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calling on which based recent movie Raazi was made by saipadma. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. 5Cr3De5Tf - Read and download Harinder Sikka's book Calling Sehmat in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Calling Sehmat by Harinder Sikka. How can I get the novel 'Calling Sehmat' in PDF or e-book for free download? 28, Views Where can I get a free PDF copy of the novel Beloved? Views.

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Calling Sehmat book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Calling Sehmat is a thrilling saga of a spy who, in the service of. The year is Tension is brewing between India and Pakistan One secret could change the course of history It's now up to her When a young. Read "Calling Sehmat" by Harinder Sikka available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The year is

This preview shows page 1 - 7 out of pages. After graduating from Delhi University, he joined the Indian Navy. He was commissioned in January and took premature retirement in as a Lieutenant Commander. He recently produced a film, Nanak Shah Fakir , which won acclaim at the international film festivals in Cannes, Toronto and Los Angeles. The film won three national awards, including the Nargis Dutt Award for best feature film on national integration. Calling Sehmat is his second book. It is being made into a film, Raazi , by Meghna Gulzar, scheduled for release in May

So this was not the last time she would meet him? Silently, she nodded. Her heart was wildly beating as she walked away.

There was a strange excitement in her heart and a desire to meet him again. She walked some distance, then stopped and turned back to look at the boutique, only to find Hidayat still standing at the entrance, waving at her. She lifted her hand in acknowledgement and moved on. The melodious door chime was still ringing in her ears when she entered her hotel.

That evening, Hidayat rushed through his daily chores of balancing the shop accounts and locking up the emporium. He arrived at the hotel well before sundown and found Tej reading a magazine in the plush hotel lobby. That she was surprised to see him at the hotel was visible on her face.

Knowing that her parents would not take kindly to a stranger taking their daughter on a guided tour, she hurriedly went up to him and asked him to wait while she convinced her parents about a short trip to the marketplace by herself.

She was able to do that and in a few minutes Tej was back in the lobby, her face slightly flushed. Slowly the two made their way to the marketplace. They took a leisurely walk around the lake, dodging tourists. Their slow-paced walk was often interrupted by locals who greeted Hidayat, some even asking him for his advice on investing in business and personal matters.

Sehmat pdf calling

It seemed strange to Tej that a man so young was so sought after by not only those his age, but by older people as well. Tej realized that Hidayat was not only respected but also loved by the folks in the city. They spoke about mundane things at first. However, with each passing minute they became more and more comfortable with each other and the initial awkwardness disappeared.

The sun was beginning to set and knowing that it would soon be time for her to go back to the hotel, Tej picked up a few scarves at random, paid for them, and they continued on their way back.

She knew she would have to show some kind of download to her parents. In the brief time they spent together, they exchanged much more than conversation. His heart was crying out to confess his feelings to her, but he did not want to scare her. Could he dare to tell her how she had captured his heart when she had walked into his shop that morning? Would he frighten her by his admission? What if she disliked him? Engrossed in conversation, they did not realize that they had walked a long distance and left the marketplace behind.

They were now at the far end of the famed Dal Lake that lay blissfully placid, away from the hustle and bustle of the shops. The sky had spread a riot of colours in orange, pink and hues of purple. The trees around it stood like mute witnesses to the beauty and beyond them stretched the hills. A chill in the air added to the romance of the surroundings.

Pdf calling sehmat

When they parted, they felt as if they were leaving something behind. She felt that she had connected with Hidayat at a very special level. Not wanting to lose a friendship that had just begun, she decided to request her parents to extend the vacation. The next morning, over breakfast, Tej convinced her father to stay on in the Valley for a few more days. This was the first of their series of secret rendezvous. It was difficult for them to stay apart, and Tej was overjoyed when she received a letter from Hidayat informing her about his visit to the capital.

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She began counting the days to his arrival. Soon that day arrived and they met. From then on, the two met every day and talked for many hours. When he left for the Valley, the bond with his lady-love had strengthened. The two continued to exchange letters that seemingly spoke of only the weather and other unimportant topics as each tried to read the unsaid words between the lines and interpret them.

It was scorching hot in Delhi when Tej and her mother left for Kashmir the following summer. This time around, Tej and Hidayat spent more time with each other, sharing their dreams and aspirations.

They had known each other for a little longer than a year and words between them flowed effortlessly, so did their feelings. But both kept quiet and avoided the all-important issue as they were not sure how the other person would react.

