student that has had trouble studying and memorizing for tests or quizzes.

This method would really help you memorize words for vocab because of the symbols it uses. This method would be good for studying for vocabulary because all you have to do is take one part of the word and create something familiar from it to make a memory device.

This method is easy and works really well. Another method that he introduces is a way to remember different numbers and dates.

He would assign a certain letter to a number and whenever you would see that letter it would make you think of the certain number paired with it. As it is a difficult memory device to remember, it could really help you. This book is good for students that need help memorizing for school. This book also relies largely upon the student and if the method works for them because everyone learns differently and some of these methods might work well for one student but badly for another.

Oct 19, Sam rated it it was amazing. The book talks about a bunch of different studying methods used to remember information. The book was written for the purpose of helping students memorize information given out in class.


This book uses very good examples and explains things very well like, specially designed memorization for numbers and vocabulary. It does not only explain them really well but it shows you how to apply it and use it in your school work and studies. Harry Lorayne explains and shows the link system very well.

The link system connects words and letters to things like a number of symbols and can make memorizing things a lot easier. He goes very in-depth into this and explains it very well and makes it really easy to understand even if it is a far-fetched idea. Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days A lot of his methods are kinda weird and sound kind of crazy like the link method but he talks about and dedicates a whole page to talk about sticking with it no matter if you think it's weird or crazy which I think is very important.

I finally really like how he states that it is all up to the reader if he or she would like the methods that he explains in the book. He talks about that the reader needs to fully engage and dive into the methods so that these methods actually work which I think is very important for mastering the methods. Overall I felt that Harry Lorayne did a great Job writing his book and explains all of his methods very well and uses a lot of details making them really easy to understand even if like I said they sound very crazy or weird.

Oct 19, D'Angelo added it. Harry Lorayne is an expert on memory training, and shows you how he applies his techniques to any subject. The author uses mnemonic devices and methods such as using rhymes, sounds, and numbers to substitute for letters to memorize words.

One of the most effective methods he describes in my opinion is to attach a word you Reon Koizumi Super Memory by Harry Lorayne was written as a device for memory training. One of the most effective methods he describes in my opinion is to attach a word you want to memorize with a number, or a word similar to that that makes u remind yourself of it. You want to memorize a sentence or a long word with imagining, and relating it to similar words.

Simply putting numbers for every single letter is extremely hard to keep track of if you need to remember 20 words for a quiz for example. I believe that this book was very helpful and will be very helpful for those who have trouble memorizing, and especially for students. This book will help you a lot and give you hacks if you need help with memorization techniques in general.

Oct 19, Kyle added it. The book Super Memory Super Student by Harry Lorayne does a good job in helping the students with memorization by giving good tips and study tools.

If you put in the time and the work, it can really help you out with your memorization and can significantly reduce the amount of time studying if you use the tools effectively. This book was assigned to us by our chemistry teacher, but not only did it give us tools for studying the things he was assigning us, it also gave us tips and tricks for helpi The book Super Memory Super Student by Harry Lorayne does a good job in helping the students with memorization by giving good tips and study tools.

This book was assigned to us by our chemistry teacher, but not only did it give us tools for studying the things he was assigning us, it also gave us tips and tricks for helping us with our other classes. I learned that there is no way in getting around the work, but there are certainly shortcuts to help speed things up. One of the things Harry Lorayne does a good job of doing is touching upon phonic devices. He uses great tips to help the reader get as much out of this book as they can.

Harry definitely has some helpful tips but, most of them are very confusing, on page 38 he uses letters to memorize numbers, and on page he uses formulas to help you memorize other formulas. These tips are confusing and should be changed to something that makes more sense.

All in all, This book is very helpful and has definitely improved my knowledge. Oct 19, Xander Nunez rated it really liked it. The book goes over some of the subjects that it aims to help you in like, vocabulary, names, and number. It also names some classes such as World history, math, and English. The book is helpful. The book started off with describing one of the methods. It must be associated, in some ridiculous way, with something you already kno Learn the Patterns The Book Super Memory was created by Harry Lorayne, was created to help students with memorization.

