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Practical object-oriented design in ruby: an agile primer by Sandi Metz. Article ( PDF Available) in ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes. Download this ebook at: [PDF] Download Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile. Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) [Sandi Metz] on *FREE* shipping on.

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“While Ruby is an object-oriented language, little time is spent in the documentation on what. OO truly means or how it should direct the way we build programs. Contribute to mattswann/wdi_resources development by creating an account on GitHub. Practical Object-Oriented Design, An Agile Primer Using Ruby (POODR) is a Written by Sandi Metz, it explains object-oriented design (OOD) using realistic.

The Web is awash in Ruby code that is now virtually impossible to change or extend. This text helps you solve that problem by using powerful real-world object-oriented design techniques, which it thoroughly explains using simple and practical Ruby examples. Sandi Metz has distilled a lifetime of conversations and presentations about object-oriented design into a set of Ruby-focused practices for crafting manageable, extensible, and pleasing code. She shows you how to build new applications that can survive success and repair existing applications that have become impossible to change. Each technique is illustrated with extended examples, all downloadable from the companion Web site, poodr.

They use tools that do this automatically in the background for them.

Metz Sandi. Practical Object-Oriented Design: An Agile Primer Using Ruby

Within a second or two of two of changing code the tools will have detected the change, compiled the code, executed the tests, and notified you if you broke something..

See for instance NCrunch ; There is no huge gain to be found here. Maybe there was when all statically typed languages took long to compile and these tools did not exist.

Pdf design practical primer in agile object-oriented an ruby

That was last century! Casting is a code stink.

Free [epub]$$ Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby An Agile Prime…

This is an argument along the lines of "Red lights are useless, you can just drive right past! Why do you explicitly say that you do this to make the types visible?

Why do you talk time and time and time again about how to make the implicit types visible so that it is possible to understand the code? Programmers who fear dynamic typing tend to check the classes of objects in their code" Manual type checks are not common in code written by competent programmers.

It is another code stink.

Practical Object-Oriented Design: An Agile Primer Using Ruby, 2nd Edition

Just like in a dynamic language. Something that a static language compiler does for you. Meta-programming might be somewhat harder in static languages.

But our whole code base would be impossible without it. There are a plethora of libraries and frameworks, written in static languages, out there that are based on meta programming.

Depending on these abstractions reduces risk and increases flexibility, making your application cheaper to maintain and easier to change. You can see it right there in the code.

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