Kashmir was alive with colours and birdsong for the young couple. Even Hidayat, who had lived most of his life in the Valley, began admiring Kashmir through the eyes of a poet. The days passed swiftly, and he realized that soon he would have to reveal his feelings. It had to be now or never. So a week before she was due to leave, Hidayat took her for a boat ride around Dal Lake. He was nervous, looking for the right words as he rowed the boat. He looked at her and found her admiring the view, oblivious to what was going on in his mind.

She nodded. He did not answer immediately. I love you and want to cherish our bond for the rest of our lives. Tej, I have loved you ever since you walked into my shop last year. Have I scared you? She was stunned into silence. Hidayat immediately began to feel guilty and wished he had not said what he did. I just know I love you. Somewhere deep inside she had felt the same attraction and was happy that he finally spoke about his feelings.

Instead he looked at her, his face filled with expressions of joy and relief. She had also begun to worry by then. Being the only child, her parents had pinned lots of hopes on her and had been looking for a suitable match.

She was aware of how her parents were focused on finding a match only from the Punjabi community. And here she was, courting a Muslim boy, that too from a trouble-torn state like Kashmir. Each time the oar cut the water at a perfect angle, it gently pushed the boat ahead; the water droplets falling from the wooden blade back into the lake.

Braving boycotts from both sides, the young couple settled down to married life. Sehmat was born after two years and brought along boundless joy, laughter and warmth to the already content household.

Conscious of the raised eyebrows due to their cross-cultural alliance, both Tej and Hidayat worked hard to bring up their daughter, teaching and instilling in her the real meaning of secularism.

Being educated and sensible, Hidayat and Tej kept themselves away from undue religious influences and dictates. Neither parent forced any religion on their daughter. Instead, they encouraged her to understand different faiths and appreciate the importance of humanity, integrity, patriotism and honour.

Sehmat grew up watching her parents practise two different religions yet live in complete harmony under the same roof. The room set aside for prayers and meditation had pictures of Mecca, Hindu gods and goddesses as well as other saints and sufis. He is without a predefined form and resides inside you.

Sehmat was greatly influenced by her father. One particular trait of her father, which not only appealed to her but also made her want to emulate him, was his undying love for his watan, his country, India.

Father and daughter would go on long walks amidst huge chinar trees, one of their most cherished pastimes. Sehmat would listen to her father with rapt attention as they would trek on the narrow pathways in the Valley and learn by heart lessons on patriotism, culture and traditions. Nothing can be more disgraceful than to be disloyal to her.

I was born here and I must give my best to this soil. When I merge into it, my conscience should be proud of having lived an honest, faithful and grateful life. She met a man who was passionate and emotive beyond her imagination and respected humanity more than any religion on earth. For the first time in her life she understood what watan really meant to him. This observation was to play a crucial part in her life in the years to come.

Hidayat was the final word in settling disputes and conflicts and would always help those in real financial need. Thereafter higher education took Sehmat away from the Valley to Delhi, where, besides pursuing her graduation and playing the violin in her spare time, she also learnt Indian classical dance.

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The number of such stories increased each time Sehmat visited Kashmir. He was an icon of sorts in the region. His enterprise and large-heartedness catapulted him and his business to the other side of the barbed wire, which, by virtue of the demarcations made post Partition, was now called Pakistan.

Hidayat went across regularly to attend to his chores, and add more friends, contracts and businesses to his strength, blissfully unaware that his actions were being closely monitored far away in a plush office in the capital of India. Some senior officials approached him and sought his help to establish an information-gathering network inside Pakistan. His flourishing business establishments across the border could provide the perfect foil needed for their operations.

Calling Sehmat: A Novel

Hidayat readily agreed to the proposal even though he was made aware of the risks that his acceptance could invite. He even went a step further by suggesting innovative ideas for gathering information. His merchandise, especially liquor, used to be shipped across the border due to the prevailing prohibition in Pakistan. He proposed to decrease the quantity of each shipment but increase the frequency, thus helping reduce the time gap in retrieving information from across the border.

Using his business acumen, he painstakingly spread his network into the cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Multan, and also made inroads into the Pakistani army brass. Despite the unsophisticated communication systems of those years, his trusted team devised innovative techniques to transfer huge amounts of confidential documents manually into India, thereby saving the lives of hundreds of Indian soldiers. While Pakistan experienced humiliating defeat at the hands of the Indian armed forces in this war, Hidayat won the heart and confidence of the Indian government by rendering commendable services.

