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Brutally Beautiful Christine Zolendz Epub Download. Brutally Beautiful book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A deadly game of hide and seek. With blood still on her hands. His brutal, animalistic side makes me need him, drawn to him by something primal that I can't control. He entices me. He infuriates me.

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Brutally Beautiful (Beautiful #1) by Christine Zolendz they allow their demons to consume them? Brutally Beautiful - Christine DOWNLOAD LINK: Brutally Beautiful (Beautiful, #1) ebook epub electronic book Brutally Beautiful (Beautiful, #1) by Christine Zolendz for. Brutally Beautiful (The Beautiful Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Christine Zolendz. Romance Kindle eBooks @

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They are now Lainey and Bree. Once they get far en 5 Stars!!!!! Once they get far enough away to stop, they end up at a strip club. They decide to go in, clean up and get a drink. They end up becoming friends with the clubs owner, Dylan, and get part time jobs waitressing.

Bree and Dylan really hit it off. Sam is just happy to be safe, anonymous, and left alone. Then one night, she meets him. He is taken by Sam from the moment he lays his eyes on her. This is not normal for him. Kane has a dark past full of violence. He is an author and I bet you can guess what types of novels he writes. The violence Kade Grayson has a plan. To stay as far away from this Lainey as he can.

For some reason, she calls to him. With her, it could be different. He can tell she has her demons too. I want you to introduce me to all of them, because I think I finally found someone whose demons would play nice with my own.

I love my broken men. When I first met him, I knew I would love him. He can be a straight up asshole. The quote below We all know I have issues. Samantha is a strong heroine. Once you hear her story, wow. As dark and serious as this story could be, Sam had me laughing out loud more than once. There are only a few words I have left in my mind for them: You never should have underestimated me. But this, what I felt while this dangerous man fucked me vigorously with his eyes, it was insane.

Intense… I learned an invaluable lesson once. If I stayed silent for long enough, and just watched long enough, people and life would pass by me, as if I were invisible. Or dead. Unafraid and confident. Impressive and deadly sexy. Beyond sexy. No mere words would have done her natural beauty justice or could have described the way she moved. It was like… liquid. Flowing, fluid, melting into everything with a precision that seemed naturally calculated.

I felt like Adam looking at Eve for the first time, having never seen another woman before her. Are your eyes green? Maybe I should poke them out for you and insert a color of your choice?

Are you against all green-eyed waitresses taking your orders, or am I the only lucky one? You don't deserve anything I have to offer. Let that shit hurt for a hot minute, simmer in it then leave me the fuck alone. Repeat that shit to yourself in your head when you walk out of here, rinse and repeat. I could barely see straight as I staggered into my office. I had to shake this need, this desire to know her.

Brutally Beautiful (Beautiful, #1) by Christine Zolendz

I felt cursed. Her face haunted me. Her laughter echoed in my brain. Her smile plagued my thoughts.

But mostly it was her calmness that affected me. Soothed me. Mollified the rage. Who was she really? Where did she come from? Kade Grayson kissed the thoughts right out of my head, kissed my fears and anxiousness away, leaving me empty, and then poured himself in.

Only my lips could kiss hers. Only my hands could hold hers. Only my body could sink deep inside her between those smooth ivory thighs… And only she could tame the beast I was.

Every scar. View all 34 comments. Dec 27, Aestas Book Blog rated it really liked it Shelves: It was SO well-written. The dialogue was snappy, the plot was kept me on my toes, and the story was raw and emotionally intense.

This book was truly a joy to read and I have quotes highlighted on almost every single page. If you are a fan of dark, tortured heroes and strong heroines, you should definitely add this book to your reading list.

The dedication at the beginning already had my heart clenching I don't really want to say more though. That is the main set up of the story but the rest of the details are all a journey I suggest you just dive into: I adored the hero, Kade!!!

He was such a complex and intuguing character. He was a complete mystery to me -- almost an anti-hero honestly. He was antagonistic and intense, at times he felt dangerous but I knew he was just damaged, he could be a total jerk one minute but then turn around the next moment and say or do something that made my heart just melt. He was far from perfect but I totally loved him!! Actually, if you're a fan of Matt Sky the hero of Night Owl , you'll probably love Kade because in many ways he and Matt felt like long lost brothers!

