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Postgraduate Ophthalmology: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Fourth edition of the book has been thoroughly revised, updated, and and thus makes it the book of choice for preparing for the various postgraduate entrance. Which is the best undergraduated book of ophthalmology? If you're starting out as a postgraduate resident in training, it's always good to start.

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Uploaded by: CHASTITY - download Postgraduate Ophthalmology - Vol.2 book online at best prices in India on Read Postgraduate Ophthalmology - Vol.2 book reviews. This well-illustrated two volume set covers the field of ophthalmology, from the With the help of images and illustrations, this book covers topics such as. Postgraduate Ophthalmology, 2 Vols: This well-illustrated two With the help of images and illustrations, this book covers topics such as.

Author Ashfaq Ul Hassan. The DNB examinations are now seen as a reliable source for attaining higher qualifications and from a mere simple Exam has transformed into a high level Author Sanjay Srinivasan. Author GR Reddy. Author Maria da Luz Freitas. Author Ashok Garg. The Angio-analytic

Seven Must-Have Books for the Beginning Ophthalmologist

All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy. Choose a speciality to view CME courses on www. June into July is a daunting time for many interns-turned-ophthalmology-residents. This transition period is often just as exciting as it is overwhelming.

In this phase, we tend to thoroughly investigate big-ticket items, like which ophthalmoscope will fit our needs and where to find reasonable living quarters, but we often ignore smaller undertakings due to time constraints. As ophthalmology residents, we have surprisingly found that one of the frequently glazed-over topics is what books to download.

This article details our picks for seven must-have books before starting ophthalmology residency. Each book discussed exemplifies a particular niche of the educational spectrum. We hope this is a useful guide!

Each book covers a particular topic in detail. The BCSC is a mainstay resource for ophthalmology residents throughout all 3 years of training.

Ophthalmology/Professional Requirements

Most residents try to read the complete set every year of residency, although the information can be dense at times. Newly published in , Operative Dictations in Ophthalmology serves as both a preparation and debriefing for each surgeon, or surgeon in training, by improving comprehension time and cultivating surgical forethought.

The book is designed to have the relevant texts so that the reader can assess the key information quickly. Each chapter deals with the sequential steps needed Author Monica Chaudhry. In volume one, we delve into the common cornea topics of structure, physiology, anatomy, infectious etiologies, dystrophies, degenerations, tumors, and Author Thomas John. Author Mazen M Sinjab. Author Rasik B Vajpayee. Author Ashok Garg, Amar Agarwal.

Author Johan Zwaan. The third edition of this updated work provides an overwiew of the decision-making processes used in the diagnosis and treatment of common and uncommon Endothelial keratoplasty has been the most exciting development in the field of corneal transplantation surgery. The ongoing innovations and modifications are Author Taraprasad Das, Alka Rani.

Illustrated with numerous drawings, fluorescein angiography but also sagittal and frontal OCT images and the latest OCT angiography figures, this concise Author Chandran Abraham, Annie Mathai. It is a multiauthored book and each author has provided their valuable thoughts and experiences in their own writing style. Each contributor is renowned in the Author Amar Agarwal. The second edition of the Diagnostic Procedures in Ophthalmology was well-received by readers and was also translated in Spanish for the benefit of readers in Dispensing Optics is filled with theoretical and practical information about the art and science of the spectacle dispensing.

Students will find this book To recapitulate the considerations that have led to the publication of the 3rd edition of Textbook on Corneal Topography Including Pentacam and Anterior Author Suresh K Pandey.

Author Ajay Kumar Bhootra, Sumitra. Author B Shukla. Author Tamara T Mouratova. The main purpose of this book is to show the wide spectrum of the existing scientific views on age, gender, percentage, incidences, mortality and survival Author Anuradha N. Author Pascal W. Author PK Mukherjee. This book is written as comprehensive review for undergraduates and quick review for postgraduates.

The book aims to present ophthalmology in a simplified, yet The highlights of this edition are — latest medical and surgical management of some diseases, and updates on newer investigations.

The new look and the use of Author Jay Bhopi. Author Dr K Mohan Raj. Author Editors: This volume is a comprehensive textbook-atlas. It has a highly visual format that includes illustrations and images, as well as features that align with Author Markanday Ahuja. Author Federica Gualdi, Luca Gualdi. In recent years, the new concept of refractive cataract surgery has been outlined, whereas the quality as well as the quantity of sight is considered. Author Jorge L Alio. This book aims to instruct the corneal surgeon in the ways in which femtosecond lasers can be used for corneal grafting surgery.

To do this properly, the Refractive surgery is one of the major fields in ophthalmology.

It is a rapidly growing and developing field. A better understanding of corneal biomechanics, Author Anurag Narula.