Strangely, he was able to maintain his credibility across the border too, and, despite the defeat, the Pakistani government did not suspect his involvement. Growing from strength to strength, he further expanded his business chain and deepened the penetration into Pakistani army camps by strengthening the supply chain and providing free liquor to the Generals. Prohibition across the border not only added to his profits, it also helped grow his business.

The dawn of , however, brought in its wake a rude shock for the Khans. Further investigations and tests revealed that the deadly disease had spread its tentacles beyond control.

Pdf calling sehmat

Tej was shattered by the news but Hidayat seemed unperturbed and indifferent to the development. His mind was focused elsewhere. Trouble was brewing in the army camps across the border. Hidayat had been steadily receiving reports confirming that the other side was planning a confrontation.

He kept grumbling to Tej about how unhappy he was with the bad timing of his ailment. East Pakistan had by then become a sore point for Pakistan.

The very thought of losing Hidayat without making any efforts of treating him medically weighed heavily on her mind. Besides this, watching him in extreme pain unnerved her. Finally, Tej gathered the courage to dial a contact in New Delhi.

The government machinery began to move quickly. Twenty-four hours later, when Hidayat walked into his oak-panelled study after namaz, he found two immaculately dressed officials waiting for him. Both men were high-ranking officials from the Indian intelligence. Having interacted with them for many years, Hidayat knew them well. Yet he was surprised by their visit. It was he who had first approached Hidayat a decade ago for setting up the information-gathering network in Pakistan.

Both men had grown to admire and respect each other immensely. The two men continued to look at each other, neither knowing how to break the silence. It was Mir who finally broke the spell. He reached out to Hidayat, clasped his hand in his own and looked at his old friend. Anticipating the purpose of their visit and picking up on the unsaid words, Hidayat glanced at his wife.

Hidayat was not only an important link, he was a man of honour and a dear friend. And you are also aware of a big disaster that is approaching our nation even as we speak. The other three in the room quickly looked in that direction. I want to see it flying high when death comes knocking at my door. I have served my mother the best I could and I wish to die in her lap, in my home and definitely not in a foreign country. Besides, there is still a whole lot to be done.

We have little time for anything else, least of all, my health. He knew how important Hidayat was to RAW. He wanted Hidayat to get better so he tried to push him further in the hope that he would go to the US for treatment. Besides, the Pakistanis would not trust anyone in a hurry. In your supervision the operation will remain under the guise of your business umbrella. Even a small mistake at this point would mean the end of the entire network that you have so painstakingly built over so many years.

It would also mean grave risks to the lives of the numerous contacts, which we cannot afford at this stage. It is best that we let the matter be put on hold while you go for your treatment. You have done more than your share for the country. Now let us help you fight your battle. I have spoken to the best doctors in the US and they have suggested immediate surgery. We have an outside chance and we must take it. Hidayat seemed oblivious to what Mir was saying and continued to be in a different world.

He also knew that his chances of surviving the dreaded disease were slim. At the same time it was bothering him that there was something brewing across the border. He wondered how he could find a solution to all this. He had a distant look in his eyes, his mind racing in circles, searching for a viable candidate to fill his shoes.

For years he had painstakingly toiled to build an effective communications network, and he was simply not prepared to let it go down the drain. A solution, however, came to him out of the blue. Hidayat walked towards Tej. He placed his hands on her delicate shoulders and looked into the depths of the eyes of the only woman he had ever loved with so much intensity that it frightened her. Tej, terrified of the consequences of his illness, also instinctively realized that Hidayat had something up his sleeve that might not be to her liking.

You know the gravity of the present situation as well as I do and you will therefore appreciate the seriousness of what is developing in Pakistan. Having come so far, we need to continue with our task and not stop in our efforts to thwart their plans. My illness has come as a cruel shock but we have an even bigger crisis at hand. We can still save hundreds of innocent lives. And to achieve that, we need someone absolutely reliable who can take my place immediately, without rousing suspicion in the enemy camps; someone who can take the baton from me and continue the good work.

Her chest suddenly constricted and her heartbeat quickened. The tension in the room was tangible. Mir sensed it too but was unable to even remotely fathom what Hidayat had in his mind.