The Book has may examples of what you can use memorization in. The way you do it with a number is put a letter to each number. Or have the phrase that sounds like the number.

Super student lorayne download super memory harry

She also has activities to do to help you continue to practice and remember. I think that the most important chapters are Ch15 spelling, Ch17 memorize graphic material and Ch19 Formulas. Because you will need to know spelling for writing paper and for the test in English. Formulas for math and chemistry. If you want a job I science and memorizing graphic material. For going on road trips of sailing. This book is very good for any person who is willing to take the time and do the activities and learning the methods.

I recommend this book. Oct 13, Darius added it. This book is based on memory training and developing your memory skills. The author Harry Lorayne is a memory specialist who helps people develop a better memory because you need a good memory in order to learn. He begins the book by telling us why he started memory training and what pushed him to do so.

He goes on to teach us memory devices for various for things such as numbers, vocabulary, fo My Book Review on Super Memory - Super Student: He goes on to teach us memory devices for various for things such as numbers, vocabulary, foreign languages, SAT words, Math, many different sciences, etc.

Harry Lorayne

I personally found some of his memory devices in book to be quite complicated. For example he has a section in the book when he is talking about the hardness scale and the top ten minerals on the hardness scale. He suggested we think of what the minerals name reminded us of EX: I'm certain that most people can find this helpful, but I personally thought the process has you try to memorize to many things when you only need to remember one. I would personally prefer reviewing flash cards over and over again until I finally understand the material.

His memory tools for formulas and Math were probably the most helpful for me. Harry's goal is to help the current generations of kids have a stronger memory so they can be successful in school and work. He has many good memory devices, but as I said earlier I prefer using flash cards.

Some of his memory devices may start to confuse the current generation of children and the book may just need a simple update relating more to the new generation of kids. Harry's profession of teaching memory devices to people is something our world needs more of because if you don't have a super memory you don't have a super mind.

Dec 04, Brian Roskuszka rated it it was amazing. This is bar none the best book that I've read on the topic of memory. It is short, sweet, and to the point. Harry lays out the simplest model of memory I have ever encountered. He does so in a way that engages you in the process of using links and pegs within the first 15 pages.

After the first 15 minutes of reading, your understanding of what memory is will change. Within the first 30, you will have the basic know-how to memorize a list of just about anything. After finishing with the book you ca This is bar none the best book that I've read on the topic of memory.

After finishing with the book you can apply that knowledge to just about any field imaginable and learn anything permanently much faster than you could ever believe yourself to imagine before. This is no joke. If you know this guy's story, he's a D student who fumbled his way into becoming a memory expert after people told him that he just couldn't learn.

He found a really easy way to remember stuff that even a 'dumb' person can learn. By the end of the book, you'll learn that you don't have a good or bad memory. You have a memory and the game is all about how you use it. My memory's so good now that I've lost the book and need to purchase a new copy since the time I read it 3 years ago. In all seriousness though, I still remember and use the linking exercises that he talked about and want to do my own little review of the topic again.

Oct 09, Harry Billings added it. This book is a guide for students to be able to remember information for many subjects, using a few very useful techniques. We read this book to help us specifically in Chemistry, but it can be used in a myriad of different subjects. Lorayne wrote this book to help students remember things. I think, personally that only some of the techniques worked for me, but I can see why they would work for othe Super Memory: I think, personally that only some of the techniques worked for me, but I can see why they would work for others.

Later on, Lorayne introduces smaller techniques and applies them to school subjects. I think that the Link System of Memory and memory by association practices are very useful.

Lorayne super super download memory student harry

These are very common practices, and hey are used in many areas, and many people use mnemonic devices and such. The link system is used in the book to connect different words, and to be able to think of words and ideas based upon those links. When you think about it, those links are the essential aspect of how our brains make connections, one thing setting off an internal link within our brains.