I'll totally admit though -- he did not make it easy to love him at first. I was totally drawn to his character when I first "met" him and was already starting to like him but then, he opened his mouth. I mean really. I was rage personified, and horror and malicee were my friends. She was funny, sassy, and strong and I just loved her for it!

I loved getting both sides of the story and, because I liked both Sam and Kade, I loved seeing the story through their eyes. Kade's POV though was especially interesting. It was fascinating, dark, funny, totally weird and yet surprisingly normal, a touch disturbing at times but also just pure awesome!!

But, there was no point in lying to myself, was there? Because I wanted a taste of her even more. I wanted her. Still, it was a love, hate, love, hate, love, hate type relationship filled with amazing banter, a healthy dose of eye fucking and sexual tension out the wazoo! Staying away from her was not an option…. Fran dropped her off at a grocery store.

Psycho me followed her in. I couldn't not. He was a man haunted by the nightmares of his past but something about Sam helped to heal him And, it all makes sense in the end! But my mind was racing -- what could possibly have happened to make Kade the way he was? It also explained everything. It made me desperately wish I could hug him but most of all it made me genuinely understand him.

All of a sudden all of his "strange" behaviour and actions made sense.

Beautiful epub brutally

What those people don't understand, is that we still see those monsters, everyday. Smart, snappy, intelligent -- it kept me highlighting like crazy. It was brilliant. The style was so real - very direct and so visually rich. With a great balance between darkness and humor. I had a very hard time choosing only a few quotes to include with this review.

Do you hate morning people? Grayson, your charm is showing.

Epub brutally beautiful

You might want to tuck it back in. This… this is just a morbid filled ice cream cone dipped in psycho flavoured sprinkles. Worst nightmare!! And, while it did feel a touch over-dramatic, I was really grateful to have all my questions in full detail. I'm happy to say that there is no cliffhanger at the end. Luckily, the next book will be out in a few weeks so you won't have long to wait if you're wanting more from these characters.

Overall, this was really a wonderful read! I loved it and would definitely recommend adding it to your reading lists!! View all 31 comments. Samantha Matthews and best friend Jen are on the run. They become Lainey and Bree as their cover.

There they meet bar owner, Dylan, and talk him into giving them both jobs. Dylan's brother, Kade, happens to come by the bar and is immediately attracted to Lainey Samantha when he sees her confrontation with a drunk bar patron. Kade is some kind of fucked up Yeah, he's got some issues Girls always wind up attracted to the ones with some problems though And he's hot so of course that helps.

He had a traumatic experience as a child and is haunted by it every day. This has led him to be a successful writer but he is constantly battling his demons and somewhat of a hermit.

For some reason Lainey goes on a few dates with hippie weirdo, Fran aka Francis Francis wants to be with her but she doesn't want a relationship.

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He is absolutely no competition for Kade, he just gets in the way a little bit. And, I thought to myself…finally…finally someone on my side of the fishbowl. I wanted to know what haunted her and hold hands in the darkness…together…" Sorry but this was the first thing that came to my mind And they are just hot together But the question is will they heal each other or will their pasts catch up to them and they remain broken? I loved Christine's writing.

Lainey was a very relatable character in my opinion. Also we share the Starbucks love. I will say the only thing about this book is another book with fucking grey eyes I mean really!! Anyways, should you read this book? View all 27 comments. I can't get into this book, I can't, I guess it's just me being weird again. I think I read one chapter and I immediately disliked the heroine, for me this is a very bad sign So I'm going to take the plunge and DNF.

I get really cranky when I force myself to read a book I don't like. View all 20 comments. I have to say that this book totally took me by surprise It's dark mindfuck kind if book and u didn't realize I needed one like this until I started reading it. The story is very brilliantly written with some awesome lines! The story starts with two girls, who in the beginning we know nothing about only that they running away from something or someone battered and bruised.

Not wanting to be found The wonder of the bar Dayln gives them a job Now Dylan has a brother He is dark and dangerous, Kade He doesn't get close to anyone. No one gets in his head Some would say his fucked up in the head but we don't know why But Sam and Jen are also holding onto skeletons of their own Kade has been through something horrific which makes him the way he is Almost like a predator in the night But he isn't one Not like everyone thinks It's until he starts to notice Sam aka Lainey She's different, different from the nameless faceless girls he sleeps with.

He wants to know her But something says that Sam and Kade are more alike then they thought. This book is so erotic in it's own way And we know how we love erotic dark reads. Twisting together. Again I will say this is totally worth the read because only love can help you overcome your demons.