He thus remained a mute spectator. Hidayat moved closer to Tej with the intention of comforting her from the blow he was about to deliver. Tej burst into tears. The very thought of pushing her only child into a venture that was filled with danger at every possible turn was heartbreaking. She controlled the sobs that threatened to rack her body and wiped her tears. She felt drained of all strength.

She hugged Hidayat and held him in a tight embrace. At the same time, it was difficult for her to see her daughter precariously placed at the very heart of danger. She also knew that this decision was not an easy one for her husband. Fighting their own battles within, the two clung to each other motionlessly, fully aware of the pain the other was undergoing.

Dusk had begun to creep up outside the window. The brilliant light was now meekly submitting to the velvety darkness of night.

In his entire career Mir had never witnessed a commitment such as the one that was being displayed by the Khans. Speechless, he sank into the plush leather couch and stared in bewilderment at the head of the Khan family. Right then Hidayat walked up to him. Seeing Hidayat approach, he rose jerkily but stood rooted to the spot. He seemed unsure of what to say to the man who was willing to sacrifice his only child, his very beloved daughter, for the service of the nation.

Hidayat embraced his old friend. However, when he spoke again, his voice was devoid of sadness and emotions. From now on, I leave my most precious possession in your care. We have brought her up with a lot of love. We have taught her what we have always believed in. It would be risky for a young woman to take up such a mission but we have no choice.

She is the only person who I think can take my place without attracting undue attention from the authorities across the border. And since she is my daughter, it will be readily accepted that she is running the business due to my failing health. Death and danger will shadow her, but the show must go on.

We have a long road ahead and we must keep on running till we reach our destination. Mir could see a man in a hurry to see his mission accomplished, a soldier so possessed by his love for his country that he was willing to sacrifice his only offspring. Looking past the men, she gazed at the darkness that had settled outside the window. She could not visualize her beautiful daughter being thrust into the enemy camp. The baby she had given birth to, the curious toddler, the animated girl, bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm each passing year.

How Sehmat had charmed everyone she met and how she had grown into a beautiful, yet modest young woman! But would she be able to stand the vigorous training necessary for the job? What if her secret operations were exposed? Tej shivered at the thought.

Sehmat pdf calling

Her mind raced in many directions but she could not come up with a strong enough excuse to argue. Deep within, the mother in her visualized the worst. And as she did, her heart ached even more. Meanwhile, oblivious to these developments, hundreds of kilometres away, in the bustling city of New Delhi, a young woman was sprawled on the bed, her hair spread across it, reading a book.

Sehmat was relaxing. She had just come back from college after a gruelling session of dance lessons and wanted to do nothing but read. Sehmat glanced at the alarm clock by her bedside as she turned a page of the gripping book. A soft groan escaped her as she realized she was late for her evening walk.

Swinging her long, shapely legs off the bed, Sehmat slipped her feet into her slippers and made for the bathroom that she shared with her room-mate, Mitali. Both women were classmates and classical dance was a common interest between them.

But that was where the similarity ended. While Mitali was an accomplished dancer, driven by the ambition to achieve fame and recognition, Sehmat danced because it was her passion. Her hands and feet moved in deft coordination with the rest of her body because her soul directed them to. Dance was like a daily prayer for her that made her feel complete. Though the girls shared the same room, they were not as close as most room- mates in a college hostel are. Mitali was more of an extrovert, while Sehmat was an introvert and took a long time to open up to people.

Mitali was of medium height and had a perfect honey complexion; Sehmat was tall and had fair, translucent skin that turned beet red at the slightest provocation. But that she possessed a supreme confidence about herself was evident from her deep-blue eyes, which reflected courage and resolve. Watching Sehmat was like witnessing poetry in motion. Her peaches and cream complexion, combined with the sharp features common to those from the Valley, was breathtaking. Her movements were effortless which gave an impression that she was gliding instead of walking.

To the men who looked at her, she seemed like she had descended from the heavens and did not belong to this world. Her biggest assets were her big, doe-shaped blue eyes; they shone with wit, intelligence and occasional mischief. Quite naturally, Sehmat was the most sought-after girl in college. While men vied for her attention, the women did not know how to react to such beauty and humility. She was not vain despite the fact that she was the most beautiful woman for miles around.