Author Dada. Author Amresh Chopdar. The book is concise and information on corneal diseases is presented in an easily readable form. The book is profusely illustrated.

MillennialEYE | Seven Must-Have Books for the Beginning Ophthalmologist

The book is concise and information on uveal diseases is presented in an easily readable form. It is profusely illustrated. HV Nema,Nitin Nema. The book Gems of Ophthalmology—Retina covers a wide range of retinal diseases. Initial chapters have been devoted to the diagnostic procedures pertaining to The expansion of knowledge in cataract, has been truly remarkable, as evidenced by the advances and new body of literature. With the glued IOL and intrascleral Author Tanuj Dada, Talvir Sidhu.

Gonioscopy is the gold standard for diagnosis and evaluation of all forms of glaucoma. It allows the examiner to actually see any obstruction to the aqueous Author Bruno Lumbroso.

This book offers every clinical ophthalmologist complete guidance as it compiles the results of the latest multicenter clinical trials in the practice of Neuroimaging plays a critical part in the evaluation of disorders of the eye, orbit and visual pathways.

CT and MRI are the key imaging modalities and it is Author Prakash Nathan. Author Leela Ahuja. The role of the innate immune system has been underestimated over the years, but findings during the last decade have revealed how important it is in Author Benjamin F Boyd.

Author Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen. Author Shalabh Sinha, Lalit Verma. The last decade has witnessed a plethora of drugs that are routinely being injected into the eye. Soon, the most common surgical procedure being carried out This book promises is to tackle specific issues that the comprehensive ophthalmologist, the ophthalmology trainee, and the dedicated glaucoma surgeon would Author Samar Kumar Basak.

Author Amar Agarwal, Priya Narang. Phacoemulsification speaks of fundamental component of an atlas that displays images of phacoemulsification surgery in Author Tanuj Dada. Author Subhendu Kumar Boral. Wide view surgical management of vitreoretinal pathologies help in better understanding of the diseases.

Conversion from 20 gauge to 23, 25 and 27 gauge Ophthalmic Surgery Technology has undergone rapid advancements and innovations, especially in the last 10 years. New technologies offer to improve the surgical Cataract remains the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Author Roberto Pinelli, Antonio Leccisotti. Author Suresh D Isloor.

Tearing disorders are among the most common dilemmas that ophthalmologists encounter. Restoration of lacrimal system patency involves surgical techniques that Author Nabin K Pattnaik. Author Boyd.

Author Roberto Pinelli. Author Galeana. Author Frank Joseph Goes. Author Karthikeyan Arcot Sadagopan. Pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus and neuro-ophthalmology, all the three fields require the clinician to spend significant time with the patient Author Samuel Boyd, Lihteh Wu. Ophthalmic surgery has become extremely sophisticated in the last years and even with advanced technology, surgeons are not exempted of complications during or Author Yogesh Shukla.

Ophthalmology book postgraduate

The book is not only a theoretical narration of principles of refraction, but also enumerates and illustrates a myriad problems and pitfalls that lie to trap Author MS Raju. Author MD Pawar. Neuro-ophthalmology is a very confusing topic. The idea of this book is to make it easy for you. The game plan was to have simple illustrations which can Author Jyotirmay Biswas. Author Subhash Goswamy. Knowledge is transmitted by words and demonstration.

Wisdom is gained by analysis, absorption and repetitive practice of transmitted knowledge. In science, The present book is a compendium of physical properties of light, its modification as laser and fiberoptic devices, various types of optical devices, their Author R Sundararajan.

The concept of this book is to describe most surgical procedures that ophthalmologists perform.

Ophthalmology book postgraduate

We have included procedures with lasers as well as scalpels. Author Singh. Author Brian S Boxer Wachler. It also discusses how this technology Author Deepa Kapoor.

Most residents try to read the complete set every year of residency, although the information can be dense at times. Take-home message: The gold standard Fast facts! Operative Dictations in Ophthalmology Newly published in , Operative Dictations in Ophthalmology serves as both a preparation and debriefing for each surgeon, or surgeon in training, by improving comprehension time and cultivating surgical forethought.

It includes dictation samples, detailed steps, abstract reviews, complications, and preoperative indications for nearly every surgical procedure a resident will encounter.

More precisely, the book is pages and reviews procedures. Chapters are authored by leading experts within all ophthalmic subspecialties. Fast facts!

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Review of Ophthalmology Review of Ophthalmology is a very popular book, and for good reason. William Trattler, MD, et al provide us with an easy-to-read text with many useful charts, appropriate outlines, and fantastic diagrams.

Many residents find it easier to study from a single source, compared with the volume BCSC series.