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lhn4y7mlb90wdpo - Baixe e leia Joao Alberto Catalao livro Ferramentas de Coaching em PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Livre Ferramentas de Coaching. Ferramentas de - manual de self coaching atrevete a cuestionarte superate The PRINCE2® Training Manual. A common. the tao of coaching My team and I have been working on this for more than six months, and it's finally finished! Ferramentas de - .

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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download Ferramentas de Uploaded by. llima_ ferramentas de coaching pdf dehydrating and safe food storage cat quant study guide answers to earth science study guide dell r manual pdf. ferramentas do coach de sucesso seu coaching. DEB7CFE3AA49FA. Ferramentas Do Coach De Sucesso Seu Coaching. 1 / 6.

Tendo em conta a cultura da sua empresa valores, premissas, estratgias, relacionamentos : a Escreva 3 palavras que melhor a descrevam; b Escreva o nome de 3 animais que melhor a descrevam; c Escreva o nome de 3 objectos que melhor a descrevam. Considere as suas caractersticas em termos profissionais e enumere os seus cinco pontos mais fortes. Na sua opinio, das foras acima identificadas, existe alguma que se possa transformar em fraqueza? De seguida refira algumas dessas potenciais surpresas resultantes de eventuais alteraes cinco no mnimo. Depois de identificados os pontos fortes, enumere cinco pontos fracos que na sua opinio interferem com o seu desempenho profissional. Depois de analisar o conjunto dos resultados obtidos, que competncias necessita de adquirir ou melhorar para desempenhar as suas funes de uma forma competente e eficaz? Na tabela a seguir representada, identifique aquelas competncias que podero ser desenvolvidas com o apoio de um coach e aquelas que podero ser desenvolvidas sem o apoio do coach.

And if neither of those goals could be achieved by the time of the conference? To accept the shaking without getting too worried about it. I might come across as somewhat dulled' 4. Brian said he no longer tried to hide or control his hands shaking and explained to others that he got nervous in front of audiences both large and small.

But what happens if people smirk at me or think I'm a nervous wreck? How do I control that? A double-edged sword' 3. I can't control their smirking or what they might think about me but I can control or choose how I respond to it and how I think about myself.

Step 5: Decision-making Brian chose steps e and g though he said if these steps were unsuccessful he might choose the tranquillisers step d as a last resort. What happens when you say that to yourself? It just continually reminds me that I can't control the shaking. Let's get going then. Implementation In the next few weeks. Stop demanding that my hands must not shake. My shaking is part of me. What happens when you try to hide it from others?

I feel awkward and self-conscious. That's it in a nutshell. So in order to gain control over your shaking. Just let it happen and don't get alarmed about it.

Coaching ferramentas pdf de

I get worried and then my hands shake even more. A non. I can't avoid using my hands while presenting the paper'. So try and be natural around others. On the lectern was a message encapsulating his new outlook: It is important to tackle methodically one major problem at a time rather than several problems simultaneously.

Step 7: Evaluation Brian said that the strategies of 'giving up demands for control in order to gain control and striving for self-acceptance had worked a treat' he never did resort to tranquillisers. If you tackle. A video of the rehearsal was made so Brian could see both his strengths and weaknesses and also re-evaluate more accurately his overall performance: While he had been nervous and his hands did shake at times.

If the proposed solution has been successful. As Butler and Hope The coach arranged with his colleagues for Brian to present a paper to them. Feedback was given regarding his performance such as not gripping the lectern too tightly and having more sips of water to avoid his voice cracking. Once the person becomes adept at using the seven-step model. It's hard to be objective about yourself when you're actually doing the talk and thinking you are coming across as a nervous wreck'.

With these shorter models. He said he would like to have a 'rehearsal' before the actual conference. Conclusion CBC is based on a collaborative relationship that helps individuals to focus on problem-solving in a structured and systematic way. Nothing seems to be working.