If anything, she downplayed her beauty by blending into the crowd. She consciously dressed in simple, loose-fitting clothes to avoid drawing undue attention. She also refrained from socializing and restricted herself from making too many friends. Many speculated that she had a boyfriend back home since she did not encourage the men. Only her close friends knew that Sehmat did not have any male friends.

Looking at her parents, she knew that true love was sacred and it existed. She was also convinced that it would cross her path some day. In her mind she was very clear about the kind of man she would fall in love with.

Calling Sehmat Hindi Book - HindiBooksPDF

She would see him in her dreams, approaching her and filling her life with meaning, love and strength. She knew he would sweep her off her feet and take her away from the ordinary world to paradise. Though she had a perfect picture of the attributes of her dream man, his face eluded her. But Sehmat was willing to wait. Her friends often joked about her fantasy, but she believed he would arrive at the designated place at the designated time. Little did she know what destiny had in mind. It was during the annual college celebrations that fate introduced her to Abhinav.

Aby, as he was fondly called by his close friends, belonged to a wealthy and influential Delhi family. Tall and athletic, he looked like a hero from a romantic novel. Women tried to attract his attention but failed. While some admired his drop-dead good looks, there were others who were more attracted to his hefty bank balance. Even though the entire campus swooned over him, he kept to himself and often sat on the last bench of the classroom.

No one, however, knew that instead of taking notes, Aby often penned down his heartfelt feelings in the form of poetry that had only one theme—the beautiful, unattainable Sehmat. He was in complete awe of her ethereal beauty and often described her as a Kashmiri princess who had lost her identity in an alien city.

He loved his princess deeply but could never muster enough courage to approach her. Instead, he poured out his feelings in his poems, which, by his third year in college, had become an impressive collection. Sehmat often caught him looking at her strangely. His eyes bore into her soul and seemed to search for an answer. She felt the same, but was determined not to rush anything. One evening, nearing sunset, Sehmat was taking her regular walk in the park nearby. The orange sun was spreading its hues around the grey-blue sky.

She was in her tracksuit, walking briskly. Suddenly, Sehmat stopped and bent over something she had stumbled on. Aby leaned over to get a closer look too.

It was a baby squirrel that she was about to step on. She gently picked it up and lovingly placed it next to a bush away from the path of the other walkers. Her eyes shone with love and tenderness, as her fingers delicately handled the creature with ease and comfort.

It is evident that Sehmat suffers from intense PTSD, but it is described in, perhaps, the worst way possible. What could be easily wrapped up in a few paragraphs drags on for a bit. God yes i want to read this. Jun 11, Suvarghya rated it liked it. Extraordinary story of an Indian spy, writing style is not up to the mark.

Still would say, all Indians should read this true account of a heroic Indian. Alia Bhatt starrer Raazi movie is based on this book. I read this book in one sitting, and I am not disappointed!

What a wonderful book and what an absolute page-turner! You seldom come across such books which keep you hooked until the last page! This boks fills me with pride, it brought out the patriot in me and I am so glad I read the book before I saw the movie based on this book. Kudos to Harinder Sikka for bringing out the tale of this I read this book in one sitting, and I am not disappointed! Kudos to Harinder Sikka for bringing out the tale of this unsung heroine, Sehmat Khan, the amazing Kashmiri spy- princess of the war of A full 5 star for the amazing page turner!

I'd recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration; wanting to witness the power of sheer grit and courage. Wonderful book that must be read to realize how much people like Sehmat khan went through to safeguard the pride of our country, our 'watan' during the troubled times of war.

Oct 17, Rohit Sharma rated it really liked it. Majority of times when we watch a movie based on a book especially these days they usually fall in between underwhelming to lousy: Now that I have read the book and loved it as it gave me an in-depth idea on the character of Sehmat Khan as well as how and why she did what she did, I can very well say that the movie is Fantastically made and almost at par with the book if not better.

I wanted to read the book before the movie came but the time was so short between the trailer, release and bo Majority of times when we watch a movie based on a book especially these days they usually fall in between underwhelming to lousy: Hence I finally managed to finish it today and I must tell you that I started the book yesterday only.

Either the book is too short, or the pace is so nice that it took me only two sittings to finish it and I will very highly recommend it to everyone, especially to those who have seen and loved the movie. The movie was an edge of the seat thriller yet it leaves so many questions unanswered which book responds in greater details, of-course it is again a fictionalized account of how it all must have happened.