Love can make you not be afraid anymore Love can make you want to feel again In a blink of an eye, fear could turn to bravery, happiness could turn to disaster and hate could turn to love" View all 26 comments. A man haunted, bitter and alone. A passion that transcends logic and self-preservation. Samantha Matthews , bloodied and beaten she ends up with her best friend working as a waitress in a freaking strip joint in the middle of nowhere.

Nothing left to dream about, everything crashed and burned around her and the demons are still chasing after her. But she keeps living. Kade Grayson , survived an unimaginable 4 Damaged Stars "You somehow soothe the chaos that's inside me. Kade Grayson , survived an unimaginable tragedy. A horror. And his life ended that day.

A shell of man, bitter he pretends to be a monster to go through everyday interaction. A successful writer, he transforms his nightmares into words to keep going. Until his eyes met a pair of green ones. And Kaboooooooooooooooom! Only Christine Zolendz can take a twisted story about death, darkness and bitterness and turn it into a sexy and strangely funny book about survivors, love and life. She did it once with her "Mad World" series and she is going full throttle in her new "Beautiful" Series.

Danger, passion and constant banter between her heroes who they don't know what hit them. In alternate POV's we get to know both of them and see what makes them tick. On to the next! View all 9 comments. Dec 27, Vishous rated it really liked it Shelves: Ok, around the first half of the book I seriously loved it! Loved it so much that I thought nothing could make me not love it so much later. The writing was amazing, I swear I highlighted almost the whole book. There wasn't one thing I didn't love with the writing.

And with the story. I loved it all. I loved all the characters. So what made me give it 4 stars? I would have given it 3. His mood swings. In the beginning he was amazing, he was so dark and twisted and I Ok, around the first half of the book I seriously loved it! In the beginning he was amazing, he was so dark and twisted and I was mesmerized with his mind and all of his thoughts.

He was an asshole and I loved that. He was an asshole pretty much all the time, even when he was trying to be good to her. But later on, his constant mood swings, which were literally up and down, hot and cold, without any normal progression from any state of mind to other were giving me a slight headache in the end.

There wasn't any scale how his emotions escalated, they were, literally, seriously manic. Don't get me wrong, his character is like some maniac, but one sentence all peachy and then next sentence he is yelling and growling or whatever, for no reason. The story was great, and it can be read as stand-alone, which I thought it was when I started reading it. It has an HEA, but after finishing it, and seeing there is a teaser for the next book which had a fu king cliff-hanger, I was wondering why would you do that?

Why would you finish a book and then give like the first chapter of next in the end with a cliff?!?! Why then not finish a book with a cliff?!?!?! Or simply not give a peek into next one?!?! Both of them hiding something, she is running and living in fear will she be found, and he simply embracing his dark side and not being social, but writing all his thoughts in his books, all his violent thoughts that made him who he is in one event in the past was really a great thing to read.

He, as a writer Simply stunning I would need to find more words to match her beauty and somehow mar her fictional existence in my head with the exquisite release of her last breath, or possess her with demons, slaughter her by the hands of a delusional lover, disfigure her in a gruesome accident or something equally horrifying" "My muse would not shut the fuck up.

The obsession consumed me for days. The girl, I knew would be an obsession for longer. Have her feel my words against her flesh, smear them into her pores, and have them seep into her skin" With her, you have no idea who she really is until near the end. You know something happened, but who she really is I didn't see it coming and I actually loved it a lot.

She did get on my nerves when she gave him that poetic talk in his car, but in general I liked her because she was a strong character and not some whiny woman. And now all that's left is waiting for the story to continue and see how ill it be fu ked up. It was too good to be true, and the thought of actual teaser was somewhere in the back of my mind, but I was hoping for normal stand-alone. View all 13 comments. Sep 23, Natalie The Biblioholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story was jam-packed with so many feels and I'm not talking the warm and fuzzy kind.

Christine Zolendz did an incredible job of blending drama, family, friendship, chemistry, eroticism, pain, despair and trauma.

She did all that and still found a way to inject a lot of humour along the way. Samantha was a brilliant and renowned head trauma surgeon, but she was running away from her life. She was escaping a life filled with lies and was hoping to outr Whoa! She was escaping a life filled with lies and was hoping to outrun and overcome her demons. My impressions of Sam were that she was strong, beautiful inside and out , loving, generous, compassionate, intelligent, witty, and a freaking survivor with balls of steel.