Another thing, the association strategy is used by thinking of sentences or words to help you remember individual lists and the things in them.

When you associate one thing strongly with an idea or word, your brain automatically starts to strongly associate the two, and you will think about that thing that way by default. This strategy is simply getting us to control what associations we make before we make them. I don't think that the strategy for remember letters based on numbers really works for me. First of all, I think that the idea that there are only basically 10 consonant sounds and you need to associate those numbers with sounds to help you remember.

Secondly, I think that the added step of thinking of words for those numbers is an even farther step away from remembering the original number or word. All in all, I got more confused going through this process than it would be just to try to think of the word or number. I also think that the explanation of some of the key processes were too vague, and things in this book need to be fully explained for them to work and be followed.

For example, Lorayne uses the term Peg Word a lot, and he never really introduced this term fully, and that made it harder for me to grasp certain chapters because I couldn't find the full use for that term. Another example would be some of the association techniques he used for associating dates. He was too vague about how the association method works for dates, and the examples he used only made it more confusing than just committing the date and name to memory in a different way.

Overall, I think his main ideas were sound and helpful, but some of the more detailed and specific strategies were lacking in detail. I think that if he went into more detail and was more simple with his strategies, they would be easier to grasp and they wouldn't make things harder rather than easier. Oct 15, Andre Restauro rated it really liked it. Andre Restauro Chemistry Mr. The main theme of the book is about the author teaching different memory methods and systems that will be useful for future reference, especially in high school and college.

He also teaches it in a way in order for us to memorize the use of each system as well and will become a reflex whenever we come across a peculiar situation. He wrote specifically for stud Andre Restauro Chemistry Mr. He wrote specifically for students of all ages and grades in order for them to raise their grades, improve their memory skills, and so they have fun doing it. Lorayne describes and explains different memory systems specifically how when and when to use them.

He has a section of chapters dedicated to each system and each chapter indicates different methods of use for that specific system. But in order to use these systems you one has to put a lot of effort and read every single word of the book, no skimming.

One of the systems is the Association system. The author explains that this is system when one tries to remember a word or words, he uses a word that sounds similar to it in order to remind the person what word they are supposed to remember at that time, hence the system name association. Another system he explains is the Peg Word System. The Peg Word system is using words in order to remember numbers. There are many other systems in the book that all have similar connection like the two presented.

Although this book was effective, an argument could be made that the Peg Word System can be confusing. He incorporates fun within his methods because he tries to get the reader to have fun while learning how memorize. This process makes learning more memorable and easy.

Not only that, but also the idea of having an image that only the reader can see will greatly help the individual memorize more efficiently. Harry Lorayne later brings the same method of using pictures while memorizing, when the reader hits the Vocabulary section of the book. This method also incorporates the use of sounding out words within finding an image that is similar to the sound.

This tiny bit of imagination can truly allow the reader to have fun while studying. Towards the end of the book, Harry Lorayne also incorporates the use of acronyms within his memorization methods. Harry uses his creativity to form unique sentences that correlate with him. Through this, he can easily memorize formulas for various compounds in chemistry. Through this he achieves his goal of encouraging creativity, easiness, and fun while studying.

Harry Lorayne provides valid explanations as to why each method will help in the process of memorization. Harry Lorayne starts off by explaining what method we will be using in the chapter and why.

Knowing that most people will find studying boring, Harry Lorayne states that each of his methods are self- motivated, in the sense that if the person practices them often, then they become useful. He does this so people could become encouraged to study.

He wants them to be encouraged because that is how his methods work, through determination and imagination. In the next chapter, Harry mentions the utmost importance of memorizing vocabulary for the SAT. He rather focuses on the actual memorization of the material, rather that the temporary memorization they get from doing zed tricks. This proves that he is truly dedicated to accomplish his goal of getting the reader to memorize things permanently rather than just for a brief moment.

Harry starts by saying that we will find this method useful because of the significance it has when memorizing the metric measurements. He emphasizes this, so he can get the reader to understand that his methods are all relevant within school.