But I will not counter or criticize it as it makes up for a superbly thrilling story in the end. We will never know the reality behind it as the real life Sehmat Khan, who never got her due has already passed away.

But again, its a work of fiction with some reality in it, so we better take it with a pinch of salt and cherish it. The philosophical touch in the end was very nice and the great details as what Sehmat does for the country while in Pakistan and how it all pays back heavy dividends was simply mind-blowing. The things that movie lacks in, the book fulfills like I said earlier.

Even in the character development department, background story and aftermath is so beautifully done in the book. I totally loved it. Do let me know how you like it. As per you, which one was better? The Book or the Movie? I'll be honest here. I only heard about this book when I went to watch Raazi - the Bollywood make of this book.

I had loved Raazi. The story of Sehmat Khan made me cry. The hardships she had to face in order to save her nation were well, hard. All that she did for the country was impeccable. So naturally, I was excited about this one as well. I wanted to know what the book held. Soon after downloading it, I read this book and well For one, if anything, I had expected the book to pay more emphasis on Sehmat and all that she did.

I understand that the author had to fictionalise a lot of scenarios because she wasn't ready to give him the whole story, but the parts where her life before she got the news of her father's demise, or the parts of her life that she spent in the university although they helped in determining her character seemed like a bore to me. I guess I was just expecting a fast paced thriller and this book was slow compared to that. Well, this is it for now.

I'll upload a detailed review later on. This one should have been divided into 4 parts - Romance, Suspense, Action and Philosophy. One request I have to the author is to avoid experim This one should have been divided into 4 parts - Romance, Suspense, Action and Philosophy. One request I have to the author is to avoid experimenting with romance. I wasn't convinced about how Sehmet fell in love with Aby.

What's even weird is how Sehmet, reluctantly but easily, agreed to get married to another man. I can't get into details due to spoilers. Some of the writing was sloppy as not well established.

Thank God that I skimmed through this part until the spy sequence sets in. This is where the author displayed his brilliance. I felt it was a different person writing this part. The pace, story line, the setting, intrigues are excellent. There were moments my heart was beating fast due to which I stopped reading for a while. The twist and turns are different and not very predictable. The result of what Sehmat achieved is wonderfully laid out.

This part reminds me of a book I read, 'India's most fearless'. They are quick short reads of the Navy attack during war. It's quite an exciting read especially if you want to know the tactical achievement Indian Navy achieved and the sacrifice Navy officers made during the period. The author decided the finish the story he started taking a philosophical route. While it's not my favorite part, there were lot of Kindle readers 'highlights'.

What could have been better? While the back story of Sehmet was needed, what was missing is why will a girl decide to take on being a spy? The explanation is not convincing enough for her die hard devotion to her country.

There could have been more time spent on the spying part. I felt other characters weren't as well as developed as was Sehmet. He could have added how her love for her husband kind of confused her loyalty or her father in law was developing suspicion or created another sort of drama in her in-law front.

I also wonder how come Iqbal, her husband, didn't suspect of his wife behaviour. That part left me confused. Overall I recommend reading this one.

It brings a fresh voice to Indian thriller fiction genre. View all 6 comments. The setting seems almost unreal. It was published a while ago, and is being republished by Penguin Random House since it has served as the plot for the Alia Bhatt The setting seems almost unreal. It was published a while ago, and is being republished by Penguin Random House since it has served as the plot for the Alia Bhatt starrer "Raazi". Her father, Hidayat, plays a vital role in establishing a spy network in Pakistan before he sends in his greatest weapon the affable Sehmat, much to the chagrin of her mother Tej.

Aug 26, Rishav Agarwal rated it did not like it. Harinder Sikka has watched a lot of Bollywood movies, he loves the over the top patriotism, and Tiranga is probably his favourite movie.

He came to know of Shemat's story and thought it to be the prefect plot for a classic tricolour flick, he writes with such Bollywood panache that the page novel even has a dance number. Please understand that I do not wish to undermine the sacrifice and courage of Sehmat Khan but this novel is less of her account than a script for Karan Johar film waiting t Harinder Sikka has watched a lot of Bollywood movies, he loves the over the top patriotism, and Tiranga is probably his favourite movie.