Kade was equally damaged. He survived an extremely traumatic event in his youth and hasn't been the same since.

He's lost all of his joy in life. He has cut himself off from society, isolating himself with his darkness. His pain has sparked a successful career as an author of horror. I for one loved getting the chance to explore Kade's mind through his POV. It was dark and twisted, as I expected, but I adored the way he viewed every thing. I especially loved how obsessive he became for Sam. That quote right there That's Sam and Kade. I enjoyed the banter these two shared. It had a life of its own.

Tennis or Ping Pong-worthy banter. The humour gave some relief to the depth of the story, a bit of light in such a dark tunnel. Otherwise it really would have been too depressing for our broken or not so broken? I'm sure Cold-Blooded Beautiful will deal with Samantha's monster aka David and I cannot wait to bear witness to his destruction. I recommend this book to any and all who love their books intense, dark, sexy and suspenseful! I think a storyline we are pretty familiar with.

Girl on the run. Girl meets guy. Guy has traumatic past. What I felt different with this book is the awesome heroine, Samantha. There was just too many quotes from her pov I could quote. You need a hardcore detox for assholism Kade on the other hand One minute he couldn't stop staring at Samantha, the next he was just plain mean.

Bottom line is: I found him creepy. I liked this, great characters, great writing, lol moments but I 4 stars Sooo I liked this, great characters, great writing, lol moments but I felt it was missing romance rather than the lust. But with this being book 1, I'm hopeful there's more development to come.

View all 32 comments. I was excited to start this story because all of my friends have loved this book, so far.

I was told it was dark and twisted. I spent most of the book waiting for it to get dark and twisted. By the time it started to become that way towards the end I was not really feeling it. I really love dark books and had high hopes for this one.

When all else fails ask Cookie Monster for his thoughts: Continuing story with no cliffhanger. View all 23 comments. I just finished reading Brutally Beautiful. That was overwhelming for me. I don't know whether it was in a good way. Not only this book left so many questions unanswered, but it kinda gave me shivers too! Samantha was running away from her past and settles herself in small town by working as a waitress. I loved Samantha, she was such a strong character.

One kick ass heroine. As she get adjusts herself with her new life, she meet the mysterious Kade. Kade is the first hero whom managed to make I just finished reading Brutally Beautiful. Kade is the first hero whom managed to make himself look so creepy and moody.

He is definitely: I wouldn't have pegged you as mentally incompetent, but I guess you really judge a book by its cover" As these two get closer, their attraction grows, we learn more about his past and trauma. And everything is becomes intense and too much of drama. With of both of them broken, my head was spinning. You shut that phone off one more time, I'm going to kick, Kade" "How about you kiss me instead?

Will I recommend? Hmmmm maybe yes!!! I did enjoy her writing, there were cute moments. Happy reading xo This book, this wonderfully beautiful magnificent twisted book, has stolen all of my thoughts and words. To describe how I devoured this thing and how I wish I could go back in time and erase my memory so I could experience it again. Christine Zolendz writes like nothing I have seen before. I have rarely come across words that were so beautiful. She made me laugh, made me cry, and literally took my breath away.

View all 8 comments. May 27, Roksana rated it did not like it Shelves: Jan 13, Kitten Mercer rated it really liked it Shelves: I was curious right from the very first page, until curiosity got the better of me and all I know was that I suddenly couldn't put the book down. Brutally Beautiful was the first book I've read by this author and immediately I was captivated by her compelling and very polished writing style.

The characters very unconventional, not the usual or average MCs you would read in a book, but 3. The characters very unconventional, not the usual or average MCs you would read in a book, but they weren't difficult to like at all. This book was messed up, but overall I loved and enjoyed it.

I need more details and answers because that ending did not do any justice to how good this book was! View all 11 comments. I loved this read! Two characters, both internally damaged, see right into the heart and mind of one another.

Both are strong in thier own right, yet so desperate to be saved. Meet Mr. Kade Grayson He is a reserved ass with an underlying tone of violence. He has been devoid of any emotion since horrific tragedy at the age of Meet Ms. Sam Matthews 4. Sam Matthews is the epitome of badass She is leading the race for fave female lead. Their witty dialogue and passionate conversation lead them on a path to an unexpected union of sorts that gives off a sense of both pleasure and pain.