Using a Socratic approach encourages individuals to 'pull out' from themselves problem-solving strategies rather than have them handed over by the coach. Why the hell bother? It's all a waste of time. I'll end up with more problems. Excessive emotional interference Sometimes during the coaching process. If it's taking longer and harder than expected. Drawing on and adding to their existing skills helps individuals to build greater self-reliance and confidence in managing change in their lives.

References Beck. If this emotional interference occurs. New American Library. Now get back on track and give up these silly ideas that change should be quick and easy. Managing Stress. Birch Lane Press. Nicholas Brealey Publishing. Oxford University Press. Daily Telegraph 'A coach to change your life'. SE3 7DH http: Address for correspondence: Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina.

He was featured in the Independent on Sunday Top Brass article on the 10 leading coaches. Unpublished manuscript.

His books include Life Coaching: He is Associate Director of the Centre for Coaching. Orion Business Books. He has written and edited 25 books including his recent self-coaching book. A Handbook for Professionals. Stress News. Daily Telegraph.

Maybe the employee needs an opportunity to ask questions about the desired performance. When an employee meets or exceeds the standards set through Performance Planning.

Other definitions of coaching are: Coaching happens throughout the performance review cycle so that the The supervisor and employee are a team and their shared goal is to optimize job performance. Coaching is facilitating the development of another person's knowledge and skills by providing ongoing direction and feedback. The term "coaching" is meant to describe a relationship. In all of these cases. The positive reinforcement will encourage the employee to continue performing in the same way.

What is the link between coaching and performance management? Coaching redefines. To encourage the employee to share thoughts and feelings.

As a result of ongoing coaching. Coaching also happens in a more structured way through planned coaching sessions. The content of the structured coaching meeting will minimally include: Additional coaching meetings may also be scheduled if either the supervisor or employee feels they would be helpful and appropriate. People know they are being heard when the listener: Asking open-ended questions Coaching should be based on two-way communication.

Every employee and supervisor will meet at least once during the performance cycle for a "structured" coaching meeting. What communication skills are necessary for supervisors to be effective coaches?

Listening Effective coaches take the time and energy to listen to their employees. This includes listening as well as speaking.

Curso de Práticas de Coaching

When will coaching take place? Coaching is oftentimes informal.

De coaching pdf ferramentas

Responding with empathy Responding with empathy helps employees feel cared about. Empathy is understanding and being sensitive to what another person is experiencing. It is listening at an emotional level as well as a factual one. Paraphrases often start with phrases like: Asking for help in setting direction and solving problems There are different ways to encourage employees to contribute to the unit and to problems within the unit.

Where do you suggest we start? Offering help without taking responsibility Offering help means staying in touch with employees, giving them the resources they need to be successful, and keeping them on track. What do supervisors and their employees need to know about feedback? The definition of feedback Feedback is a way of reinforcing desirable behavior. It is communication to a person or a group that gives them information about their effect on others.

It can be reinforcing or it can be corrective. The importance of feedback People are often hesitant to talk to another person about their reactions to the other's behavior. Even though most of us appreciate receiving straightforward helpful feedback, we are reluctant to give it to others. Because people are not comfortable with providing feedback, even positive reactions to another are not verbalized directly.

Over a period of time, a lack of feedback can have a deteriorative effect on both personal and work relationships. A person exhibits behaviors that we do not like or approve of and yet may be totally unaware of our reactions to these behaviors. Feedback is essential at work. It gives people additional information with which to assess their performance. It lets them know how they are effecting you, others, and the work environment.

Individuals may receive information that facilitates personal and professional growth, and the organization benefits by the increase in productivity and effectiveness of its employees. When feedback is absent in a work environment, individuals often experience confusion about whether or not they are "doing a good job," and may feel a sense of ambiguity about their work goals, job roles, and in which direction they should strive. By creating a climate of trust and openness where feedback may be freely sought and offered, more creative solutions to problems i.

Third party feedback Employees in the Office of the University Registrar are encouraged to solicit feedback from someone in addition to their supervisor. This is not required; it is optional. This feedback is for developmental purposes only, i. This form can be found on pages of this notebook. The employee should attach a selfaddressed envelope to the Feedback Form so that once it is completed, it can be returned directly to the employee. The form should be sent out approximately four weeks prior to the date the employee and supervisor plan to meet for a coaching session.