Please understand that I do not wish to undermine the sacrifice and courage of Sehmat Khan but this novel is less of her account than a script for Karan Johar film waiting to happen. The most beautiful way to share this legend. The most beautiful book i have read after years. So emotional with intense emotions. It had love, sacrifice, lovr for nation, determination towards your nation and selfless love for our nation. Sehmat Khan was truely the most beautiful women in this whole world.

Thank you Harinder Sikka for introducing her to us. This is the Book that can discover the hidden patriotism inside You.. All the time when I was holding this book, was the best Time I had in last few days. There is one thing I liked the most about this book is, its not just the Book, its the world that I entered into.

Its pages will let you fly without any effort. That's the magic it creates. Its not just about Sehmat not the real name though for t This is the Book that can discover the hidden patriotism inside You.. Its not just about Sehmat not the real name though for the purpose of Protagonist's safety , an innocent girl from Kashmir but about the most precious time of her life that she sacrificed in the name of her country, that is also in the time of most cherished period of any girl or boy being collegiate.

This is the story that hooked you till last. However, bit slow in the End. Its not about winning over the rival country, its about the Patriotism that is required in the form of action from every other citizen of any country, specially in the time of strategic wars and the fear of entering of any other country's unnecessary interference to create big diplomatic issue and to take advantage of the situation.

The situation between India and its officially orphaned child Pakistan were very bad and were on the verge of creating the condition of War; which however, did happen later.

At that time, there was a lady by action and a girl by age who took this huge responsibility of delivering results in favor of her country by espionage Clandestine Human Intelligence , an ages old job done for country involving deception and subversion.

Call it a military intelligence that the whole mater remain clandestine throughout till its final positive results and thereafter.

However, the Pakistan army became well aware of the situation at last but their counterintelligence was a complete failure and there not much left for them to react on. All they can do is to fall in the trap of Indian Intelligentsia and thus we came as victorious. It all goes to the information that was collected over the period of time by Sehmat and bravely passed on to her country's Intelligence on the verge of her not-so-old-life.

The girl who saw not so much in her life has become the part of one of the most Glorious Victories of India. Harinder Sikka cast the words very well and quite precisely understandable to every reader. However, he used few words repetitively which does not seems as the good sign of fine literature.

But in end, Hail to story, who cares else, when you have truth in your hands. One thing though I feel lack of, is the mentioning the events' dates, which is highly required when you're writing a biographical non-fiction. I call it Hilarious. For me it deserves: Jul 23, Priya rated it really liked it Shelves: Calling Sehmat is a novel that tells the story of those warriors who, by the very nature of their contribution to the war effort, remain anonymous and unfortunately unsung Spies and intelligence agents who infiltrate the enemy camp.

I started reading the book and then, on a rare movie evening at home, saw the movie when I was just a quarter through. I continued the book immediately after as I wanted to see how faithful the script had been to the film version which I liked quite a bit.

Sehmat is Calling Sehmat is a novel that tells the story of those warriors who, by the very nature of their contribution to the war effort, remain anonymous and unfortunately unsung Sehmat is a young student at Delhi university when she is called back home by her father, Hidayat, who, like his father before him, has always put service to the country uppermost.

He has gained the confidence of the Pakistan army top brass and gets information relating to their plans regarding India. When his health doesn't allow him to continue, he decides that his daughter will take his place.

And just like that, Sehmat leaves behind the life and future she had dreamt of and marries Iqbal, an officer in the Pakistani army and the son of an influential Brigadier. Once in her new country and home, she does her job with aplomb, making sure to get into the good books of everyone and ensuring she gets to know everything that's happening. As the people around her gain confidence in her, she is able to glean more damning secret information about war plans and transmit it back to India.

Though she remains committed to her task, even resorting to cold blooded violence to ensure she isn't ensnared, her reaction to what she had to do reflects her humaneness. In her mind, it is always for the country, but she cannot help feeling bad for cheating on those who consider her family. As it becomes apparent that war is imminent, events get to the point where Sehmat can no longer escape suspicion. Or can she evade capture and get back? The story is paced like the espionage novel it is and Sehmat's intelligence and courage are really praiseworthy.

The heroism of Sehmat and others like her deserves full appreciation from all of us who remain safe thanks to their dedication. I think in the end I still liked the book a little more than the movie, which for the most part, sticks to the story as in the print version but deviates or adds on for screen value too.