It is almost as if they consume one another and you can almost hear their hearts beating with each interaction. All this is present before the first intimate scene occurs.

I loved this I do have some questions that are left lingering in the back of my head as to the nature of what went down with Sam in her past.. For now though im pretty damned pleased this had closure and that the clever creativity continued to the very end! View all 12 comments. At first, the hero, Kade, was dangerous, creepy, twisted.

I did enjoy how his mind worked. But then, he just became too brooding and boring. It was also obvious that his pov was written by a woman big turn off! His transition to being nice was unnatural and all too sudden as well or it felt like he became a totally different person.

Just like a spark, it vanished too fast. There were also parts that were cheesy and ridiculous or if not, the timing was off. The heroine was sometimes annoying and rude. Seriously, I could go on and on But why suffer through the torture of relieving what I had read when I could be moving on to a much worthier book? Indeed it had some moments, but the bottom line was it just fell flat for me… Jan 06, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: Very different from a lot of other romance books out there, I was hooked from the very first page.

Lainey is hiding dark and violent secrets. She is on the run from her old life, and she and her best friend have set themselves up in a small mountain town where they have set about creating new lives for themselves. I love Lainey! I would say I cared, but I hated lying. Yeah, I totally fell for him! His past is hinted at, but when it is completely uncovered, my heart broke for him, and I could absolutely understand how it made him into the man that he is.

It instantly freezes the images in your mind, and those images are indestructible. Then there are people like me, who have been touched by violence so deeply that they completely lose their soul to it. From the moment that Lainey and Kade meet there is insta-lust, epic banter, and a whole heap of eye fuckery going on. I love that the story is told in dual POV, because there are so many conflicting emotions between these two! Clearly there is chemistry, but they have a genuine animosity towards each other as well, and I loved being able to see behind their actions to what was really going on between them.

I needed her to hate me and to stay far away from me, because I wanted to consume her completely. Never in my sick life did I ever give a bit of hope about finding a person who was compatible, who could find comfort in someone as fucking twisted as me. And it all culminates in hotness and romance that left my heart pounding.

Beautifully written, the story is well paced, full of emotion, and had me madly flipping pages. I love that I was surprised by aspects of the story, and thought that the whole thing played out really cleverly. The ending felt a little bit over dramatic at times, and while the book does not have a cliffhanger, the story is definitely not over. I was actually surprised that the book finished where it did, but I loved the epilogue, and thought that it was a really unique idea — it ties in really nicely with the story, providing a bit more depth to an ending that seemed a little bit abrupt.

View all 19 comments. Jan 06, Karen rated it really liked it. I will endure this This is a heartbreaking love story of two people who were both living through the aftermath of separate but both horrifically violent pasts.

Each one having their soul charred beyond recognition, and trying to find a way to keep on living with what was left. Two hearts beating separately, yet drawn together by a darkness so intense that only by connecting the two could 3.

Brutally Beautiful

Two hearts beating separately, yet drawn together by a darkness so intense that only by connecting the two could they find their way back into the light.

Samantha Matthews was on the run… with her best friend. Trying to escape a past she had no choice but to leave behind.

It was a matter of survival… so she had to be careful. In her mad dash to flee, she had to steer clear of police and even the medical treatment she so badly needed. So it was even more of a surprise, when her brief stop to use the restroom at a strip-club bar in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere turns into a crossroads in her life that could change everything.

This enigma of dark secrets that jump starts her heart back to life. Kade Grayson lost his life when he was sixteen. It was horrific. It was tragic.

And he relives it every minute of every day. Never to forget. Never to recover. Everyone else has moved on from it, but he cannot. So he exploits it. He revels in it. He shares it with the world and feeds their morbid hunger for it. But still, it does not heal him. He is broken. Until he see them… those green eyes… the doors to his long lost soul. But he soon finds that behind those doors live monsters, different but not less horrible than his own.

He should steer clear, no… he should RUN the other way. I found the author did an amazing job creating intrigue and mystery around the lives of the characters. And the stories that created their pasts were shocking and horrific, yet told in an incredibly emotional and heart wrenching way. I could easily empathize with each if them, and eagerly hoped they would be able to heal each other, and find love together. Arrow right to the heart, with a stampede of fluttering butterflies exploding from it.

OK, I got it. I also felt that the flow of the story was often interrupted. I almost felt like the author took a break… then picked up with something different when returning to the writing.