This will hopefully give sufficient time for the form to be returned to the employee. The employee and supervisor can use this feedback as a starting point for discussion regarding areas where the employee is a solid contributor: Positive feedback is important because: When giving positive feedback to an employee, remember these guidelines: The actual performance Be timely.

For positive feedback to be most effective.. Describe the impact. Your initiative saved me! Thanks a lot for your help. Let the employee know what happened because of their good performance. Friday was a crazy day when e-mail went down.

When you see it.. There is a discrepancy between what is actually getting done and what should be getting done. Be specific. Giving constructive feedback to improve performance A performance gap exists when an employee is not performing at the desired level.

Your suggestion to hand-deliver the meeting agenda was wonderful. Describe what you observed. Try addressing the employee by name when you compliment him or her. I know you covered her phones all afternoon and that allowed us to maintain the level of service we like to give to students. Rather than saying: Good job! It would be more effective to say: I really appreciate your willingness to help out on Tuesday when Jane was sick. If the supervisor does not give feedback when there is a performance gap.

Allow the feedback receiver to respond. Describe the desired behavior. This happens when a supervisor gives constructive feedback. Say how you feel optional. You probably have noticed in your own life that you can accept the most difficult and painful feedback from people who you know have your best interests at heart. Feedback is most effective when it occurs in the context of a supportive and caring relationship.

It takes into account the needs of both the receiver and giver. Be sure that your intention is to be helpful. Allow for twoway communication. Describe the effects that behavior has on you or on the workplace. As you know. Feedback can be destructive when it serves only our own needs and fails to consider the needs of the person on the receiving end.

An example of giving negative feedback using this format is: Build a relationship first. Describe the behavior you observed. The first step to closing the performance gap is to make the employee aware of it. Ask yourself what he or she will get out of the infor- One format for giving negative feedback is to: By describing one's own reaction. When giving negative feedback. To be told that one is "dominating" will probably not be as useful as to be told that "just now when we were discussing the issue you did not listen to what others said and I felt forced to accept your arguments or face attack from you".

It is more helpful because it is more specific to give feedback about these behaviors.. It is descriptive rather than evaluative. It is specific rather than general. It is solicited. It is directed toward behavior and not toward personality characteristics. By avoiding evaluative language. Examples of behaviors are: Use "I" statements.

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Is this a good time to do that? Behaviors are what you can see or what you hear spoken. It is helpful to ask whether the feedback is wanted and whether the receiver feels the timing is appropriate e. It is important to attempt to create a work climate in which feedback is seen as valuable and helpful. Experiment with new behavior and see if it has a different effect. Check it out with others to verify its accuracy. Listen with your head.

Coaching Modelo de Questionario

When you truly believe that Ms. Brickley in a myriad of ways—some conscious and some not. Your actions and words, the expressions on your face, even your posture and the sound of your voice are shaped by your attitude. This supports her efforts, increasing her chances of success. What you say and do and how you interact with others has a ripple effect that is felt by teachers and young children. Imagine the dramatic play areas in Ms. Chances are the toddlers taught by Ms. Tan are engaged with her in activities like pretending to flip pancakes and taking care of sick animals and dolls.

In Mr. Children may play awhile then move on, perhaps to the art area where they often find Mr. Katz, who paints as a hobby and wants children to enjoy the arts too. Put yourself in Ms. After a supportive conversation with her coach, Ms. Instead of a formula, recipe, or prescribed technique to follow, coaching with Powerful Interactions shows you how to transform everyday interactions into Powerful Interactions.

It will help you individualize interactions with teachers to reflect your personal style and the unique blend of strengths, interests, and needs of the teachers you are coaching. Not About a Score Although coaching with Powerful Interactions is not about a score, many individuals have told us that using it with teachers often leads to higher scores on standardized program and classroom assessments. Mijn Olympische Droom boek - Jacques Rogge.

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34 Cursos de Coaching e PNL | Applied Psychology | Psychology & Cognitive Science

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