A young girl is plucked out of college and asked to take over the mantle from her terminally ill father. That is when she realises that her father who ran a flourishing business was also a spy for his country, India. His rapidly declining health leaves no time for another trusted person to take his place and the only person he can confidently recommend is his only child, Sehmat.

In a short span of time she is trained adequately and passes with flying colours. Little do the Pakistani family know that they have let an Indian spy into their midst. No one suspects her, except an old family retainer Abdul, who keeps an eye on her and ultimately catches her. Unfazed on the outside and terrified on the inside Sehmat does what she has to to ensure her safety, she kills Abdul.

Guilt riddles her and she cries her heart out in private.

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Till she has to kill again. When a film is based on a book, I always prefer reading the book before I watch the film. May 21, Mayuri Nidigallu rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Plot: That is when she realises that her affable father who ran a flourishing business was also a spy for his country, India.

In a short spa The Plot: My Thoughts: To say that I was disappointed by Raazi would be an understatement. After I saw it, I impatiently waited for the book to arrive and started reading it as soon as I could. Thought the script of Raazi is in line with the book, Calling Sehmat is nothing like the film. Well fleshed out characters and a plot that has adequate twists, turns and hold your breath moments. Despite having watched the film, the book had me hooked.

This story is close to his heart and that feeling comes through in his words. His respect for Sehmat, the female spy, is evident all through the book. Calling Sehmat is a tribute to all the unsung heroes who are working behind the scenes to keep our country and us safe. So many faceless and nameless warriors who give up all they have so that we can have it all. The story of a spy, who portrayed great levels of bravery and intelligence.

The story is well written with minute details for most of the scenes, tho its really difficult to know the exact story. But still many things went over my head like the navy operations and the military terms, but overall it was a short read with lot of thrill and patriotism.

The ending is a little spiritual, which I personally found not so realistic as I do not believe in it. A major starting part of the story is removed from the movie and the major part of the movie is not present in the book.

Many aspects that are shown more clearly in the movie are missing from the book. But I rely on the book for the true details. Oct 16, Chitra Nair rated it it was amazing.

I've always been fascinated by the war and when I got to know about this book thanks to the wonderful trailer of the movie 'Raazi' I really, really wanted to read it. Moreover, the fact that one of my friends from my German class read this book made me even more excited! So finally, when I saw this book at the airport on the way back to Delhi, I decided, on an impulse, to download it!

And damn, it was a super fast read! I really, really recommend it to everyone because it gives a lot of depth t I've always been fascinated by the war and when I got to know about this book thanks to the wonderful trailer of the movie 'Raazi' I really, really wanted to read it. I really, really recommend it to everyone because it gives a lot of depth to Sehmat as a character, much more than the movie does which was a great movie, btw, but books always have more context so!

Additionally, you get to know so much about the war in greater detail and how high the stakes were! A really inspiring tale of an unsung heroine of India. The book tells the story of Sehmat khan as a college going girl who suddenly has to make few tough decisions which will change her life forever but once she accepts the role of being a spy for india in pakistan, the skills which she show the mental alertness that she shows and the extent to which she is ready to go for the sake of her motherland is really inspiring.

Also apart, from the fact that it is a novel based on one's love for nation, A really inspiring tale of an unsung heroine of India. Also apart, from the fact that it is a novel based on one's love for nation, the thrill factor is always there. A nice, entertaining read which will also make you think of the innumerous sacrifices made for the country.

Reads like a Bollywood movie Though supposedly based on real events, severely lacks depth in emotion and characterization. Too often, it feels fake with much of what really happened had been changed and sensationalized for dramatic effect, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt Until one day when the REAL story of this super spy is revealed to the world.

Feb 17, Juhi Bansal rated it it was amazing. I am sure each one of you must have loved the movie Raazi.. If that wasn't enough.. I am literally choked after reading this book and I don't have words to show respect to this great lady. People like Sehmat keep our nation alive! Unhappy I've often come across people saying - the movie isn't as good as the book; and I've agreed with them. Though I'm thankful to the author for bringing to us this truthful account of an unknown hero, Sehmat Khan, but I wish he could have made the story crisper with lesser characters and a more watertight narrative.

These flaws are missing in the movie. Apr 02, Jasleen Kaur rated it liked it Shelves: I was enjoying it till the moment i didnt hit or page mark.

After that it was so exaggerating and pretentious that i skipped ahead, without missing much on the story. The storyline is inspiring but their is nothing great about the book, narration or writing style.

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